Want to download your favorite TV shows for free? Then downloading it from a torrent site will be the most plausible way to do so. There are thousands of torrent sites on the internet that provides high-quality media files for download. However, finding the most suitable one for yourself might be a task.

Nowadays, most ISPs are blocking torrent sites over security issues, so accessing them without a VPN proxy is hard. Moreover, searching for a genuine site with malware-free torrent files is difficult. So, for all these reasons, we have made a list of the best torrent sites for TV shows

Our tech experts have searched the internet and tested over 50 torrent sites to find the best among them. While making the list, it has been considered that the download speed one gets is decent, and the files are genuine. This makes the list relevant and easy to trust. 

List of Best Torrent Sites for TV Shows

  • 1337x.to
  • LimeTorrents
  • EZTV
  • Torlock
  • The Pirate Bay
  • YTS.MX
  • Torrendz

1. 1337x.to

The most popular torrent site for TV shows and movies is 1337x.to. It witnesses more than 20 million visits per month from users all over the world. The best part of 1337x.to is that most ISPs have still not blocked it, so there is a chance that you may not have to use a VPN to access the site.

The user interface 1337x.to is clean and simple with some predefined categories. Apart from TV shows, one will find anime, movies, games, manga, study materials, etc., on this site. The best way to find your content is to use the search bar available on the site directly.

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2. LimeTorrents

This is an old torrent site that has been operating since 2009. The site has survived several attempts of takedowns and still has one of the most extensive libraries for movies and TV shows. LimeTorrents has a well-segregated user interface with several content categories on its homepage.

Moreover, there is a search bar that you can use to jump into your desired content directly. Once you search for your required TV shows, it will show all the relevant details about them. The seeders and leechers counts will be of great help for downloading.

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If you want a torrent site dedicated to TV shows, then EZTV will be a perfect option. The site has almost all TV shows in it in various video qualities. Moreover, users can download each episode separately from this fantastic torrent site.

A calendar on the site shows you newly released TV shows available on the site. EZTV  has seen a substantial rise in its users after TV shows have become popular. As a result, all the file has sufficient seeders for getting a decent download speed.

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4. Torlock

Torlock is a unique site that pays special attention to the content that it features. So there will be hardly any situation when you find a corrupt file on the site. Though it is not a dedicated torrent site for TV shows, you can still find some in it. So there will be hardly any situation when you find a corrupt file on the site.

The main reason for mentioning this site on today’s list of best torrent sites for TV shows is its quality. Each file on Torlock comes with detailed information about them. The user interface is also straightforward, with a search bar on it.

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It is another versatile torrent download site that you can use to download TV shows for free. RARBG was a private torrent repository but is now open to everyone worldwide. The main USP of the site is its malware-free content.

RARBG is not only made for featuring TV shows but also movies, games, music, etc. There are torrent files for downloading individual episodes and even an entire TV series. For a considerable user, you can expect a high download speed for all the files on RARBG.

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6. The Pirate Bay

If you are familiar with torrent sites, then it is obvious you may have come across The Pirate Bay at some point in time. This multifunctional torrent site curates tons of movies and TV shows in it. In addition, you will get a decent download speed for its considerable amount of seeders.

The site is featured with a clean user interface with a search bar on it. You can use it to get your requested TV shows or movie files. Like other reputed torrent sites, The Pirate Bay also provides useful details of the files.

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It is an unfamous website that you can refer to get your desired TV shows for free. Frankly speaking, the library of YTS.MX is not as extensive as other options mentioned in our list, but still, you can find recent and trending media files on it.

All the files are in YTS.MX is in HD quality and compatible with all types of devices and bandwidth. Unlike other torrent sites, the UI of YTS.MX is beautifully built and easy to navigate.

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8. Torrendz

Torrendz is a unique site that tracks all torrent files from Popular sites to present you with your required file. So by using it you get access to a more extensive library, and your chances of finding your favorite TV shows and quizzes increases. Moreover, there are a number of other factors to like Torrendz.

For example, it has a seamless user interface design and minimal ad intrusions. More than 5 million users visit the site to get their hands on their favorite content. So you can refer to Torrendz to download your favorite TV show. 

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