Have You ever heard about Reddit? Well, probably, Yes. Reddit is the front page of the internet, which covers all topics, and there is nothing to call it wrong; along with world news, it includes every niche information.

All traffic is derived only because of a variety of content and news. Users get specific content with more options, news, and topics.

However, Reddit failed to build a profit generation model, which we can also say revenue model. However, because of users’ massive traffic, it still enjoys and operates efficiently and profits.

Most people spend their time on Reddit to get information and connect with the world. It also contains trending issues, news, and debate war, along with essential topics. Let’s look into some best Reddit apps that help you in many ways.

Best Reddit Apps for Android and iOS

1. Boost for Reddit

Boost for Reddit

It is the most popular app because of its night theme, attracting its users. In this, you can easily change topics, news, and everything according to you.

There are many advanced features like filtering or sorting the content. You can quickly sort materials through images, Gifs, links, and videos. Even the font size can be the best thing in this app.

Download Boost for Reddit Android

2. Reddit


Now let’s come to the official app, i.e., Reddit, which is available for Android and iOS users. You will get various features like downvote, upvote, and comment here. You can even sort content with hot, new, top, controversial, and trending content.

You can create your post with content and put images, videos, and links. The best thing there is a chat room to stay connected with people.

Download Reddit Android | iOS

3. Joey for Reddit

Joey for Reddit

This app is available only for Android users but with a unique feature, you will surely like. The best thing is text-to-speech. You can search for anything just by saying through the mic.

You have to tap to check images, links, videos, and articles without opening them. Two different colors indicate usernames and comments for a better experience.

Download Joey for Reddit: Android

4. BaconReader


This app is created to boost your subreddit experience to the next level. It provides various features like changing the themes and setting the default subreddit to the homepage. You can sort and filter content by top, rising, and new.

The best thing is you can block content through keywords, links, and users. Various features like comment, like, and vote are all present here. Other unique features like colored comments, font size change, and moderator tool are also here. The app interface is simple and functional in many ways.

Download Bacon Reader: Android | iOS

5. Sync for Reddit

Sync for Reddit

This app provides a unique and lightweight interface to make your experience more amazing. It is fast to use, with various features available for a better experience.

It provides multiple themes, like night themes, to surf the content in user-favorable ways. Features like-colored comments, votes, and comments on the post are also available. The best feature is app supports multi-account and multi-window to go through various subreddits.

Download Sync for Reddit: Android

6. Nano for Reddit

Nano for Reddit

Did you have an Apple watch? If yes, then this app is best for you. It will allow you to read subreddits, Vote on them, and check various notifications on your watch. You can easily connect this app to your watch.

The Pro version will provide additional features like multi-window and 24*7 support. It is the best way to get connected anywhere.

Download Nano for Reddit: iOS

7. Narwhal


It Is similar to joey for Reddit, but it only supports iPhones. It will allow you to save and read the post in your free time. It will provide you with gestures where you can like, vote, and comment on posts.

The app is famous only because of its attractive design and interface. There are various ways to customize your app icon, text, and content.

Download Narwhal: iOS

8. Apollo


The app is only available for iPhone users. However, the app is selected as the best app of all the above apps by the Reddit community.

The app’s user interface makes it so special, which links to which apple design complements it. The settings of Apollo will remind you to change the change filters and sort settings with your iPhone.

Download Apollo: iOS

9. Redreader


The app is not for power users because there is some restriction on commenting, like, and voting on the post. However, the app is open source.

Hence you can easily read any content. The app supports multiple accounts but now the windows. You can divide the screen into two columns, the best feature for comparison or multiple handling.

Download RedReader: Android

10. Now, For Reddit

Now For Reddit

Reddit is a great application that makes the Reddit experience so easy to use and much more refined. It has a fundamental set of features but is finetuned. It supports various file types and Imgur Support for Reddit Gold subscribers.

Now For Reddit also has a modern design aura to it. You can also browse popular and trending subreddits at your discretion too. It’s a great option for those needing only a few useful features.

Download Now for Reddit: Android 

11. Reddit is Fun

Reddit is Fun

Reddit is Fun is another application for browsing Reddit and your favorite subreddits. It is a fine-tuned version of the original Reddit experience, which means you will see a lot of text.

The good part is that it supports theming, multiple file formats, moderator tools, widget support, and much more. I must. It is not the flashy Reddit app, but it does the job!

Download Reddit is Fun: Android


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