Books are a major part of life, and if you enjoy reading books, you might have looked for alternate sources to find your selected ones. Since eBooks are slowly replacing the traditional books on the market. They can be one of the best sources of learning in today’s life. You can find a whole new world of books if you visit the sites offering eBooks.

However, eBooks must come for a greater price, which is not always affordable. Therefore, if you are looking for sites that offer free eBooks downloads, you have come to the right place.

We have listed the best websites offering eBooks for free. Here you will find different genres of ebooks, and all of them will be completely free to read or download as you require.

Top Best Websites To Download Free eBooks in 2023

These websites provide quality content and have a massive collection of eBooks of various genres. Check out the list below for the best websites offering free eBooks. Here you will find ebooks of all kinds and all genres!

1. Project Gutenberg

Project GutenbergIf you came all this way searching for a free eBook, what could be better than Project Gutenberg? This is an open library with a massive collection of 60,000+ free eBooks. Choose from various formats, including ePub, Kindle, etc. and download them for free. Moreover, it doesn’t ask for any registration for downloading eBooks.

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2. Google eBookStore

Google eBookStoreGoogle never steps back when providing classy services to its users. If you are an Android user, you can use Google eBookStore to access some of the best eBook collections.

Yes, Google offers a great library of quality eBook collections, which is also free. Besides, they provide various genres and formats, including PDF, ePub, and more.

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3. Amazon Kindle

Amazon KindleAmazon Kindle is a popular name with a great collection of eBooks. Not only paid ones, but Kindle also provides free eBooks as well. From classics and romance to science fiction, you can find famous writers’ amazing free ebooks. However, you must first sign up for your Amazon account to benefit from these free services.

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4. Open Library

Open LibraryOpen Library is an open-source Internet Archive project where you can sponsor, read, and borrow books. It contains books of every genre, from biographies and fantasy to romance, recipes, and science.

Here, you can read eBooks online and also download them for free. However, it offers only PDF and ePub formats for download and contains audio to read books aloud.

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5. FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpotIf you are a reading enthusiast, you will love this free book platform. It has a large collection of over 50,000 books, with nearly 100 categories. Furthermore, you can filter your search by the title, author name, ISBN, and Language of the books.

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6. LibGen

LibGenLibGen/Library Genesis is more like a search engine than a normal website. However, it covers a broad range of eBooks anyway related to science and technology.

Under the topics section, you can find different topics with various sub-topics, offering you a more accurate search. Despite facing many illegal issues for its pirated access, the site comes into the function via other domains.

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7. Many Books

Many BooksNext, we have another website with massive collections of books. Its library contains 50,000+ books of a variety of genres. So you won’t run out of your options in any case. Moreover, it has a beautiful landing page showing all major categories, from romance, action, adventure, fantasy, and more.

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8. LibriVox

LibrivoxUnlike other websites, LibriVox is quite a bit different. It offers both audiobooks as well as eBooks to choose from. So, regardless of what you choose, you can explore a whole lot of free books to either read or listen to. Plus, you can search with the author’s name, title, genre, or language.

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9. Open Culture

Open CultureOpen Culture is best for all students as it contains books and other stuff related to their syllabus. Download over 800 valuable eBooks containing study materials on your devices.

In addition, it also offers audiobooks, movies, online courses, etc. Furthermore, you can find books about science & technology, art, literature, psychology, religion, and hundreds more.

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10. LearnPub

LearnPubOn LearnPub, you can get free books or buy them at your defined price. However, LearnPub mostly contains eBooks related to computer programming; thus, it can be a great learning source for all programmers.

You can further download eBooks in different formats, including PDF, Mobi, and ePub. In addition, they also provide courses related to programming, software design, and more.

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From Editor’s Desk

You can find thousands of books from different categories and genres. From educational stuff to biographies and histories, you can find everything you need. Also, do tell us about your favorite sites to download free eBooks.


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