In this fast-growing technology where everything is on our fingertips so why to waste time on doing mathematics calculation. As we all know, doing mathematics calculation is a time-wasting problem where you have to do the calculation in bulk. So we need to see the calculation tips. Sometimes you forget the solution of maths problems. Don’t you think the best math solver apps for Android will be useful for us?

A human can make any mistake in the calculation, which can create any problem. So with the help of Android Math Apps, we can avoid such errors. The best part is we can do any collection anytime and even no need to carry anything.

List of 14 Best Math Apps For Android in 2020:-

These apps also can help you to make your maths reliable by cross verifying the solutions. It even can help you to strengthen your maths part through learning from this app. So we can say there are various advantages if you use these apps. So here, we researched and found some helpful apps. So let’s check it out now.

1) Brainly


It is the best app to connect all over the world and help everyone with their questions and provide the correct answer. This is the app which gives you the community to help with your problems and assignments. You even can get the experts here which help you in various topics. You can post your questions on the apps, and the people around the world will help to solve that. You can also help peoples by answering their questions.

Download Brainly

2) Math Tricks

Math Tricks
Math Tricks

Now, this can be considered in the best math android apps as you will get the various tricks here to solve any calculation in less time. So this app will help you to fast your calculation by following the different tips. Along with tips, you will get various interesting facts of maths. The app provides the feature in which you can connect with your friends and can share your score of solving.

Download Math Tricks

3) HiPER Scientific Calculator


Now this app will blow your mind. You can say this calculator all-rounder as it is capable of solving maximum problems of any standard or college. It is the type of scientific calculator where you can calculate a large number too. Along with it, you can also get the unit conversion, which is the best part. You can also solve trigonometry with the help of this app.

Download Hiper

4) Khan Academy

Khan Academy
Khan Academy

Many of you will already know the name of the app, as it is the best math solver app of the year 2016. You will get the best and proper environment here for learning.  You can learn anything from here as it has 5000+ videos with different question papers. So solving question papers will help more to clear the specific topic. Along with maths, you will get various subjects which you can learn here quickly.

Download Khan Academy

5) Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes
Lecture Notes

As the name suggests lecture Notes, clearly stated that the app is for preparing notes. This is the best app if you genuinely want to make the best notes for study. You can write the notes here along with it. You can also draw the diagrams. The best part is that even you can record your teacher’s voice in the background of the notes. Additional features like video record will enable in the premium version.

Download Lecture Notes

6) Maths Expert

Maths Expert
Maths Expert

Now, this app will help you to solve any complex problem, and along with it, you can even solve physics problems here. The best part is you can answer any simple to difficult questions by just putting their values. You can also solve graphs questions here where you want to give the coordinates and rest app will do.

Download Maths Expert

7) Photomath- Camera Calculator

Photomath- Camera Calculator
Photomath- Camera Calculator

Now, this Is just a unique app from all the above because you will get the excellent features here. You can solve any of your math problems only by clicking the picture. Feeling shocked? But its truth yes, you can solve. You have to open the app and click the image of the question, and the app will solve it. Along with this, you didn’t get a direct answer. You will get the step by step process that how the question is done to understand it better. By going through the process, you can understand the process of solving.

Download Photomath- Camera Calculator

8) Maths Formula Free

Maths Formula Free
Maths Formula Free

As the name states Maths formula free, this app will provide you with every formula from primary to secondary education. Along with formula, you will get the proper explanation of how this formula is derived. Even you could create your formulas if you didn’t find any formula in the app to remind yourself. The app supports different languages; that’s why a student will not suffer from any language problem. You can share your customized formulas on social media. Probably maximum topic formulas are covered in this app.

Download Maths Formula Free

9) iMathematics

iMathematics might sound like an Apple product, but its actually an equation solver application. It’s like a big brother to the already existing app known as Photomath. It can solve equations easily. Apart from that, you can also learn various math tricks and methods fro the learning module available in the app dashboard. All you have to do is enter the equation in the box, and you will get a solved answer ina snap. It’s that easy to do math nowadays!

Download iMathematics

10) Power Calculator

Ned help in maths? Well, what’s better than a full-fledge Scientific calculator for your maths problems. The app includes a wide range of functions, including logarithms, exponential, trigonometry, integrals, differentials, algebra, and so on. it includes an equation history so you can see what work you did to reach your results. Equation syntax highlighting, bracket highlighting, and separate modes for scientific and engineering calculations make it a great choice, but most of all, this free app is also ad-free.

Download Power Calculator

11) Graphing Calculator

What’s better than solving complex equations via a graphic solving app? A graphic calculator is one of the best applications which can help you solve your math homework. It can plot simple or complex graph equations on a map so that you find out minima, maxima, point of intersection, and so on. It works really well, and more than 10,000 people are using it on a daily basis. It is very simple to use and fast as well. The graph can be plotted in seconds, no matter how complex the equation you put into it.

Download Graphing Calculator

12) Socratic

Socratic is one of the newer math apps. It can be an equation from a photograph or your camera and can show up the results. This app can spit out results in seconds. The great part is that it also shows stepwise solutions, as well. So it is a great app for cheating your homework and learning the methods at the same time. It even includes video examples in some cases. Like most, there is a ceiling when it comes to how complex the problem can be. However, it should work for most people. It’s also completely free with no in-app purchases.

Download Socratic

13) MalMath


MalMath is one of the finest math solver app widely used by the students. It helps to solve all the major aspects of mathematics from algebra, trigonometry, derivatives, integrals, etc. The best thing is it is a free app that you can even use offline. This math problem solver provides you step by step guidance on how to solve any problem. Besides, it also offers a graph analysis, generates solutions based on several categories and difficulty levels, and also allows us to save and share them.

Download MalMath

14) WolfarmAlpha


WolframAlpha is a great option to rely on. The app managed to earn rapid popularity and now counts among the world’s most definitive math problem solver source. Moreover, it is used by students all over the world and is loved for providing an instant solution. WolframAlpha further makes use of a massive collection of its data and algorithm, which helps in computing complex problems and displaying the report to you. Besides normal mathematics, you can even use it for statistics, physics, chemistry, engineering, and higher-level subjects.

Download WolframAlpha

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