NYAA was one of the best torrent sites to download anime for free. However, the site was shut down in many countries. As a result, the contents and seeds declined. You can still access the site, but it is very unlikely that you will find your desired content.

This creates a demand for an NYAA alternative with a considerable user base and the latest content. Many such torrent sites are specially designed for animes. You can also refer to general torrent sites like Pirate Bay to download your required content.

However, today we have made a list of the best NYAA alternatives, Proxy and Mirror websites that solely purposed to offer anime files to users. The best part is they are all legal, and you don’t have to use a VPN to access them.

Best NYAA Alternatives and Mirrors

  • Anime Tosho
  • AniDex
  • Tokyo Toshokan
  • AcgnX Torrent
  • Anime Layer
  • Shana Project
  • Subsplease
  • Erai-raws

1. Anime Tosho

It is arguably the best alternative to NYAA for downloading anime. The best part of Anime Tosho features all the latest releases. In addition, you will also get old episodes of your favorite animes on this Torrent site.

The user interface of Anime Tosho is straightforward, with minimum distractions and complexities. Almost all the Torrents on the site are verified. So you can handle the quality of content on Anime Tosho.

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2. AniDex

This old Torrent site was taken down a few years back but is operating again. AniDex has a unique interface where you can filter content based on categories. Some of the categories include romance, thriller, drama, and action.

Apart from anime, AniDex also offers e-comic books and you will find popular Manga titles on it. All the animes on AniDex come with separate subtitle files in different languages. All over it is a worthy option to choose.

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3. Tokyo Toshokan

There is a huge user base for Tokyo Toshokan. The Torrent site has one of the largest libraries, with more than a million Torrent files. If you are looking for a Torrent site that only features Japanese anime on it, Tokyo Toshokan will be a good choice.

As a result, you will get a decent download speed with high seeds. The interface has a search that lets you easily find your required Torrent files. You can also refer to the curated categories on Tokyo Toshokan.

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4. AcgnX Torrent

AcgnX Torrent Is another NYAA alternative that features the latest episodes of popular anime series. The site is so effective that new episodes are uploaded a few minutes after release. Torrent files are available in different video qualities ranging from 480p to 1080p.

AcgnX Torrent has an advanced search option that helps you to search torrent files based on categories. Moreover, there are several filters to narrow down content based on genres. The site also works fine on mobile devices.

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5. Anime Layer

This Torrent site has the highest number of English dubbed animes on it. In addition, the visually impressive user interface also attracts a considerable number of users. This ensures a decent downloading speed.

You will get detailed information about each torrent file on Anime Layer. You can also join the Anime Layer user forum to connect with other anime fans like you. All these features make Anime Layer a fantastic alternative to choose from.

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6. Shana Project

It is an amazing alternative to NYAA, with tons of torrent files. The best part of the Shana Project is that the interface is free of ads. This helps you to easily download your desired content Without being redirected to unwanted web pages.

All the torrent files on Shana Project come with detailed info about them. So you can verify the quality of the file before downloading. The only disadvantage is the Torrent site is unavailable in several regions.

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7. Subsplease

Another Torrent site that can be a proper substitute to NYAA is Subsplease. The user interface of the Subsplease is categorized into different sections. Moreover, there is a search that you can use to find your required animes.

A unique feature of Subsplease is that it has a single anime file with different video qualities. So if you have a weak internet connection, you can download a 480p file quickly. Apart from that, a discord server of more than 3000 members will help you find your favorite show.

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8. Erai-raws

Erai-raws is an unfamous Torrent site run by two voluntary developers. The site has a cool interface with a black theme. You will get the release dates of all anime shows on the site. On opening the site, it might ask you to sign in, but you can ignore the notification.

All the torrent files come in three video qualities in Erai-raws. So you can download anime shows in standard and high definition, depending upon your internet connection. You can also download the subtitle file separately. 

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