EZTV was arguably the most visited TV show torrent site. It was a one-stop solution for high-quality TV shows and episodes. But as usual, over a decade of magnificent services to TV buffs, the site got banned. People still search for it even after the rise of streaming services.

The site is banned in Italy, Germany, the USA, the UK, and several other regions. EZTV also tried different domain names at that time. And eventually, all of them were caught. But mirror sites arise to get access to the popular torrenting site. Therefore, we have created an EZTV proxy sites list, which is working fine today to unblock EZTV.

Note: Unauthorized content downloading and distribution is illegal. Respecting that fact, we don’t encourage torrenting. Sharing this post for learning. We won’t take any responsibility for any illegitimate torrenting.

Best Working EZTV Proxy Sites List

It always takes time to provide the best working EZTV proxy sites. Here is our ultimate list of EZTV mirror sites.

  1. https://eztv.unblocknow.cyou/
  2. https://eztv.re/
  3. http://eztv.123unblock.work/
  4. https://eztv.unblockninja.com/
  5. https://eztv.daytorrents.com/
  6. https://eztv.yt
  7. https://eztv.unblockit.nz
  8. https://eztv.wf/
  9. https://eztv.proxyninja.org/
  10. https://eztv.re/
  11. https://eztv.unblockit.buzz/
  12. https://eztv.tf/
  13. https://eztv.daytorrents.com/

The best thing is that all the mentioned sites are available in most regions. I don’t know about you, but all proxy sites work for me. You can try another site from the list if you have any problems.

Why is EZTV Blocked and Banned?

Manipulating someone’s digital content ownership is always identified as a crime. Since it was a torrent site, it was heavily involved in offering popular movies and TV shows on the site without charging money. It was good for the common man to watch on-demand TV shows, but it was terrible for all creators.

Eventually, EZTV banned content distribution in 2015 for infringement. From content censorship to ISP, they penalized the site everywhere. However, the site’s original creator called it quits after the hostile takeover.

What is EZTV Proxy Server and How Does EZTV Proxy Server Work?

A proxy allows users to surf any website anonymously. It works as a middleman between a user and the server. When we use the proxy network, our data travels through its remote server. Thus, it helps to bypass any site’s block. Even no one can know your original IP address.

EZTV proxy sites allow us to access EZTV. ISPs and government internet protocols can’t track our activity because the proxy uses a different remote server. We reach out to the destination as different people from different locations. Therefore, unblocking sites from regional bans, workplace blocks, and many others are easy.

Advantages of EZTV Proxy Sites

What else do we need if we can access EZTV using EZTV proxy sites? There are several other magnificent advantages of EZTV proxy sites that you need to know today.

  • Whereas it enhances security and privacy. It protects our personal information and allows us to browse safely and securely.
  • Proxy helps to shield our original IP address.
  • Always scan malicious involved websites.
  • It also helps to bypass the block of a website.
  • It has a good cache system and usually provides a good internet connection.
  • Nobody can see your browsing history and activity.

Role of VPN to Unblocked EZTV Proxy

I always recommend using a VPN to surf proxy sites for safety. A VPN makes a connection between the Internet and a user. It routes your connection to its server to send data to the web server.

Since it uses its own server, your original IP lies down under it. There is very little chance of tracking you, and justifying your location will be impossible, even if it is possible to track you.

Moreover, a VPN always increases the browsing and downloading speed. It decreases the risk of data breaches. It even helps you filter the best sites for you and the system. And most importantly, proxy servers and VPNs work optimistically together all the time.

But bad VPN service can bring trouble you. Try to select the best one for accessing EZTV proxy sites. Here is our best recommendation:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. IP Vanish VPN
  3. CyberGhost VPN
  4. Private VPN
  5. Proton VPN
  6. Private VPN Access
  7. Nord VPN

Best EZTV Proxy Alternatives

However, the whole world of TV enthusiasts doesn’t depend on EZTV. There are many other popular torrent sites that you can use. Notably, they offer more services, such as movies, games, software, and documentaries, than EZTV. Here are the best EZTV alternatives you should opt for if the EZTV proxy is not working out for you.

Final Words

So, these are the best EZTV proxy site lists. All EZTV mirror sites work perfectly to unblock EZTV. We tested all the sites one by one. Still, do you have any issues related to this? Let us know in the comment section.


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