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If you read books, then you might be aware of popular eBook readers.  There are so many popular eBooks available for Android and iOS. Apart from eBook, there are ePub readers also, in which there aren’t many good options available.

If you don’t know about eBook and ePub, then let me tell you an eBook is a generic term for reading books online. And ePub is a file type similar to jpeg and Pdf. However, eBooks are available ePub, Mobi, or pdf format.

ePub (electronic publication) which uses .epub extension. Many ePub apps and e-readers support this file format. However, if you don’t want to spend on eBooks, then here are some of the best ePub Readers for Android and iOS.

List of Best ePub Reader Apps for Android and iOS:

1. eBoox

eBoox App

eBoox is an eBook reader app supports file formats like FB2, EPUB, DOC, DOCX, and more. It has a clean user interface which is very easy to use. In the app, you can see a catalog of books from which you can choose and upload eBooks in different file formats from your phone. There are customized features available in the settings. It has essential supports like note-taking, annotations, and bookmarks.

eBoox provides a night mode option, which reduces the backlight and gives you a great experience of reading at night. It also offers multi-device sync with customization settings of changing the font, text size, brightness, and more. This app is available for Android devices.

Download eBoox on Android

2. Lithium: EPUB Reader 

Lithium ePub

In the name itself, you can see the EPUB Reader app means it has support for the ePub file format. The Lithium app has a clean and simple design, which also has night and sepia themes from which you can choose. One of the best things about this app is, you will not get any ads in between; it is a 100% ad-free app. So, enjoy reading your eBooks without any disturbance.

The lithium app has an option to choose from scrolling or to switch the page mode. It also has a pro version with more features like highlights, bookmarks, sync reading positions, and much more. In highlighting, you will get more color options, and a few new themes are also available.

Download Lithium: EPUB Reader on Android

3. Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Google Play Books are the most popular eBook apps on Android. It has a vast collection of books with personalized recommendations. There is no subscription method, which means read or listen to any eBooks or audiobook which you purchase from the store. Moreover, it allows you to preview the free samples to understand before buying the book.

Just like other apps, Google Play Books also offers multi-device sync support. Apart from this, it has bookmark items, take notes, toggle night mode, and more. In this app, you can read books in formats like ePubs and PDF, and it also supports other formats.

Download Google Play Books on Android

Download Google Play Books on iOS

4. PocketBook 


PocketBook app supports audio formats like EPUB, FB2, MOBI, PDF, DJVU, and others with around 26 books. Moreover, while listening to audiobooks, you can take quick notes and use the in-built TTS (text-to-speech) engine to play the text files. It offers features like creating a collection, filter books. The smart search option allows you to scan all the files on the device automatically.

PocketBook has a free offline reading mode where you can read eBooks without the internet. There is a cloud sync option to sync all the bookmarks, notes, and more. It also has an in-built dictionary which helps you to learn the new words. There are seven different themes available, and you can change the font style, size, line spacing, animations, adjust the margin, and much more.

Download PocketBook on Android

Download PocketBook on iOS

5. Apple Books

Apple Books

It is Apple’s eBook reader app, which has a great collection of eBooks and audiobooks. You can preview both eBooks and audiobooks for free so that you can choose the one which you like. Apple Books supports different types of eBook formats, and it is the best ePub readers for iOS.

While talking about features, it has a multi-device sync with iCloud support, highlights, bookmarks, and more. Apple Books also can change a few settings like font, color theme, auto day/night theme, and more.

Download Apple Books on iOS

6. KyBook 3 

KyBook 3

KyBook 3 is the latest update of KyBook app. The user interface is straightforward to use, and it comes with a modern design. There is a wide range of catalog of books available to choose from. Not only eBooks, but it also has a vast collection of audiobooks.

The file formats of eBook which are supported are ePub, PDF, FB2, CBR, TXT, RTF, and others. It also provides different themes, color schemes, automatic scrolling, TTS support, and more.

To make your reading experience better, this app has many customizations settings like change fonts, text size, paragraph indentation, and more.

Download KyBook 3 on iOS

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