Building and construction games were the new famous gaming category in 2023. With recent advancements in mobile gaming, more and more people are playing city-building games. You have full control over your land in such games and can make houses, buildings, bridges, etc. These games will make you think harder and promote your mind’s overall development.

There are numerous such city-building games available in both the play store and app store. We have curated a list of some of the best building games for both Android and iOS devices. If you love such construction games, this post is just for you.

Best City Building Games for Android and iOS (Offline & Online)

Building games for android and iOS are the biggest hit in the gaming market. Every day more and more such games are launching in the market. We have a list of some of the best City building games you might want to try. And the good news is that these games are available for both Android and iOS users!

1. Townsmen


City Island is one of the most popular city-building games out there. It has a realistic graphics set that can simulate cities, houses, buildings, and other things. As a player, you will be given an island you can convert into a beautiful city.

This game does promote the thinking capabilities of a person since the whole city is under your control. With time you can construct and upgrade your buildings and demolish ones you don’t need.


  • Native tablet support
  • offline gameplay

Download: AppStore Play Store

2. Village City: Island Sim

Village City: Island Sim

Village city is a city construction game that comes with high-quality realistic graphics. It comes with great realistic features. Such as, you can attract your opponent’s city members by making a great city of your own. It’s more like a real-world scenario where your building and other player buildings compete.

Village city provides a unique gameplay set that other games fail to do. And the great part is language compatibility. Since the game supports more than 18 languages, you will meet new people every time you play the game and make more new friends.


  • It supports 18 different languages
  • Realistic game virtual residents
  • Supports offline gameplay

Download: AppStore | Play Store

3. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt

You might have heard about SimCity Buildit already since it is a top-rated game of this genre. The addicting part of this game is its virtual residents. The game gets more complicated and challenging as more citizens come to live in your city. This makes the game more interesting and worth playing.

You have to keep building and upgrading your city structure to provide a good facility to your residents. And the whole gameplay supports 3D graphics to see a building with real-life-like graphics.


  • 3-D Graphics
  • Online gameplay mode
  • Real-life infrastructure and municipal troubles

Download: AppStore | Play Store

4. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a very popular game among building gams. This game was released in 2015 and is still relevant and popular. In this game, you must protect your city’s residents from unknown dangers.

There would be dwellers on the surface to attack your building and residents, but you need to create tactics to countermeasure them. The gameplay is unique and addicting.


  • Simple yet intuitive storyline
  • Online gameplay

Download: AppStore | Play Store

5. TheoTown


If you’re looking for some city-building games with old-age pixel-style graphics, then this is a good choice. TheoTown has an old retro-style gaming theme, which you will love to play. It’s a unique game where you create cities and rule them.

TheoTown was set up when the technology was not as sound as it a present. So it has the unique gameplay of all other modern building construction games.


  • Unique retro graphics gameplay
  • Less complicated story and Good gameplay
  • Both Online & offline Gameplay

DownloadPlay Store

6. Designer City

Designer City

Designer City is an offline city-building game for android and iOS devices. There are more than 400 buildings in the game with photo-realistic graphics. The great part is that you have to solve challenges to buy certain buildings or upgrade them.

With time, your character strengthens and can buy the whole city. Players can also visit other cities to see their infrastructure and compete with friends online.


  • Both Online and offline gameplay
  • 75 challenges and 300 achievements

DownloadAppStore | Play Store

7. The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia

This game makes you remember the Age of Empires and other such civilization games. Here you have to start as a tribe in a barren land. With gradual achievements, you can buy land and expand your space.

Each player gets a fixed amount of resources that they can use to explore the game and build new cities. Since other players are always hunting for resources, you must protect your city from others. And you can acquire new cities by battling with others.


  • Tribal strategic gameplay
  • Online Gameplay

DownloadAppStore | Play Store

8. Pocket City

Pocket City

It is a traditional city-building game where players can build every part of the city, starting from the streets to the buildings. It is available in both a free and paid version.

With the paid version, you can unlock all the elements that are not available in the free version. However, the one thing that adds to its uniqueness is that it allows the planning of multiple commercial, residential, or industrial zones.


  • Both Online and offline gameplay
  • more than 50 levels

Download for Android | iOS

9. This War Of Mine

This War Of Mine

This amazing city-building game signifies a war-affected place where all the players basically have to look for survival. Along with your group, you have to search for food and shelter while enemies constantly keep looking for others.

This game is interesting and is divided into a day and night cycle. Moreover, the sound effects of the game make it further positively thrilling.


  • unique gameplay
  • realistic sounds and graphics

Download for Android | iOS

10. Snow Town

Snow Town
Snow Town

Snow Town is especially for Android gamers who want to showcase their city-building creativity. As a city manager, you will have to organize the employees, take care of housing facilities, and face ultimate challenges. The good thing is Snow Town offers a pretty good collection of decorative items, buildings, etc., to design the best city you can.


  • Fully age-independent
  • Complete flexible gameplay.

Download: App Store | Play Store

11. City Mania

City Mania

Build your wonderous city, work on strategies, and expand it further with City Mania. It is among the top-rated city-building games offline. It provides you with tons of objects for setting up your city.

Thus, you can grow your tiny little peace in a metropolis. Besides, it even allows you to set perfect landmarks by decorating breathtaking skyscrapers like the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and more.


  • Merge buildings to design more sky towers.
  • Dozens of funny characters populate the streets

Download: App Store | Play Store


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