The Tetris game is a modern classic in the world of virtual gaming. It was launched in 1984 and has a loyal fan base even today. Users of all ages can play Tetris, and it develops thinking capability, on-spot logical reasoning, and appreciation of colors and patterns.

Whether you want to relive the nostalgia of the ’80s and ’90s or gain a relaxing, soothing new hobby for vacation, nothing can be better than a good Tetris game. In this article, we will list the best Tetris games for Android and iOS devices. 

Awesome Tetris Video Games for Android and iOS

If you want to experience the retro vibes of the Tetris game, then you can go for the Tetris games that we have listed below-

1. Tetris


This game has a unique, retro-inspired look that will take you back to the 90s. The game is as simple as it gets, with little irregularly shaped blocks falling from above that you have to slide to the right spot so that the screen fills up with boxes without any gap in between.

Tetris is amazing for beginners as the levels progress gradually, and there is a little difficulty to be conquered. You can go for marathon mode and check how far you can go. Also, you can play the game online through the explorer’s mode.

Download for Android & iOS

2. 99 Bricks Academy 

99 Bricks Wizard Academy

This is the most beautiful Tetris mobile game you will ever encounter. This involves creating uninterrupted Tetris block walls, building castles, and fighting wars. There are also unique spells that will add special effects to the game.

This game also includes a touch of magic. But why so? It is because you will have to use magic to turn the bricks around at an angle that will fit the brick wall. The interface is bright, and the little wizards that often appear on the screen are the cutest animations ever. 

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3. Tetris Beat

Tetris® Beat

This is one of the most popular Tetris games ever. Tetris Beat colorful and attractive games of Tetris one can ever come across. The beauty of delightful music and dancing animations makes the interface unique.

It uses a deep blue background on which colorful, luminous blocks fall rapidly and need to be tackled by the user so that the user can move on to another exciting and challenging level. You can also play the game cross-platform on devices including Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Download for iOS

4. Block Master 3D

Blocks Master 3D

This game successfully attempts to bring something of the 2000s into the Tetris game with a pinch of modern experience. The blocks in the Tetris game are 3D, which allows users to look at the problem through multiple angles, giving users a 3D experience. 

The 3D version of Tetris is very appealing to young children and is one of the best ways to encourage them to play analytical games and attempt problem-solving challenges.

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5. Clever Blocks

Clever Blocks

This is another reimagination of the original Tetris game in which the blocks do not fall from the sky. Instead, the user is presented with a blank wall around which all the blocks are placed. The user has to manually take each block and fit it on the wall so that the puzzle fits.

This game is great for those who love to keep track of the progress made. As the difficulty level increases, the game delivers numerous challenges to the player, which must be overcome with wit and intelligence. There are four difficulty levels and in-game hints to help you clear a level if you are stuck. 

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6. Classic Blocks

Classic Blocks heri fight forvere

This game is as retro as retro gets. It has a vintage, grey background on which black and white grayscale Tetris blocks fall like in your old handheld games. It also has a panel on the side where you can change the background music and see which block will be coming next.

Play this with friends and random strangers and enjoy the retro feel. You can also change the visual styles of the game to spice up the monotony of life.

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7. Falling Lightblocks

Falling Lightblocks

It is a black-and-white game with an overly simplistic screen, like those in early hand games. The falling blocks are made of light and glow as they fall to their place. But what sets it apart from vintage Tetris games is the modern graphics.

You can choose from different game modes while playing this game, and there are different difficulty levels to conquer, which are known as missions. Unfortunately, the free version of this game comes with many advertisements, so you will have to bear that when playing the free version. 

Download for iOS

8. Kubik


This Tetris game has a 3D effect and is bound to remind you of Minecraft! Situated on an isolated tower top, you must build the Tetris wall block as a cuboid in this game. You can rotate the tower to get a 360-degree view. 

As the player builds, the layers complete, and the cubes break. You have to keep the blocks breaking so the cuboid tower cannot reach the top of the screen. You earn scores, and as you complete levels, you collect diamonds as a reward. 

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9. Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle

This game is not retro-inspired, but it is still a classic version. There is no twist or storyline involved here—the simple goal is to keep playing and increasing your scores, which appear at the top of the screen. The only two other options are to pause the game and to rewind.

The only change this game makes to the original Tetris is replacing blocks falling from the sky with blocks rising from the ground. There are three sets of blocks, and you have to choose one at each stage.

Download for Android and iOS

10. Wood Block Puzzle – Woodoku

Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles

The wood block puzzle is an interesting take on the Tetris game. The main catch of this game is the Tetris blocks, the whole background, and the interface look as if it is made of wood. However, you can play the game offline anywhere you are.

There are soothing natural sounds in the background, and you can play for as long as you want and gather scores. Unfortunately, the wood block puzzle becomes more difficult as you score through levels. This is because the wall gets bigger and bigger with time, and the shape of the blocks also becomes trickier.

Download for Android and iOS


Tetris is a retro game that almost all of us have played in childhood. If you want to bring back the nostalgia of Tetris games, you can go for all the games we have listed in this article. Above are some of the best Tetris games for iOS and Android that you can play. 


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