Playing always helps to process our development and critical thinking. The same thing does for Kids more effectively. As we all know, kids love to play, and it helps them explore their surroundings step by step.

On the other hand, kids always love to escape from reading. As a parent or teacher, you should look for an innovative way to indulge your child in reading in a fun way. Reading with games will be a beneficial and effective way to keep them engaged with reading.

After digitalization, many fun and reading apps are available to keep a kid engaged in reading online. Therefore, we have developed the best reading games for kids to start smoothly.

Best Reading Games for Kids Online

When the kids are involved in the matter as a parent, you should be more conscious of what you are feeding your kids. Similarly, many reading games are available on the internet, but all of them will not be fruitful.

Finding the best reading games for your kids can be responsible and troublesome work. But fret not. We have done the tedious work for you and presented the free reading games for your kids.

1. Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs

On top of the list, Reading Eggs is a multi-award winner app in this genre. The finest reading app helped over 20 million children learn to read. Using the app, a kid can learn very efficiently.

The app has divided its content for age-wise children. It has more than 3000 digital storybooks. Moreover, it has lots of fun activities and quizzes.

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2. Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster to Read

As its name suggests, Teach Your Monster to Read is truly a monster app in learning for kids, which is trusted and loved by 30 million kid and their parents. The app is remarkably great for children in the 3-6 age group.

It has three parts. In the first steps, your kid can learn phonics through letters and sounds. Secondly, they can juggle words. And in the third step, they will know all the basic letter-sound combinations.

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3. Endless Reader

Endless Reader

Endless Reader is more like a sight words app. All essential sight words are included in the app to remember efficiently and achieve reading fluency.

Along with that, the app is also featuring delightful animation to memorize sight words carefully. Word puzzles are also available in the app. Overall, Endless Reader is truly good for sight word learning for kids.

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4. Ogstar Reading

Ogstar Reading

When it comes to reading apps for children, Ogstar Reading app should be there. With the app’s help, your children can start reading, writing, and spelling in a multisensory way.

Children can learn phonological awareness at an early age. The developers use many games and rewards to keep a child in reading. Moreover, the app has a text-to-speech feature.

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5. Starfall Learn to Read

starfall learn to read

If you are looking for a free learning app for your kids, then Starfall Learn to Read is surely for you and your kids. With the help of its fun reading videos and puzzles, a kid can start their reading journey without spending a buck.

Even they can learn vowel words and sight words. The app also teaches counting and color identification. All in all, Starfall Learn to Read is a really helpful app for preschool children.

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6. Bookr Class

bookr class

Bookr Class is another considerable reading game for android and iOS. The award-winning game features curated animated books and interactive games for easy and fruitful learning progress for your little ones.

The app can help to improve English spelling, grammar, and pronunciation. Many educational games, exercises, and quizzes increase creativity and critical thinking. Overall, the app is ideal for 4 to 14 age group children.

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7. Mussilla Wordplay

Mussilla Wordplay

If you want your kid will juggle with words, Mussilla Wordplay can be the ultimate word-learning app for your kid. Word learning is really fun; it will be more fun when you play with words in Mussilla Wordplay.

Hence, the app has been divided into four learning paths: the learning path, the play path, the practice path, and the creative path. Each path is determined for practical progress.

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8. Lingo Kids

Lingo Kids

Next on the list, Lingo Kids, trusted by 50 million parents, is one of the advanced learning apps for children of all ages. Featuring 1200+ fun and learning activities.

Lingo Kids covers maths, science, engineering, technology, art, music, reading and literacy, and many more. All its contents come from the Oxford University Press, as they claimed. That is the key highlight of the app.

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9. Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading

Epic - Kids' Books & Reading

Epic is another popular reading games app for kids. Epic builds curiosity and interest to read and explore interesting topics with its interactive and engaging digital content library.

Needless to say, the app has 40000+ popular books for reading and learning. Even you can find Spanish, Chinese, and French books in the app. It provides reading progress through email.

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10. Readability – Learn to Read

Readability Reading Tutor

At the bottom, we have Readability, which can help your child to read properly. Besides reading improvements, its one-to-one teaching is also helpful for critical thinking. A kid can improve their vocabulary drastically using the app.

Just like the Epic app, you can also set and track reading goals. Apart from this, the app also provides educational illustrations.

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Final Words

Alright! You can consider these best reading games for kids for your little ones. If they follow one single app from the list and start learning with fun, you will surely see the learning curve.


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