There’s been a lot of hype regarding music lately, as many young singers and rappers are now getting recognized. As a result, many companies have launched their independent music player apps for Android. So, let’s discover some great music player apps for Android to listen to seamless music without disturbance.

List of Best Music Player Apps For Android

Most Android users love music player apps with active media support. This list contains music applications that you can use to play your favorite songs on your Android device.

1. GoneMAD


GoneMAD android music player is well known for its audio engine. This app uses its engine, which significantly enhances the audio quality. Moreover, it supports almost every audio format.

It is one of the best apps in the top 10 music player apps for Android, with a sleek and elegant user interface. By paying $5, you will get the feature to enjoy your music on the phone.

Download app: GoneMAD

2. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet is an excellent music player for listening to music. It offers many features, including an equalizer, a sleep timer, and even lyrics. Unfortunately, the trial version shows some ads. The paid version provides a great user experience without any disturbance.

Download app: Musicolet

3. Footbar


Footbar is a vintage music player app with a classic look. A simple interface is straightforward to use. It supports a variety of music players. In a few years, it became prevalent. It has the old folder view interface. Just select the folder and the song you want to play the music. You will find the basic features, but it lacks some advanced features.

Download app: Foobar2000

4. PowerAMP


PowerAMP is one of the popular apps with more than 50 million downloads. It is a great music-playing app, but it is not free. You can take a trial for two weeks, and you have to pay for the pro version.

Like other simple music players, it has a straightforward interface. Its features include gapless playback, lyrics support, widgets, and many more. It also has many customization options for playing music.

Download app: PowerAmp

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5. Shuttle


A shuttle is another cool music player in the top music player app for Android. With a very modern, material design, it offers many features for users. The paid version also provides other themes.

It provides a sleep timer, gapless music, and other exciting features. Lastly, the dark mode is an excellent bonus in this app.

Download app: Shuttle

6. Pulsar


Pulsar is a highly rated music player app on this list. It offers a straightforward interface that is easy to navigate. It includes everything, including a widget, sleep timer, lock screen control, and gapless playback.

You can also change the playback time to reduce or increase the speed. This app also allows you to reorder your library for natural selection.

Download app: Pulsar

7. Retro Music

Retro Music

The retro Music app is very well known for its uniqueness and sporty design. You can also customize the interface with different colors. Moreover, it has ten different styles of music playing home screen.

The library can be sorted according to music, albums, artists, and playlists. This is a viable option if you want to enjoy listening to music with a creative interface and world-class audio quality.

Download app: Retro Music

8. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

This is your go-to app for your favorite music streaming and seamless experience. You can listen to the music present in your phone’s local playlist + listen to the millions of songs put there for you guys to listen to. This app has a simple User interface with simple and plain colors, making it look even more attractive.

Download Play Music

9. BlackPlayer

Black Player

This app is top-rated among music lovers because of its awe-inspiring features. It has many useful features, such as embedded music lyrics support, equalizer, bass boost, and many others. Moreover, it is a music player that will not disturb you with ads, and you can listen to flawless music from your favorite artists.

Download app: BlackPlayer

10. Spotify


Spotify is more like a streaming service. However, you can also download songs here. After downloading, you can listen to them in offline mode. The best part about Spotify is that you will get amazing song recommendations, and you don’t have to worry about downloading songs ever again.

Download Spotify

11. JetAudio HD

JetAudio HD

JetAudio HD is the most downloaded and very high-rated media player on Being the favorite one for many Android users comes with enough features yet a simple interface for quick navigation.

The application is very strong on a wide range of music enhancement tools as plugins. Furthermore, it features MIDI playback, equalizer, tag editor, and much more. However, the ads might be a disturbing element; with the paid version, you can also overcome that.

Download Now

12. Neutron Player

Neutron Player

Neutron Player is equipped with amazing controls, specialized design, and feature-rich options. However, it seems like it didn’t receive the attention it really deserved. The media player further comes with 32/64-bit Audio processing that makes it sound better.

There are also many other features, including an in-built equalizer, DSD to PCM decoding, support for unique file formats, and so on. So, although it comes at a good price, it is worth it.

Download Now

From Editor’s Desk

This was our list of best music players on Android. If you have suggestions, please comment down below, and we will add them to the next list. So, if you are bored, heartbroken, or even happy, refer to this list and enjoy your day.


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