In today’s world, parents have less time for their children because of their busy working schedules. However, these top parenting apps for android help you Parenting and take care of your child. Keeping an eye on your child’s activity can be an impossible task as it takes a lot of free time. Nowadays, no one has that much time. However, these apps can track your child’s activity and stop them from inappropriate stuff. 

These best parenting apps for android help your children from various harmful activities. Using these apps, you can also ensure that your child is in a safe environment. There are different types of parenting apps available in the market to help your child in learning, increase their skills. Along with it, the apps also provide parental control and tracking features to track your child.

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List of Best Parenting or Parent Control Apps for Android in 2022

These apps will monitor your child’s activity and block unwanted things. You can decide what your child can access with these apps’ help. Hence you can ensure that your child is safe from cybercrime and illegal activities. Let’s look at these parenting apps and keep your child safe. 

1. WOW Parenting

WOW Parenting

The app is created to improve Parenting and solve their issues with Parenting — the app is associated with various experts who guide parents in problem-solving with their children. The experts will help you solve tv addiction, pressure, and distraction of your child. There is also a live session with experts in the app. They provide the best solution if the child’s problem. 

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2. Bit Guardian Parental Control

Bit Guardian Parental Control

It is selected as the best parenting apps in various countries because of its valuable features. They provide many features that will help you take care of your child. For example, you can block any app from your child’s phone through this app.

A new app block option will not allow your child to install any new app. The best feature is the SOS alert, which will alert you when your child is in any problem. Once your child presses it, the app sends an alert to you.

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3. Baby Tracker

Baby Tracker

The app is designed to track everything related to your child. You can record every data and can analyze it. For example, suppose you have to feed your child every 3 hours to set the time in the app and feed according to it. The app also provides feeding statistics to understand the average feeding per day. 

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4. Babygogo Parenting

Babygogo Parenting

The app allows you to talk to doctors or experts if you face your child’s health issues. They also have a solution to pregnancy issues or facing any issue during pregnancy. If an expert is not available, you can also check the videos of common problems and get the remedies. There are also various essential notes and charts for a baby’s health.

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5. Baby Food Charts 

Baby Food Charts

As the name suggests, the app prepares healthy food for your child. The app contains more than 100 foods and recipes for the child’s health. The nutrition and recipes are based on religion. You will get the pure veg recipes and food to feed your child if you are pure veg. 

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6. Motherhood, Parenting & Baby Guide

Motherhood, Parenting & Baby Guide

The app provides a community of parents to discuss your problems and issues with other parents. As you discuss it with parents, they will better understand the issue and provide you with the best solution. It also contains various helpful articles on parenting and baby guides. 

Download Brotherhood, Parenting & Baby Guide

7. Baby Daybook

Baby Daybook

The app will allow you to track the activities of your baby. For example, suppose you want to know how many diapers you change per day to record in the app dairy. Hence after getting the record, you can quickly understand how many diapers you changed. Along with this, you can track various activities like baby feeding. 

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8. Kids Videos

Kids Videos

The app has more than 100 videos of different categories for your child’s entertainment. There is also an option to create folders and add your child’s favorite videos. The app contains both educational and funny videos. Along with videos, it also has parenting tips for parents. 

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9. Motivator Of Good Behaviour

Motivator Of Good Behaviour

The apps work like a motivator for your child. It has a reward system, which means the app will reward the child for every complete task by your child. There are two signs, which are sun and storm. Your child will get sun signs and bad storm signs for proper behavior. 

Download Motivator Of Good Behaviour

10. Life360


It is a GPS track that will give you the family location. You can make a group and add the essential people who matter the most. After adding, you can create a circle, and if anyone gets out from the circle, the app will send an alert. 

Download Life360

11. FamilyTime Parental Control

FamilyTime Parental Control

Family Time is an all-in-one app that helps you track how your child must use the phone. For example, you can customize preferable contents your child must see, set maximum screentime limit, set up location tracker, etc.

It further allows you to monitor your child’s activities on the phone accurately. Being a parent, define your own rules, set bedtime, dinner time, block internet access, and more with just one app.

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12. Kaspersky Safe Kids

kaspersky safe kids

What could be better than having essential parental control features along with an antivirus tool? Kaspersky, a well-known antivirus software, now comes with above standard parental controls.

The Kaspersky Safe Kids has everything that would make Parenting much easier. Block harmful sites and contents, manage apps, set screentime limits, and more. It further allows you to monitor suspicious activities online and locate your child through the map feature. Moreover, it also helps you get advice from child psychologists.

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13. Parental Control Screen Time

Parental Control Screen Time

If you’re worried about your children’s location and whereabouts, then this app is a sit for you. You can track your child’s past location, past track. You can also put up an SOS or emergency call whenever you feel like your child is in danger. It’s a must-have security or parents app on any child’s smartphone.

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14. Kids Zone – Parental Controls & Child Lock

Kids Zone - Parental Controls & Child Lock

If you wish to local some apps, this parent’s control app is a great choice. Not only can you limit app installations, but you can also limit your child’s screen time to protect the eyes from unwanted exposure.

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