With anime’s rising popularity among the young generation, the demand for Anime torrents has increased significantly. Previously, it was very hard for Anime lovers to find torrent sites online. But now, the scenario has changed.

Most well-known torrent sites have made their dedicated sections for Anime. In addition, many have also opened sister sites solely dedicated to Anime. You can easily download the latest and trending shows from these sites. So, it is clear that weeb lovers will not get low on their favorite shows from now on. 

We have made a list of the best anime torrent sites for you. Most of us may be familiar with some of the sites, as they have been on the internet for a long time, not only for anime but also for providing other valuable files. However, we have also included some new sites that have emerged recently.

1. 1337X

It is a multipurpose torrent website that features almost everything you would like to download. Recently, 1337X has added a dedicated section for Anime, where you will find trending Anime files. You can also search for your favorite shows manually by using the search bar.

1337X is one of the oldest torrent sites with a diversified user base worldwide. That means you will get a high number of seeders for effective download speed. However, a sad aspect of this site is that many countries like the UK, Australia, and India have banned its access. However, you can easily visit the site by using a VPN.

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 2. Lime Torrent

If you are looking for old Anime shows like Dragon Ball Z or Naruto, LimeTorrent will be a helpful website for you. It is used by many people worldwide, and you can find healthy torrent links to various movies and shows on it. 

The site has a dedicated anime section that features old Anime and the latest and popular shows to watch under this category. However, the only drawback of Lime Torrent that the files can be only be accessed through its dedicated torrent clients.

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3. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is not a torrent website but a torrent search engine that can help you find your favorite Anime. Torrentsz2 shows all the torrent sites where your desired content is available.

The website works by scraping data from different torrent sites and listing them for you.  So, if you are tired of failing to get your favorite Anime show online, then Torrentz2 can be your way out.

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4. The Pirate Bay

It is another long-standing website that has been providing torrent links. On this site, you will find movies, TV shows, audio files, software, etc. Though it is not an exclusive site for Anime, you can easily find your favorite shows here. 

Unlike 1337X, it doesn’t have a separate section for Anime. So, you will have to depend on the manual search option available in it to get your desired content.

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5. Anime Tosho

The site has the most active anime uploaders you will ever come across. You will get almost all the Anime you want in Anime Tosho. You will be amazed by its variety of content and the fast downloading speed, all thanks to the huge fanbase. 

 It has a straightforward UI and comes with a mirror URL. So, if you are a genuine Anime fan, then Anime Tosho will be an exotic option on the list.

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6. Tokyo Toshokan

if you are looking for a website specializing in Japanese Anime shows, you will not find a better option than Tokyo Toshokan. You can get almost every Japanese Anime here as the highly active members are constantly uploading files every alternative minute. 

The torrent website has some advanced features like RSS feeds and P2P anime files, making it unique for experienced users. In addition, the well-customized list and custom search option will give you an incredible Anime browsing experience.

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7. Anime Ultime

Our following inclusion in the list is a French-originated Torrent tracker website. Anime Ultime also has a highly active community like Anime Tosho, which ensures a vast collection of Anime and a fast, seamless downloading environment. 

The home page has different categories of Anime pre-categorized with a custom search option. The only problem you will face is the French Language, though it can be solved using a normal translator. 

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8. BakaBT

It is a private, community-based Anime torrent website. BakaBT is highly secure and can only be accessed by its members, so you have to get an invitation from their team to register and download their files. Users may need an IRC and follow their channels named #BakaBT and #bakabt-support to get an invitation.

To confirm you as a genuine Anime fan, they may ask you a few questions before granting you access. Although it sounds a bit complicated, a true fan can easily overcome these hurdles for Anime.

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It is a well-known website for Anime lovers. In NYAA, you will find a wide variety of anime. The file links available here are pretty much working with a decent number of seeders for smooth downloads.

The site’s key feature is its well-organized content with a helpful filter option. The filter option indexes the available Torrents according to your preferred category.

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10. Anime Layer

it is an unconventional Anime torrent site that will give you a different taste of browsing. The Russian website comes with lots of unique feaHeretures. You will get detailed information about seeders and leechers, along with screenshots that will help you to choose from the diverse options available.

Although the primary language used in Anime Layer is Russian, you can easily translate it with a live translator.

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