With the help of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can create a secure connection. It connects your device to another server and allows you to access all the restricted sites or apps. Using a VPN has become more popular for such reasons, but it also has some drawbacks, like it might leak your IP address.

Using a VPN app helps you protect yourself from snooping. It also helps you book cheap flight tickets or do online shopping from different destinations. There are so many different VPN apps available, so here are a few of the best VPN apps for iPhone and iPad.

Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone & iPad

Make sure you use paid apps if you are a regular user, as most free VPN apps for iPhone and iPad will be crowded and offer slow speed.

If you want to use the app temporarily, you also have better options, as some apps give you a money-back guarantee if you cancel the subscription within 30 days.

1. NordVPN


NordVPN is an all-around service that provides you with all the benefits. It is not a free service, but you can get your money back within 30 days if unsatisfied. This service delivers fast speeds and gives high-level security features.

You can easily access all the blocked sites globally. The NordVPN service is compatible with almost all devices, including iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, browsers, and routers.

2. TunnelBear


TunnelBear is a reputable VPN app for iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices. Its servers are available in 23 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and more. The free version of the app offers 500MB of free data per month.

It also offers free 1GB of data if you tweet on TunnelBear. The browsing speed is sufficient, but while streaming, it might take time to load and buffer.

3. Hotspot Shield


Hotspot Shield is a US-based VPN service that allows 500MB of data daily in the free service. There are more than 1800 servers in over 80 countries, but only US users can access the free version.

That means you cannot access geo-restricted content if you are from another country. You can subscribe to the pro version plan for one year or pay $7.99/month. The pro version allows using all the features.

4. ProtonVPN


ProtonVPN has a free plan available in the US, Holland, and Japan. Users from these countries can download the app directly to their devices. Only the user will be asked to enter their email address, and they are good to go.

This service has no restrictions or data limits, even in the free version; you can browse the internet without worrying about data. It has an in-built ad-blocker, which means you can browse without getting interrupted.

This thing is very rare in a free VPN service. As it is a free VPN service, the speed is quite slow and gets slower when the servers get clogged.

5. Hide.Me


Hide.me is an easy-to-use VPN service app for iOS. The free version offers 2GB of data per month. The servers are available in five countries worldwide, including Singapore, Canada, the US East, the US West, and the Netherlands.

You can switch to unlimited servers, so you are not restricted to one location. This VPN’s speeds are much more impressive; even when you switch between locations, you will not get into trouble with speed. You can get the pro version by paying $5.33 per month.

6. Speedify


Speedify’s servers are available in 433 countries. You can use 2GB of data for free every month. In the free version, you don’t need to register on the app to use it. To increase speed, this app combines your mobile data and the Wi-Fi connection.

With this combination, it sends double traffic and uses more internet connection. You can easily access YouTube, Facebook, and Google in restricted areas. For high security, it offers 256-bit encryption.

7. PrivateVPN

Private VPN

PrivateVPN offers 7 days free trial and is available in more than 50 countries with 150 servers. You can easily switch between the locations whenever you want to. Streaming sites like Netflix because it has dedicated servers.

It offers 256-bit AES encryption and IP leak protection. One of the best things about this VPN is that you can connect it to six devices simultaneously.

8. ExpressVPN

The best VPN for iPhone is ExpressVPN, which you may use without paying for a month. This VPN is the finest since it offers an unlimited data plan, lightning-fast speeds, great unblocking skills, and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPNFree VPNs can never deliver the same level of performance and quality. ExpressVPN provides 3000+ servers in 94 countries, all of which employ private DNS, allowing you to get around any geo-restriction you choose.

It provides defense against the Log4Shell vulnerability, a flaw that has wreaked havoc on online privacy. It is the only VPN company able to offer its users this level of security.

9. Windscribe VPN

The last free VPN for iPhone users is Windscribe. You can use it to unlock geographically limited material and shield yourself from leaks entirely. Each month, you receive 10GB of data for this service, which you can use to connect to servers in more than ten different nations.

WindscribeWindscribe employs AES-256 cryptography. Your data is almost uncrackable since it uses the same degree of encryption as the US military, which is why we include it in the list of best VPN apps for iPhones.

You can also use the OpenVPN, IKEv2, or WireGuard protocols. This company also has a split tunneling capability that sends your network across its servers and the network typically offered by your ISP. Additionally, Windscribe does not keep records of user activity on its platform.

10. VPN Proxy Supernet

The next-best free VPN for iPhone is VPN Proxy Supernet, which has a large bandwidth capacity and over a hundred global proxy servers.

This app doesn’t require registration and doesn’t ask for any extra permissions to use. You can browse the internet safely and privately without worrying about data breaches.

VPN Proxy SupernetYou need a good VPN when watching previously inaccessible content or utilizing the internet from a public WiFi network. This app will protect your online identity from potential data trackers. It will also grant you access to materials that were previously off-limits to you.

11. SurfEasy


SurfEasy is a prominent name when it comes to free iPhone and iPad VPN apps. The app is super simple but powerful to private all of your internet activity. From basic IP hiding to advanced no-log network encrypts, all are under your belt with the app.

As usual, SurfEasy offers consistent internet speed for different internet usages, such as streaming or downloading. It also has a tracking blocker feature to block advertising cookies. All in all, it’s a nice and clean iOS app for a private internet experience.

12. Daily VPN

Daily VPN

If you are looking for a one-tap VPN activation iPhone and iPad app, then Daily VPN, a popular freemium VPN, surely deserves your attention. The VPN app is very useful for gaming, streaming, calling, and even downloading.

Other than that, all required features are also available, such as providing top-notch security, stable connection speed, and encrypted private data. Moreover, the Daily VPN provides unlimited bandwidth, which is an additional feature.


VPNs can be used by iPhone users to increase their online security and privacy. In reality, VPNs might be the answer, given the variety of flaws for iPhones.

The top risk-free VPN apps for iPhone and iPad used for internet browsing and streaming are mentioned above. There is also a list of warning signs you should look out for while choosing a VPN. With these, you have everything you need to improve your internet connection and gain access to any geo-restricted website.