You have landed on the perfect guide if you are looking for tips on how to fix the Android TV remote. Today smart TVs are preferred by people for their wireless connectivity and availability of numerous content sharing platforms. On-demand content is just one click away.

Although with all these benefits a smart TV provides, it still needs to be controlled using a remote control. The remote carries out various functions and helps you navigate across the user interface on the Android TV. We need to first understand a few reasons that may have caused the Android TV remote to not work properly.

Reasons why Android TV Remote is not Working

It could be just a random bug that is causing the remote to malfunction. Also, if the remote has taken a plunge from your hands onto a hard surface, it may have been damaged. Something as simple as the battery of the Android TV remote running out of juice can stop it from working. If the infrared emitter has taken a hit then no signals will emit from the remote control.

When trying to connect to the Android Tv if the remote control is far away, then connectivity cannot be established. The same can happen if there is any solid object like a wall or any furniture hindering the signal from the remote control to reach the smart TV.

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Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Android TV Remote not Working

Here are the various working solutions you can utilize to get the Android TV remote working again.

1. Stay Close to the Television while Pointing the Android TV Remote at it

For both Infrared remote controllers and Bluetooth-based TV remotes, you need to stay closer to the TV to operate the remote. Make sure that there is no obstacle between your remote and the TV. The closer you are and in front(IR remotes) of the Android TV, will decide how smoothly the connection will be established.

2. Change the Batteries on the TV Remote

This is super easy to implement.

  1. Grab a pair of new alkaline batteries.
  2. Open the back cover of the TV remote.
  3. Take out the old batteries.
  4. Insert the new batteries ensuring that they are set to correct polarities.
  5. Check that the batteries are perfectly set into their respective slots.
  6. Close the battery cover.
  7. Restart the TV and use the Android TV Remote. It should now work smoothly.

3. Restart the Android TV

Though the remote control is not working, you can still restart your Android TV. You have to use an orthodox method though. Take out the plug of the TV from the socket. Wait for sometimes and then put it back in there. Once the TV reboots, try to use your smart TV remote and check if it is working or not?

4. Use the Google TV App as Online Remote

You can use a virtual remote control in case the physical Android TV remote is not working. For that, you have to use the Google TV app on your smartphone.

  1. Launch the Google TV App.
  2. At the bottom right corner, you should see an option for TV Remote. Tap on that.
  3. Tap on Allow to grant permission to the app to find out smart TVs near the phone.
  4. When your Android TV name shows up, select its name.
  5. A pairing code will show up on the Android TV screen.
  6. Enter the same code on the smartphone to finish pairing.

Once the pairing completes, you will see a virtual remote interface that you can use on your smartphone to control the smart TV. Until the actual TV remote is fixed, you can enjoy your entertainment using the online remote control.

5. Use a Mouse to Connect to Android TV Remote

This trick will require you to connect a mouse externally to the smart TV and using that pair the TV with its remote.

  1. Connect a mouse to the USB port of the Android TV
  2. Click on the Settings of the Android TV using the mouse.
  3. From the menu select Remotes and Accessories.Remotes and Accessories
  4. Click on Remote Control > Select Add Remote Control.Add Remote Control

The above step will pair the Bluetooth TV remote to the TV. If the remote controller has some hardware damage this method won’t work.

6. Check if the IR Emitter is Faulty

Here is a cool trick to know if your Android TV remote is faulty or not. This will work for the remotes with Infrared emitters.

  1. Grab your smartphone and open its camera.
  2. Point the camera at the top of the remote.
  3. Press any button on the TV remote
  4. Keep looking at the camera. You should see a pink light emit from the remote right when the button is pressed.

Infrared lights are not seen by naked eyes but can be caught on the camera. If the light shows, it means the remote is working just fine. If not, then the IR emitter needs a quick fix.

7. Contact the Service Center

Finally, if nothing is working, I suggest checking with the shop, or outlet from where you bought the Android TV and its accompanying remote controller. They have their technicians who can properly check the remote control and fix the hardware issues if necessary. If the TV is under warranty you can claim a free replacement by discussing it with the concerned TV showroom.

Wrapping Up

If you do not want to miss your favorite Netflix show or that new movie released on Amazon Prime Video, then make sure to fix Android TV remote to enjoy all the content on the big screen.


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