This guide will check out how to take a scrolling screenshot on iPhone. Normally, when you take a screenshot, the section of the page visible on the screen is captured. With rolling screenshots, you can save the whole page easily as a screenshot.

Generally, you can capture screenshots by jointly pressing the home button and the power button. This is for the iPhones with Touch ID. You can press the power and volume-up buttons for other models of iPhones without a Touch ID to capture screenshots. Also, you can implement the accessibility feature Back Tap to grab the screen.

Best Ways to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone

All the above methods will only save the portion of the screen visible within the display frame of the iPhone. The rest of the screen content will be left out unless you access the screen content through Appleā€™s native browser. The scrolling screenshot feature comes in handy to capture everything on the screen.

1. Using App to Take a Scrolling Screenshot

Third-party apps are always useful when taking screenshots of the entire screen. Here is an app you can use all the time for any other app or webpage to save the complete screen.

  1. Go to App Store.
  2. Download the app ScrollingScreenhsot.
  3. Install and launch it.
  4. Enable screen recording from the iOS Control center.
  5. Select the ScrollingScreensot app as the medium for capturing the screen.
    use app to take scrolling screenshot

The screenshot should be saved to the Files or Photos app, per your choice. On the App Store, you will find more such apps that you can utilize to capture the screen content of the whole page and the one visible on display.

It is interesting to note that, while using Screen Recorder on the ScrollingScreenshot app, you can capture rolling screenshots. The same is impossible if you solely want to use the Screen Recorder.

2. Capture Scrolling Screenshots by Using Safari Browser

The singular official way to capture scrolling screenshots on iPhone is. However, it will be limited to the websites you access through the browser.

For instance, you cannot use the iOS YouTube app and capture the full screen. If you are accessing YouTube via Safari browser, you can grab the screenshot of the full webpage. Here are the detailed steps for you.

  1. Launch Safari browser.
  2. Open any website on the browser.
  3. Capture the screenshot using any one of the regular methods such as Power + Vol Up, Power + Home button, or using the Backtap accessibility feature.
  4. The screenshot will appear on the bottom left corner of the screen. Tap on it.
  5. Then tap on Full Page and you will see the whole webpage on the right-hand panel.
  6. Now, tap on Share > Select Save to Files.
    save a scrolling screenshot

Alternatively, you may share it via Email, Messages, WhatsApp, or even print it.

Wrap Up

This was a brief guide on how to take a scrolling screenshot on an iPhone. If you want to stick to the native apps, then Safari browser is the only way to grab the scrolling screenshots. Otherwise, you have to take the help of the apps that are dedicatedly working to capturing scrolling screenshots on the iPhone.