One of the most crucial times for every parent is when their children grow to a learning age. Whatever you teach them today, they will carry this same thing throughout their lives. And as a parent or even a responsible person, none of us wants any compromises in such sensitive things.

And with increasing technology, now your kids can learn using these free websites, which offer free online books for kids. And it is essential to help you teach your kids in a more fun way.

With the evolution of technology, things have become more comfortable, and so does learning. Learning from online platforms and eBooks is preferable today. And when it comes to children who are speedy learners, interactive learning can be much helpful to them.

So, we have some of the best sites to help your children learn at a breakneck pace. These are free to use and will surely add to the educational value for your children.

Best Website With Free Online Books For Kids

Today, we have some of the best sites to get free online books for kids. You can find moral stories, animal stories, picture encyclopedias, and more. Try for yourself!

1. Amazon’s Free Kids Ebooks

Amazon's Free Kids EbooksThe most popular brand that’s leading the whole e-commerce industry worldwide. Unfortunately, when it comes to Amazon, it just not limited to a simple e-commerce site dealing in specific niches. Instead, it has involved a world where you can find almost any items you can think of.

Surprisingly, Amazon also offers eBooks of different genres, both free and at a nominal cost. Thus, you can find excellent online books for your kids here. Amazon has an entire section categorized with the nametag of Children’s eBooks that sells rich learning content for children.

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2. Oxford Owl

Oxford OwlThis was quite an expected one to come on the list. After all, discussing educational things and not mentioning the name of Oxford is never happening. However, the Oxford Owl is a site from the Oxford University Press. This award-winning site is designed to make learning possible from home.

You can register here for free and by heading to its library to discover 250+ eBooks for your kids. It also provides free teaching resources like worksheets, educational videos, etc.

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3. GetEpic

GetEpicGetEpic is a leading digital library for your kids where you can come up with so much to expect. This fascinating site has access to over 40,000 eBooks, audiobooks, videos, quizzes, and more. They claim to provide the best educational resources for children 12 and under.

Moreover, the site has very well categorized its contents according to age, popular types, etc. However, you need to pay a monthly subscription of $7.99 to get all this fantastic stuff. But the good news is that you can access up to 4 user accounts for no additional costs.

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4. Storyline Online

Storyline OnlineNext, we have Storyline Online, one of the best free resources for online learning. You can access all their exclusive content for free. This is quite unique as they feature famous actors in their videos reading kids’ books. Moreover, the little animation elements make it look more attractive, indeed enjoyable.

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5. Storynory

StorynoryIt’s good practice for all kids to listen to stories as they fall asleep. Luckily, we got an option for that too. Storynory offers several educational stories, classics, originals, and myths, including Bible stories.

So your kids can listen and learn practical and moral values in a fun way. Besides, the soft, elegant music playing in the background of every voiceover makes it easier to focus and listen to things carefully.

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6. International Children’s Digital Library

International Children's Digital LibraryInternational Children’s Digital Library ICDL is an incredible platform that provides online books for children. Their books are especially about cultural values all over the world. It is a non-profit organization that provides free resources for the better learning of kids.

However, the best thing about ICDL is that it has more than 4000 titles available in 59 languages. So, you can pick your preferred style to teach your children the right way. It comes with a simple-looking interface, free registration, and award-winning books.

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7. Mrs. P’s Magic Library

Mrs. P's Magic LibraryMrs. P’s Magic Library is an award-winning destination. You might probably know the woman from the Drew Carey Show playing the role of Mimi. Besides being an actress, Kathi Kinney is also a kid’s storyteller. She believes in better learning for children. As a result, she created this fantastic learning platform.

With her melodic voice, Kathi Kinney entertains kids while she reads the books for them. Most kids between the age of 3-6 and a maximum of up to 12 years seem to like her way of storytelling. Plus, it also provides you with read-along options, which can be very helpful for kids to understand.

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8. Free Kids Book

Free Kids Book

As straightforward as its name suggests, Free Kids Book is one of the best websites for kids’ books. The website lets you download a wide range of subjects. However, all of its featured books come in PDF format.

Moreover, you can find any type of book for any age group ranging from two to thirteen. Also, here you get books for young adults. The website has almost everything, even if you want to choose a book subject-wise.

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9. MagicBlox


With a neat and clean user interface, MagicBlox is considered one of the most used websites where kids can get free online books. You will get an extensive collection for one to thirteen age group kids, although every age group has separated nicely.

The best thing about the website is its categories of all genres. Moreover, it has also featured award-winning, newly published, and popular books. All in all, MagicBlox is a nice source for kids to read books.

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10. Open Library

Open Library

The Open Library could be a one-stop solution if you want to read books about science, history, math, literature, health, or many more subjects. On websites, you can find many books from different centuries.

Moreover, the website has included many books from the USA, UK, Italy, Japan, India, and other countries. Also, it has a dedicated section for kids to read books. Since it’s part of the Internet Archive, you can read it all for free.

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From Editor’s Desk

As a kid, stories become the most efficient medium to develop inner values & behavior in the outer world. So, we need to make wise choices for the brightest future of our next generation. Therefore, we hope you will love this excellent learning resource platform for children.


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