Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms many people use. Almost everyone has a Facebook account nowadays, and they use the Facebook app or the website to connect with other users. You might have noticed that when you try to head to the Facebook app on your mobile phone, you will be headed to the m.facebook.com website. 

After seeing this, many people may wonder what m.facebook is and whether it is legit or not. This will be new to desktop users because, generally, this website is seen when heading to Facebook on a mobile browser. 

If you have been wondering what m.facebook is, why you are headed to it, and whether it is legit, this article will clear all your confusion.

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What is m.facebook?

M.Facebook is the mobile version of the Facebook website. When you open the Facebook website on your mobile browser, you will be headed to m.facebook.com. This might be something new for Desktop users because, on a Desktop browser, you will be headed to the original Facebook.com website. 

The interface of the m.facebook will differ from the interface of the facebook.com because they both are meant for different devices and browsers. The interface of m.facebook.com will be more focused on a better experience on mobile. Whereas facebook.com will have an interface for making your desktop viewing experience better. 

Is m.facebook Legit?

As we discussed, you will be automatically headed to m.facebook.com when you open Facebook on your browser on your phone. This may concern users whether the site is legit, especially if one uses the Facebook website on the desktop or Facebook app on their mobiles and tablets. 

Well, m.facebook.com is legit, and it is specially designed for the mobile version of the website. Here ‘m’ stands for the mobile version. So, if you are headed to the m.facebook.com website, there is nothing to worry about.

You may notice a different interface and features on the m.facebook compared to the desktop version. Both websites are designed for different devices (mobile and desktop).

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How to Switch Out of m.facebook?

m.facebook is only for the mobile version, so if you visit the Facebook website on a mobile browser, you will be headed to it. However, you can switch to the Desktop version of the website, and you will be automatically switched out of the m.facebook website. Given below are the steps to change out of m.facebook on Google Chrome-

  1. Open Chrome on your phone or tablet and head to the Facebook website. 
  2. Tap on three dots on the top right corner and then check the checkbox for Desktop Site.
  3. The site will reload now, and you will be opted out of the m.facebook website. 

Final Words

We hope this article helped clear your doubts about the m.facebook website. Facebook has two versions of the website- a mobile version and a desktop version. M.facebook is the platform’s mobile version, with different features and interfaces than the desktop version. 


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