Kids can better interact with mobile phones. Hence, we listed the best Android apps for kids learning. These apps will help you learn new things and help your child increase their creativity level and development of analytical skills. Children can indeed learn fast with electronic devices such as mobile phones.

Learning from the phone can be useful if it is adequately used, and hence, we selected the top Android apps for kids. These apps will not harm your child. Many parents are afraid to give mobile phones to children as they think mobile will harm their kids. However, it’s not true as the phone is becoming the best source of learning.

List of Best Android Apps For Kids Learning in 2024

These apps will help your kids in their overall development. These apps are for kids aged from 1 to 10 years old. It is tough to select the best apps for kids among various apps.

However, we made it possible by choosing the best one. Let’s check out these apps and improve the capability and ability of your child. 

1. Drawing For Kids

Bini Drawing for Kids Games

Drawing is what every child loves to do, and a child’s creativity starts from here. The app helps the kids in teaching drawing playfully. So your child will never get bored with it.

The app consists of various funny animations that help your child concentrate. In addition, the app provides an excellent graphic interface where your child can quickly draw anything. There is also parental control to keep checking your child’s drawing. 

Download Drawing For Kids

2. ABC Kids

ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

It is a fantastic Android app for kids. As the name suggests, the app helps the children effortlessly teach ABC. ABC is the necessary thing that every child has to learn in school.

The app helps to learn the same in a fun manner with different animations. The app also provides various poems and a colorful environment to keep your child entertained. It focuses on both writing and learning the ABCs. Hence your child can learn and write ABC through this app. 

Download ABC Kids

3. App Family

App Family

App Family is not an app; it is a publisher on Google, which has developed many apps for kids. They develop games for children aged 1-10 with different categories. The best thing is that they are specialized in every type of game, such as educational, funny, and cartoon.

They publish games for both boys and girls. Their game is simple, which your child will surely like. 

Download App Family

4. Youtube Kids

Youtube Kids

It is part of the official YouTube application specially designed for kids. YouTube Kids is where your child can watch any video related to their age. It covers various types of videos, such as cartoons, funny shows, and learning videos. The best feature is it supports Chrome cast; hence your kid can watch any show on TV.

It also has parental control, which means you can select what type of video your kid can watch. You can also block any channel or video from the kid’s profile if you find it inappropriate. 

Download Youtube Kids

5. Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet

The app will help your child read various necessary alphabets. Your child can also learn to pronounce the words fluently and their meaning with the help of this app. It consists of more than 100 words that your child can learn.

Every word’s meaning is demonstrated with the help of video. Hence your kid can quickly discover the meaning of the word.

Download Endless Alphabet



It consists of various apps and games that your child can use without installing them. It has robust parental control, which allows you to control everything inside the app.

It can entertain your child for a long time. The app consists of an educational game, a friendly camera, and learning videos. 

Download KIDOZ

7. PlayKids


It is a useful Android app for kids with various educational and learning shows. The app consists of multiple videos, such as funny, informative, and learning. Along with videos, it also has various educational mind games such as puzzles. A download option also allows you to download any show and watch it later.

Download PlayKids

8. Toddler Kids Puzzle Puzzingo

Toddler Kids Puzzle Puzzingo

It provides brain and educational games for children 1-5 years old. It consists of more than ten puzzles with different vocabulary words. Once your child clears the puzzle, the app provides funny games as a reward to motivate your kid. 

Download Toddler Kids Puzzle Puzzingo

9. Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle 

It is similar to drawings for kids as it also provides an interface for kids for drawing. It consists of various brush colors, which your child will love to use. To clear the drawing, you have to shake the phone. 

Download Kids Doodle

10. Kids Brain Trainer

Kids Brain Trainer

It is an educational game app for kids with more than 150 games to develop their minds. In addition, it has a colored interface to attract your kids. 

Download Kids Brain Trainer

11. Talking Mouse

Talking Mouse

Talking Mouse is an excellent app for kids as it contains an interactive mouse that entertains kids on command. This app is ideal for kids around five years of age. The app is very basic but holds a lot of entertainment for kids.

There are features like voice commands and touch action. Such as the “Hey, pet me” feature that will have you and your kids rolling on the floor. Give this app a try; your kids will love it!

Download Talking Mouse

12. Barnyard Games For Kids Free

Barnyard Games For Kids Free

Barnyard Games For Kids Free is an all-in-one entertainment package for kids. If you’re tired of looking for entertainment options for kids, then see no more. Barnyard Games is a collection of 20 fun and educational games for your child’s overall brain development. The best part about it is that it’s completely free to play.

Download Barnyard Games For Kids Free

13. Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2 is an exciting kitchen game for kids. Both girls and boys can play it and learn to make amazing dishes at a small age. The app is very fun and educational at the same time. It has amazing, cute, buttery graphics to soothe kids’ eyes while playing the game.

Download Toca Kitchen 2

14. PBS Kids Game

PBS Kids GameIf you’d like to let your child be able to play and learn and play, then the PBS App is the best choice. Your child can select from games that concentrate on reading, math, language, science, and language. In addition, children’s favorite characters, such as Wild Kratts and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, are included in every game.

Like YouTube Kids, PBS Kids Game includes features that allow parents to supervise their children’s actions. They can also look over the games to see if they meet their goals for learning. Additionally, they can manage their children’s accounts to create a safe and secure environment for their children.

Download for Android & iOS

15. Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds SpaceIf your children are bored of the traditional Angry Birds game, try the latest Angry Birds Space version, which introduces children to fascinating concepts like gravity and the solar system and even fictitious cold planets, like Utopia!

The game has more than 300 levels in the intergalactic play area, with each level being more complex than the one before due to the game-changing gravitational pull feature.

Download Angry Birds Space

We all want to provide the very best for our children; therefore, finding the right balance in using apps for education is crucial. I hope that we can provide you with the right information to choose the most useful educational apps for your children.


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