Often times there comes a scenario where you want to access the internet securely, but there aren’t such ways to do so. This makes us wonder if we are safe on the web?

Big corporations usually have their own ISP and different internet tunnels to reroute their web traffic via secure means, but what about normal users like me and you? This was the point of conversation between me and my friend – Jacob, who works in a news agency. Ans he tells me about this wonder product – VPN- the answer to all the above problems.

As I told you, Jacob works in a news agency, and often times it’s his job to make sure to double crosscheck some news information which means he has to access the web securely. Often this means accessing some websites and internet archives that are unavailable or geo-blocked resources. And for these needs, he uses a VPN, which helps him bypass such restrictions with the ease of a button.

A similar scenario happened to me as I am a die-hard fan of basketball, but unfortunately, the live match viewing rights were only available to Canadian citizens. Living in Australia, it was quite impossible to access such geo-restriction live match websites.

After trying my luck with different VPN providers, I could access the website, but the streaming speed was so low that I was better off not watching the match together. But then my friend told me about a new VPN service – Private Internet Access, which gave me access to the live match and a super fast encrypted tunnel to make sure I could stream the match live without many issues.Private Internet Access Review

Discover Private Internet Access

VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network, is not a luxury limited to big individuals and corporations. Users like you and I can now ensure that we are protected from the spying eyes of ISP, network administrators, and government censors. Private Internet Access is also an advanced VPN service with some amazing perks you will hardly find in the market.

Many users don’t realize this, but we need to use VPN from time to time as it can help us bypass several restrictions, protect you from spying eyes, and give you absolute private privacy; that is the need of the hour. Let me give you some more insights about the features you get with Private Internet Access.

Access for Every Device

Access for Every DevicePrivate Internet Access (PIA) is available for most devices, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and many others. So no matter what modern device you use, you can protect it with PIA’s state-of-the-art VPN technology. And the great news is that you can protect up to 10 devices with one PIA subscription.

Fast and Easy Setup

Fast and Easy SetupVPN’s initial setup can be complicated and not everyone’s cup of tea. And the last thing you would want is to give your device access to some professional to set up a VPN service. But don’t worry, as PIA is quite simple to install.

It’s as easy as choosing a VPN plan, downloading PIA setup, and tapping on the connect button, and you’re good to surf the internet securely.

Privacy Protection

Privacy ProtectionPrivacy is the number one concern for most users, and it should be. As with your digital prints, it’s easier to impersonate you, steal credit card information, and even get unauthorized access to your social media apps. The last time you want is to give such information to hacks and potential network administrators.

With PIA, your internet traffic is routed through encrypted tunnels, giving you a new IP address (a new identity) and hiding all your browsing data from internet service providers, government censors, and local administrators.


Geo-UnblockingOften times you might want to surf some websites of internet sources that are locked with geo-political agendas. Or sometimes, it might be just a restriction over the timezone.

Maybe you wish to watch that TV series episode which is already aired in US/Canada but will take another 6 hours to air in Australia/Asia. Or maybe you wish to access Eauropted websites which are only available for European citizens. You can access them, too, via PIA VPN.

PIA VPN has a world-class, next-gen server infrastructure covering over 83 countries and each and every US state, so you can get a fast, secure, and reliable VPN connection anytime, anywhere.

Smooth Streaming

Smooth StreamingTrying to play a game, but the game server is too slow? Or maybe you are trying to stream a live match offshore, so the streaming quality is not good. With Private Internet Access VPN service, you can rest assured that you will get the best streaming experience.

How is Private Internet Access (PIA) Useful to you

The features above sound amazing, but what is in for me? You ask. There are many occasions where Private Internet Access (PIA) can make your internet easier + safer in some aspects. Let’s look at some scenarios where PIA can help you overcome internet obstacles you might face daily.

  • A state-local network has blocked out the rights to stream the game to other nations. With PIA VPN access, you can stream those local networks from anywhere.
  • You want to research some websites that are only available within Akaska’s border, but you’re in Oklahoma, and with PIA VPN access, you can access those websites easily.
  • You connected with a bus station Wifi, but you’re not sure if it’s secure. Don’t worry; with PIA VPN access, all your internet data is encrypted and goes through a secured internet tunnel.
  • Your local government has banned access to certain websites, but you need to access them for work/entertainment/curiosity needs. With PIA VPN access, you can unlock these websites and access them without letting the local government know.
  • Your favorite movie is launched on an OTT platform, but they are not available to watch in your region due to several restrictions. Don’t worry. With PIA VPN access, you can easily stream these movies.

These are just a few generalized benefits, but once you start using Private Internet Access, you will realize that without PIA VPN, there were so many things that you could not explore earlier.

PIA Subscription Cost and Discounts

Private Internet Access is undoubtedly one of the best in the VPN market. With over 10 years of VPN expertise and 30+ million downloads worldwide, it’s a service you can trust. Private Internet Access has thousand of next-gen services available in 83 countries and all 50 states in the US alone.

PIA Subscription Cost and DiscountsPIA comes with several plans to suit your personal needs, but with the black Friday and cyber Monday sales, you can save 83% off on a 2-year plan, plus you get 4 months for free!! 


With increasing internet use, a dedicated and reliable VPN service is the need of the hour. With government and ISP tracking and monitoring your internet browsing data, several restrictions on what websites you can browse and what you cannot are what modern censorship is all about.

So eventually, we all will need a VPN that we can rely on, and PIA is just the name as they have an Independently Verified No Logs Policy, which protects their user data from all praying eyes, including the government.


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