Making a list of the best Facebook alternatives is one of the most challenging tasks that one can take. The humongous social media platform is a place where most people have learned to socialize themselves digitally. On top of that, it also has a considerable market share on social media platforms. However, for some unexpected reasons, demand for Facebook alternatives can be observed.

Data privacy and user data are the key components that have even pulled Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg into the courtroom. There are several incidents where allegations have been made on the social media platform for data breaches. A platform where all your details are linked can prove dangerous.

So it is not far when people will start moving into a more secure social media platform. And it is not unknown to anyone that an open-source platform will be the best for such purposes. We have mentioned such open-source social media platforms that can be used as a Facebook alternative in the list given below.

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List of Best Open-Source Facebook Alternatives in 2022

  • Minds
  • Gab
  • Hubzilla
  • LBRY
  • Mastodon
  • Textile
  • Signal
  • Pixelfed

1. Minds

MindsIf you own a digital business or manage a company’s digital marketing department, Minds will be a good option for you.  The open-source platform lets you advertise your brand free of cost. If you want to see the code behind the social media platform to create a similar project, it is available on GitHub.

As Minds is an open-source platform, you will find minimum bugs and glitches in it. This is because everyone is using it can provide their feedback to the developer for improvements. A chatting platform is also available with Minds that provides end-to-end encryption.

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2. Gab

GabThis is a social media platform that mainly focuses on users’ privacy. So if you were annoyed with all the personalized ads on your Facebook feed, Gab will save you. The site doesn’t record any user data or share them with third-party business entities.

In addition, you will get a similar user interface to Facebook as the project was developed on the framework of Facebook and Reddit. A person can share posts of a maximum of 3000 characters and even edit them whenever required. There is also a huge userbase to get socialized.

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3. Hubzilla

HubzillaIt is another fantastic alternative to Facebook that will give you a privacy-oriented social media experience. It is designed to empower communities with similar thoughts and ideas to share them with the decentralized identity. You can create your own ‘Hub’ or servers to connect to people on Hubzilla on.

One can also join a Hub to connect to a group of people who interact with them. You will also find various channels where Hubzilla members share their content to be used by others. It is an entirely new way to socialize with a potential community. 

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LBRYOur subsequent inclusion is a Facebook alternative that mainly features video content. So you can enjoy videos or clippings from your daily life or work on LBRY. The platform is open source and run by capital based on cryptocurrency.

You will find lots of features in LBRY similar to Facebook. For example, there is a dedicated section for buying and selling goods like Facebook Marketplace. Moreover, you can also join the LBRY developers community by investing in their cryptocurrency.

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5. Mastodon

MastodonThe most popular open-source alternative for Facebook is Mastodon. It is an open-source project that focuses on the privacy and safety of user data. Though the social media project is a Facebook alternative, you can delete the user interface of Mastodon with that Twitter.

This is because the social media platform is built for sharing microblogs and pictures. For first-time users, also Mastodon will be a comfortable platform as most of the features are incorporated from existing and popular social media projects.

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6. Textile

TextileTextile is a social media project similar to Facebook-owned Instagram. However, the social media project is decentralization and has its own set of rules and frameworks. However, for regular users, it is easy to digest social media with features to upload photos and videos.

Moreover, Textile is strict regarding privacy and offers various controllable features to moderate the visibility of your shared contents. For example, one can determine who can see their photos and videos in textile and remain stealth to others. You can also import all your Facebook data, like photos and videos, into Textile.

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7. Signal

Signal Private MessengerIf you are too much dependent on Facebook Messenger for chatting with social media friends but at the same time concerned about data breaches, then Signal will be a suitable replacement. The amazing texting app is specially designed to focus on privacy. In addition, you will get end-to-end encryption of your chats which is considered one of the highest levels of security.

Your messages are secure from third-party access and even to Signal. Some of the features provided by the app are group chats, video calling, and voice calling facility. In addition, there is a web version of Signal that can be used on PC. 

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8. Pixelfed

PixelfedIt is an easy-to-use social media platform that you can use to share pictures and videos. The best part of Pixelfed is the ad-free user interface that gives you relief from annoying promotions. Moreover, the newsfeed is arranged based on a timeline, and no special algorithm is used.

Many of you may find it more common to Instagram than to Facebook as you can use different filters on your photos before posting them. However, unlike Instagram, Pixelfed is desktop-friendly and has a separate web format. The connecting process is similar to that of Instagram, where you will have to follow back users. 

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