Tumblr is a great platform for people to share their ideas and stories for the world to see. However, with the recent policies change in Tumblr, more and more people are migrating to other Tumblr alternatives. If you’re also planning to switch to some other Tumblr alternative then don’t worry. Because this post is all about other media sharing websites which works just like Tumblr. And some of them comes with additional features.

Tumblr can be understood as a microblogging social networking platform where people can come together and share there ideas. It is very different from other traditional social media websites. And that probably the reason why most people love it. But still, people want to switch to other Tumblr alternatives so here are some great options for you. Many people looking for a blogging platform so these are also free and easy to use. Just go through the list and pick according to your need.

Tumblr Alternatives
Tumblr Alternatives

List of Top 10 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Can Try in 2020:-

Here are some great Tumblr alternatives for you. I’m sure you will love them since they are very similar to Tumblr and some of them also have additional features as well.

1.) WordPress


WordPress is one of the most popular sites among users. It is a perfect platform for bloggers to showcase their talent. With thousands of users, this is the most used blogging site. WordPress has a very simple interface with many customization options. It supports a variety of plugin support and you wl be shocked to see how flexible it can be. If you are looking for a good Tumblr alternative as a blogger, then this is the most viable option.

Visit Site: WordPress

2.) Blogger


Blogger is another popular blogging site owned by Google. Not as much as options like Tumblr but a very good alternative for the people who like to read web pages and blogs. With a very easy interface, you can learn using it without any problem.

Visit Site: Blogger

3.) PillowFort


Pillowfort is the perfect alternative to Tumblr. You will get almost similar functions like Tumblr. Also, it allows for NSFW content. You can share blogs and photos. But t is in beta stage so not everyone can join it. No doubt that it will be the best Tumblr alternative after getting launched for everyone.

Visit Site: PillowFort

4.) Mastodon


Mastodon is an open-source blogging site having individual servers and filtered timelines. this site has something for everyone to offer. After the ban and policies on Tumblr, this site gained so much popularity. With twitter like interface Mastadon s a considerable alternative.

Visit Site: Mastodon

5.) Reddit


Reddit is also known as the front page of the internet. You must be familiar with this name if not let me tell you Reddit is a site where you can share posts in the form of links. You can also share images and the members will upvote and downvote them. It is very famous among many communities. You can discuss various topics on Reddit. Reddit and Tumblr have almost the same community base.

Visit Site: Reddit

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6.) Ello


Ello is another social media network which can connect you with artiste and designers. You can collaborate with artists on this platform. With a very large community of artists, Ello is a must sign up site. It has not many options but very viable for the people of its community. If you have a kink of sharing artworks, then this might be a good platform for you.

Visit Site: Ello

7.) NewGround


Like other social media networks, Newground has its user base of gamers and artists. With no strict rules, NewGround is a very popular network. Content has 4 different categories – Games, Movies, Art and Audio. You can find like-minded people very easily.

Visit Site: NewGround

8.) Medium


If we are discussing the blogging site, we can not leave the medium alone. This site is known for its text-based quality. It is somehow better than Tumblr. You can import your blog on any site using the import toll of Medium. It is a very popular platform to share your stories.

Visit Site:  Medium

9.) Pinterest


Pinterest is a social media platform where you can share images, videos or gifs. Since it is a visually driven platform, more focus is given to the contents you upload. Anything you share is called a pin and if you share someone else’s post, it is called repining. Hence, you can either pin something or create a group of pins called boards and attach the link of the source with it. Furthermore, you can choose from a bunch of categories and Pinterest will show you all related posts. interest

Visit Site: Pinterest 

10.) Devian Art

Devian Art

Devian Art is much like Tumblr where people share images videos, etc. The entire community features rich digital arts starting from videography and photography to all other major forms. Besides, posts are known as deviations here and you can search for them via different categories. The interface looks further pleasing to eyes with minimalistic design and full of deviations that interest you.

Visit Site: Devian Art

From Editor’s Desk

So, this brings us to the end of this list of best Tumblr alternatives. If you are a blogger and love to read and write this list is for you. Select your favourite site and sign up for your passion and social networking cravings.


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