Online education platforms have recently become a vivid source of learning for students. Different sites provide guidance for different subjects. You can also find answers to your questions on these sites or solutions to your homework and assignments and answer academic queries. However, as one site can’t provide everything, an alternative is required.

Generally, students need to enroll for a subscription in Chegg to get the facilities. However, there are some free services available, e. But the main components are behind the paywall. In addition, the subscription fees may seem a bit high for some people, so a cheaper alternative is preferred.

Recently due to the massive success of Chegg, many similar sites have come up providing assignment help facilities to the students. The best thing about these sites is that they are much cheaper than Chegg and offer much more. If you are not aware of such sites, our list of best Chegg Alternatives will help you out.

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List of Best Chegg Alternatives in 2023

  • PaperHelp
  • Quizlet
  • TutorBin
  • StackExchange
  • Course Hero
  • Book Finder
  • 24hoursanswers
  • SellBackBooks
  • Coursera

1. PaperHelp

PaperHelpThe most prominent alternative that a student can get for Chegg is PaperHelp. This fantastic site offers several types of assignments. In addition, one can get ideas for producing an original thesis from PaperHelp. You have to choose the genre in which you are interested.

The payment is dependent on the topic of assignment, length, and urgency. For assignment works, the site is very punctual, and they will make sure you can submit your homework before the due date. Moreover, all works are unique in PaperHelp, and no individual assignment gets correlated.

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2. Quizlet

QuizletFormerly, Slader, QuizletIs is a cheaper substitute to Chegg. It offers several free services like project work on popular topics, problem-solving, tutorials, etc. In addition, the user interface of Quizlet is easily navigable and clean.

For example, you can directly search for your queries or post questions to get solutions. Previously all the functions in Quizlet were freely availed, but after the commercial acquisition, many features have been made paid for. However, one can still find some free works on the site.

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3. TutorBin

TutorBinThis is another site for getting the professional-level assignments done conveniently. A pool of expertise works with TutorBin to deliver quality work to the students. The tutorials are rated as one of the best among the tutorial websites. Students will benefit from the concept lectures and grade maximizing videos available in TutorBin.

In addition, one can avail of individual live classes for doubt clearance and step-by-step solutions for their academic questions. The prices of different services offered are mentioned on their website, which you can visit by clicking on the below-given link.

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4. Stack Exchange

Stack ExchangeStackExchange stacks several websites and subdomains that deal with different topics. This ensures a single platform for all your academic queries. If your sole purpose is to seek questions and answers help from a website, then Stack Exchange will be perfect.

From school-level maths to college-level Quantum theories, everything is available in StackExchange. Moreover, you can post your questions on the site free of cost. Anyone who has a forte on the topic will answer your questions. However, it’s better to refer to different answers than rely on a single solution.

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Answer.comIt is a suitable replacement for Chegg that students can use to get help with their school homework and assignments. You can ask an unlimited number of questions on, and all of them will be answered by expertise. Moreover, you can also answer questions that you are familiar with. has two kinds of plans, one paid and another free. The paid plan Is much cheaper than other assignment help websites. In addition, if you are lucky enough, you can also avail huge discounts during flash sales.

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6. Course Hero

Course HeroOur next inclusion is a fantastic website solely made to help college students support tutorial videos and step-by-step problem-solving. In addition, students can find generally asked questions on the site based on varied topics. Moreover, you can ask questions that will be answered within 15 minutes.

Users have claimed that Course Hero is much more helpful than other alternatives. The site charges for its services based on the number of questions asked. You can also avail yourself of a subscription at much better rates than Chegg. There are almost some tips and tricks to unblur course hero answers.

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7. BookFinder

BookFinderThe best educational assistant website that one can afford is Book Finder. This site is well known for its neat and clean user interface with diverse topics available. In addition, the site is home to more than 1 million academic books on different topics.

All the books available in BookFinder are genuine and can be bought at the best price. The site proves extremely helpful in finding the best study materials on any topic. It is also used to get references for thesis writing.

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8. 24 Hour Answers

24 Hour Answers24hoursanswers is a traditional assignment help site that can be considered in place of Chegg. The site comprises video lectures on different topics segregated under respective subjects. Unlike Chegg, one will not get free access to its video content.

So one can try using 24hoursanswers in place if Chegg. However, you will only be charged per hour of getting a tutor rather than requiring to pay a monthly subscription. This helps students save much money as they don’t have to pay for days when not studying. 

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9. SellBackBooks

SellBackBooksIf you have used Chegg mostly to trade textbooks, this is a good alternative. On the SellBackBooks website, you can trade the textbooks you’ll never again use and make an extra amount of change.

It is as simple as checking the ISBN of your book to determine the cost. You can then sell your book and collect cash quickly using the direct deposit option.

You won’t have to think about the shipping cost since they take care of it. They’ll pay more than the standard college bookstores to store your old books, and it is a trusted source for students from all over the world.

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10. Coursera

CourseraCoursera is among the most well-known websites that offer services similar to Chegg Study. This is an internet-based platform that provides thousands of online classes. Everybody around the globe can benefit from the services provided by this platform.

Learning. One of the fascinating features of this website is that it has a partnership with over 200 top universities worldwide. Students should look at this site for the best online learning platform.

Certain users prefer Coursera over others because it has a variety of degree programs significantly less than those offered on campuses. The classes are managed by well-known names like Yale and Princeton University.

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