Nowadays, offline music apps are very famous among people. People enjoy music with different music applications without using WiFi. It may be that individuals’ choices are different, but they love to listen to music very much.

Hiking, cycling, reading books, or doing anything without music is like padding an engine. But the main problem is that nobody wants to strain themselves on downloading and syncing their mobile phones/laptops for offline listening to music. Therefore most people like to listen to music using a third-party app, and they stream online music.

Music is all around us, and we should embrace it. When we want to hear songs or other melodies, we often tend to be music players. Most of us use online music streaming services, but many still love to use offline music apps with downloaded songs. So today, we bring you some of the best music apps that work offline on your smartphone.

Best Free Offline Music Apps Works Without WiFi in 2022

There are many free offline music apps that you can download from the play store, for android and from the app store for Apple mobile phones. But the problem arises when choosing a specific app as our daily driver. So we came up with the best free offline music apps from which you can choose easily.

1. Spotify


As competition increases, Spotify is still the best, loving free offline music applications without WiFi. We can say that Spotify is the coolest and easiest to use and is still the most loved music application. This music application supports Music, podcasts as well as digital comics.


  • Improved sound quality.
  • Make your playlist folders.
  • You can look for a specific song in a playlist available on the application.

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2. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is one of the biggest music-sharing communities, with 175 million unique monthly music listeners. It features mostly all the major brands in the world. If you check, you will rarely find any music song or any music track that is not present here.


  • SoundCloud offers premium services for musicians under the banner SoundCloud Pro.
  • SoundCloud allows users to upload upto 6 hours of audio.
  •  It adds additional features, such as enhanced analytics.

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3. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Play music is a pre-installed offline music application on android phones. Google play music was launched in 2011 as a music streaming service by Google, which quickly became popular. The users who use this application can upload up to 50,000 of their songs.


  • You can purchase, stream and upload the songs.
  • High-quality audio songs are available.
  • YouTube Red is included.

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4. Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon, which Jeff Bezos founds started as Book Selling Online Store, is not limited to books. Prime Video and Amazon Music Unlimited are their products in these niches. Their music library has millions of music tracks and lyrics.

Features :

  • Approximately all the songs are available.
  • You can listen to all of your favorite music songs.
  • You can log in with your Amazon account

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5. Gaana


Nowadays Gaana app has 7 billion users in the top-ranked Bollywood app. It also hosts English as well as Hindi songs. You can enjoy the latest music of all the latest Bollywood films on this application.

Ganna is initially free but comes with ads and no download support. You need to subscribe to their Gaana Plus subscription for high-quality audio ad-free experience and music downloads.

Features :

  • Immersive experience
  • Engaging content.
  •  Easily accessibility

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6. Apple Music

Apple Music

This is a premium offline music app by the tech giant Apple. It also offers online music streaming as well. Users might select music to stream to their apple devices. You can also share the music with others using Airdrop and iCloud sharing.

Apple Music playlists have specially curated songs for your right mood. And it contains songs from famous musicians like Justin Beiber and DJ Khalid.

Features :

  • Automatic Downloads.
  • Preserve and Edit Apple Curated Playlists
  • Limit Downloads to Optimize Storage.

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7. JioSaavn


Saavn is a free music streaming app that offers Bollywood and Hollywood songs. You can enjoy songs at a bitrate of 320 KBps which is great for earphone and headphone users. Also, JioSaavn does include ads during track changes and limited song skips. However, the premium is not that expensive and comes with offline music downloading support.

Features :

  • Personalized playlists.
  • Access on with the same login.
  • Unlimited downloads for offline listening.

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8. Musify


This free music streaming app allows you to listen to unlimited songs. It is considered one of the best music apps that don’t need Wifi for offline mode. You can also explore new songs by new artists. It supports background music play and has iPod-style music playlists. Furthermore, it supports unlimited music downloads.

Features :

  • A large number of songs are available.
  • You can download the music for later listening.
  • More than 3 devices can access the same account to log in.

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9. Wynk Music

wynk music

With over 4 million users, Wynk Music is exclusive music streaming app by Airtel.  It provides a high-quality Mp3 that you can listen to even with a slow internet connection. Wynk has a huge collection of songs of all categories.

Most impressively, you get unlimited offline music which lets you personalize your playlist. Therefore, Wynk Music is undoubtedly one of the best music streaming apps.

Features :

  • A large number of songs are available.
  • You can download the music for later listening.

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10. Pandora


One of the leading music streaming apps in the industry. Pandora is a platform where users can join and interact with different music lovers. You can create your playlist and listen to your favorites whenever you like. In addition, it also has an Offline Mode where you can play songs even when you are not connected to the internet.

Features :

  • Immersive experience
  • Engaging content.

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11. Deezer


Deezer is a huge music platform to stream free offline music. This famous application has the largest collection of over 56 million tracks of all genres. You can create your playlist, collect favorites, and listen to podcasts.

It has a unique song catcher that helps in identifying any song. Plus, with Deezer, you can listen to your favorites and sing along with lyrics simultaneously.


  • Largest collection with more than 56 million tracks
  • Personalized recommendations and added new favorites.
  • Listen to versatile audio channels, radio stations, and podcasts for free.
  • Songcatcher to identify songs

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12. Napster


Napster, also called Rhapsody, has a great music library of 40+ million tracks. It was the first-ever music streaming application with one of the largest collections. The user interface is pretty simple and includes some sophistication.

The app is free to use. However, you can also choose among its premium plans to unlock its offline streaming feature. You can discover thousands of artists and genres and create your personalized playlist.


  • Instant song player
  • No ads-supported
  • 14-day trial for a premium subscription

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13. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player

This one is great if you’re looking for a simple-to-use and lightweight music composer. Download all your offline songs in one place and hear them on this app.

Musicolet Music Player can list all your songs, fetch metadata, and also provides you with a customer equalizer to play with. The best part is you don’t have to worry about baggy ads, as the app is completely ad-free.


  • Embedded lyrics support
  • completely free to use with no ads

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14. Free Music for Youtube Player

free Music for Youtube Player

If you extensively use Youtube to listen to your music, this app is perfect for you. Not only can you listen to the latest songs on Youtube, but you can download them as well. And the best part is it works even in offline mode.

Users also can make a customizable music playlist on Youtube and sync it with the app. So whenever a new song comes out, you can be the first one to hear it.


  • Direct Songs from Youtube
  • completely free to use

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15. AIMP

AIMPAIMP, like many other popular free apps, has an adaptable user interface. Four distinct skins are available for the app, and each offers a unique experience to the user.

In addition, the program’s user interface can be accessed in several different accents. The finest music-playing software also comes with several other functions, such as the ability to organize your music in a way that suits your tastes, create custom playlists, and so on.


  • Sound FX Management and Processing
  • Included is a handy alarm clock
  • Features four distinct skins and a fully customizable user interface
  • Scan your phone’s music library and audio files to add

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