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Google had been the top search engine for a long time, and it will be for many more years to come. Because of its ease of usability and fast results, many people prefer Google. However, even Google fails when it comes to searching for torrents. In the case of downloading games or other media files, people prefer to use torrents.

However, most of these websites are blocked in certain regions or countries. So it is better to use a torrent search engine than traditional search engines to look for active high-speed torrents. Today hundreds of options are available on the internet to download torrents. But searching torrent files on the internet is still complex and time-consuming. So to make it easier, many users use the Torrent search engine.

These engines list only torrent websites and magnet links. They are similar to other search engines like Google or Yahoo but show torrent websites and portals only. So you can find your favorite torrents easily. Here is a list of the top torrent search engine that still works in 2022.

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List of Best Torrent Search Engines You Can Use in 2022

If you want to search for anything on Torrent, these search engines will help you save your time and effort to find the best torrents. You can find movies, podcasts, tv shows, music, ebooks, and games.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The most popular BitTorrent site the was founded in 2003 by Swedish anti-copyright organization Piratbyrån. It is a website where people can look for torrents and their magnet links. Unfortunately, the website is facing many charges and lawsuits on copyright infringement to this point.

However, they have multiple proxies running their server. It has an extensive browse function where you can see different categories like Video, Audio, Games, Tv Shows, Movies, and much more.

Visit ThePirateBay

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2. P2PGuru


P2PGuru is a new contender and probably the most refined torrent search engine on the internet. It is community-based, so in case a problem occurs, it will be fixed instantly. This site is completely free to access and also provides more search features than any regular torrent site.

You can also get an ad-free experience, so there will be no annoying pop-ups ads or link ads. In addition, you will find torrent downloads in multiple formats and qualities. These include HD, Full HD, or 4K video material, and they offer high-speed downloads.

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RARBG is one of the top-visited torrent web searching portals. It was founded in back 2009 when torrents were not that popular. The site is pretty basic but functional to this date. You can either find RARBG proxies or the official site.

You can quickly download torrent files and magnet links without encountering any irritating advertisements. However, since RARBG is blocked in many counties, we advise you to use a free VPN service to access it. 


4. Toorgle


The torrent search engine Toorgle looks like google. It is because the Google search engine inspires the design. Also, since it searches directly with Google, the search results are pretty fast and accurate.

It has a website index of more than 500 different torrent websites. It even has a browser extension, which makes the torrent searching process much easier. However, the website is brimming with ads, so you might want to use adblocker service for it.

Visit Toorgle

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5. XtorX


XtorX is one of the best Torrent search portals which you can use today. The user interface of this website is pretty basic, clean, and simple to operate. XtorX uses the google custom search feature to look for active torent in different website directories.

You have the torrent name, and it will eventually show various download links for the same. But there is no filter support, so you cannot narrow down your search results based on different filters. 

Visit XtorX

6. Torrent Seeker

Torrent Seeker

Torrent Seeker is clean and one of the best-designed torrent engines available on the internet. The user interface is just wonderful and easy to use. It has a large userbase since it is very famous for searching for accurate torrent results. TorrentSeeker uses the google custom search feature and provides you with the top 150 torrent websites.

The search results are based on several niche websites. In addition, torrent Seeker regularly updates the torrent index, so if you’re looking for something quite new, you can easily find it.

Visit Torrent Seeker

7. is one of those well-designed torrent search engines. This website has a built-in system to rank different websites for different niche torrents. It generates and creates reports from Zooqle, TorrentSeeker, and Torrentz2. The homepage of the search engine also offers a quick look at the most popular torrents.


8. Zooqle


Zooqle has an interface similar to that of some social media websites. It shows the most popular categories on its landing page. You can see a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and music.

The best part is they verify every torrent before making it available for the users to download. It contains movies in “HD,” “Full HD,” and even in “3D” format. You can also download torrent files using magnet links.

Visit Zooqle

9. Snowfl


Snowfl is a reliable torrent search engine that seems to be for advanced users. It comes with a very minimal interface but provides several features for the search filter. It is not quite popular, but it can show that what you are looking for is available on which site. Unfortunately, they do not offer any graphical UI like Pirate Bay, LimeTorrent, etc.

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10. Veoble


Veoble looks similar to that of the google search engine. This website is gaining popularity very fast. It provides options for both image as well as torrent search. It uses the Custom Google search to generate its result. Veoble generates its revenue by ads using Google Adsense.

Visit Veoble

11. LimeTorrents


Limestone comes with a simple-looking interface with a contrast of black and lime color on its homepage. At first glance, it looks like just another normal search engine site but contains a lot more than that.

This website has access to a huge library of torrents that you can download via BitTorrent. In addition, it has a great collection of movies, software, music, etc. However, the other pages are not that well designed as compared to the homepage. Nevertheless, it is still preferred by most people who make it quite a popular torrent search engine site.

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12. AcademicTorrents

AcademicTorrentsAs the names suggest, the website is based on academics. First of all, this is not an illegal website and not for downloading pirate movies, games and music. The University of Michigan and the University of Texas developed this to share Academic files over the internet via torrenting.

On AcademicTorrents, you can browse datasheets, peppers, courses and collections. Currently, they have three team members Joseph Paul Cohen, Henry Z Lo and Jonathan Nogueira. So if anyone wants to access or share large datasets, this is the best torrent site for you. 

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List of Best Torrent Sites (VIDEO)

These are the best torrent search engines on the internet right now that helps you to find any of desired movie, ebook, music, games you want. But we recommend you guys add an extra security layer while browsing these sites for more protection. Like you can use VPNs to change your IP address and hide your identity.


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