If you are too worried about your child’s spending time using a smartphone, then today’s list is for you. Our today’s list will help you turn your kid’s obsession with using a smartphone into a way to increase his knowledge and wisdom. We are presenting a list of the best Trivia apps for kids.

Trivia apps are mobile software that constitutes different quiz-type questions. There are several such best trivia apps for kids that you can use on your Android and iOS devices. The apps come in different types based on genres and user age. 

Our list will help you to choose the best among the numerous trivia apps on the internet. We have specially crafted our list to include only the apps suitable for children. However, adult users can also use these apps for fun.

Best Trivia Apps and Games For Kids Online

  • Trivia Crack
  • Family Trivia
  • SongPop Classic
  • Heads Up!
  • Quzoid
  • Popcorn Trivia
  • TRIVIA 360
  • Jeopardy!

1. Trivia Crack

It is a fantastic trivia application best for all types of users. So you can use it for your kids as well as test your own general aptitude. Trivia Crack features questions from six categories: sports, art, science, entertainment, history, and geography.

There are different difficulty levels that you can choose according to your preference. It is preferred to use the easy mode for kids and increase the level as they keep solving. You can set the time for which a child will be able to access the app.

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2. Family Trivia Free

Family Trivia is specially designed for children, where you will find quizzes for ages 3 and above. There are different categories, including food, human body, numbers, letters, etc., on the app. The interface is beautifully crafted to make it interesting for your child.

Family Trivia FreeMoreover, the functions are easy to use to make your kids self-sufficient in using the app. Professional educationists design the app to develop each question to increase your children’s brain function. The questions are asked by cartoon-type characters that provide an interesting environment.

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3. SongPop Classic

If your child loves music and wants to know more about it, SongPop Classic will be a good fit. The app features music-related questions for children. Users can use it in a single mode or compete with other SongPop Classic users in answering the questions.

The app has several customization options that can control the types of questions. For instance, one can choose their preferred genres, language, etc. Points are offered based on how fast one can answer a question.

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4. Heads Up!

This is another mixed-bag quiz app where you will get questions from various topics. The topics in Heads Up consist of movies, books, songs, geography, etc. The user interface is straightforward, making it easy for children to use.

Heads Up!Besides conventional quizzes, your kids will be asked situation-based and behavioral questions to develop their character. Heads Up are free to use but offered in a purchase. You can hide the Purchase section to make it child safe.

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5. Quzoid

Quzoid is a children-specific trivia application that features easy-to-answer but learning-based questions. Several genres let you can choose according to your kid’s comfort. You can also choose to take mixed questions from different genres.

A multiplayer option on Quzoid lets you evaluate your child’s knowledge with that of others. The app is free, but you might need a subscription to turn off ads and unlock some content.

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6. PopcornTrivia

This is a fantastic application that both children and grown-ups can use. The app features questions related to movies and shows that test your knowledge in that domain. So if your child loves watching movies, Popcorn Trivia is a perfect option.

PopcornTriviaIn addition, you can use this app to play interesting games at house parties or picnics. There are several levels of difficulties in Popcorn Trivia. Adjust the difficulty level according to the knowledge related to cinemas you have.

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7. TRIVIA 360 – Quiz Game

Our subsequent inclusion is an easy-to-use online trivia app that your child will love using. It is filled with simple but tricky questions that will make your kids think. It is an excellent app for brain exercises and is recommended use daily.

TRIVIA 360 - Quiz GameThere are true-false and multiple-choice questions that don’t need much effort to answer. Moreover, the user interface is smooth and easy to navigate. You can choose the categories you want your children to face questions.

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8. Jeopardy!

This trivia app is based on a popular TV quiz show that features questions from various topics. The app tests the knowledge of your child on different aspects. So you can expect mix back questions from Jeopardy.

Jeopardy! is Free to use and comes with in-app purchases. Each question comes with a time-limit answer within. However, it also gives additional time to accommodate all users.

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