Regardless of your opinion, Instagram is the most popular social network among smartphone users. It is one of many social media platforms that revolutionize how people share photos online. According to a report by Instagram, the site has close to 1 billion users each month.

Although Instagram is the most popular social media app for its features, many other options offer similar functionality. These apps will provide a unique experience to users, even though they have some Instagram features.

We have selected the top Instagram alternatives for Android or iOS and included alternatives to Instagram Reels at the end. Click to expand the table and go directly to the appropriate app.

Best Instagram Alternatives in 2024

1. Snapchat

SnapchatSnapchat is fast and fun to share photos and videos with friends. Although Snapchat isn’t as well-known as Instagram, it still has 300 million daily users. The default app opens with a Camera, which allows you to capture images or videos instantly. To create unique and exciting images, you can add filters, lens effects, bitmoji, and other effects.

Instagram’s stories are like Instagram. All images and videos will expire after 24 hours. You can also use instant messaging and the group chats feature to chat with 16 people simultaneously.

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2. 500px

500px – Photography Community

500px is a great alternative to Instagram for photographers. It is a place for photographers and those interested in digital photography from over 195 countries.

Although it does not offer social media features such as Stories or Reels like Instagram, there is an explore tab and the ability to create Quests. It also provides a website to view the best photos on a larger screen.

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3. Tumblr


Tumblr is a microblogging social network based in the United States. David Karp founded it in 2007, and Automattic is its current owner.

It hosts over 465 million blogs and has approximately 347.5 million visitors worldwide. Tumblr has many similarities to Instagram. However, it isn’t limited to multimedia content. You can also post audio and text articles and links to other websites.

Tumblr users like Instagram are often teenagers or Millennials. This makes them highly suitable for brands that target these age groups.

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4. Retrica

Retrica-Original Filter Camera

Retrica is the perfect app to replace Instagram. Retrica is very similar to Instagram in many aspects. The enhanced UI allows users to take photos and videos easily. You can also create authentic and original images using the many effects available.

The app allows you to apply over 190 filters to your photos. You can also add text, stickers, and doodles to your photos. You can also add more features by purchasing the premium edition.

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5. Imgur

ImgurImgur is an excellent alternative to Instagram and one of the most used photo-sharing sites on the Internet. Although Imgur is primarily public, you can hide photos and videos so they are not searchable.

To share your content, you can create a private URL. You can upload photos, videos and GIFs to your account and share them with others through tags.

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6. Pinterest


When it comes to niche-specific content, Pinterest comes first in my mind. It’s one of the leading social media platforms millions of people use worldwide and you can use it as a replacement for Instagram.

Similar to Instagram, you can upload photos and videos as pins here. One key highlight of the app is that it allows you to create a board to save all pins under a customized board. Other than that, all essential features are provided to compete with Instagram.

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7. Behance

Behance Slide Template Collection

Since Instagram is a crowded place for creative artists, Behance could be a one-stop destination for them. It has a strong community where people post creative art, engage and interact with each other.

So, if you are an artist or photographer and work in the creative field, you should go with Behance over Instagram. Additionally, it has a nice feature for live streaming. Moreover, it has many job opportunities for creative artists and related fields.

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8. Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are owned by the same company, Meta. Although they are slightly different, their objectives are the same. Both are popular social media apps worldwide. Billionaires use Facebook, and you can too.

On Facebook, you can post photos, videos, texts, and stories. Feature-wise, Facebook has more things to do than Instagram. If you are tired of Instagram’s reels, Facebook could be ideal.

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9. Flickr


Flickr is way more popular than it was before. It was one of the popular places to share photos and videos in 2007, when Instagram and Unsplash were nowhere. Back then, Flickr was promising, and it has now been acquired by SmugMug.

Although its popularity has declined over the period of time, it’s still relevant to us. It focuses on quality over quantity. If you are an expert in photography and the same things, you should consider Flickr even today.

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10. We Heart It

We Heart It

With millions of users, We Heart It is yet another perfect social media app for Android and iOS that you can use as an Instagram alternative. If you need a daily dose of inspirational and motivational quotes, look no further.

Moreover, you can post your feelings and think there. You can use its editing features to customize your post accordingly. Also, it has a separate section for podcasts. All in all, with a seamless user interface, it’s a nice and fine social media app.

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Instagram is still the leader in image sharing and social media. It is essential to have other options if you stop using Instagram. Any of these alternatives can be tried and tested.

These apps are worth a try. Please leave a comment with your favorite app. You can also mention any social media apps that deserve to be on this list.