Did you know that a survey shows that 90% of smartphone users use an alarm clock on their phone, but 95% use a snooze button? If you are also among that 95%, you must be aware of the time you might be wasting by not waking up on time. In such cases, you will need a unique alarm clock app for your iPhone.

Plenty of such applications use unique techniques to wake up their users. Some are designed so that you will not find the snooze button in them. If these apps are unknown to you, you can get help from our compilation.

In today’s list, we have mentioned some of the best alarm clock apps for iPhone that are different from your regular alarm clock applications. Most of the options in our list are free to use. But for a variety, we have also included some premium apps.

Best Free Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

  • Alarmy Alarm Clock
  • Alarm Clock For Me
  • Loud Alarm Clock
  • Motion Alarm Clock
  • Galarm
  • Alarm Clock HD
  • Sleep Cycle
  • Math Alarm Clock

1. Alarmy Alarm Clock

Alarmy - Alarm Clock & Sleep

This clock is designed to keep in mind the requirements of a sleepy person. The unique alarm clock is unlike a traditional alarm, where you can turn it off by clicking a button. Alarmy Alarm Clock instead gives a task to complete to turn it off.

The main idea of the clock is not just to wake you up but to bring back your consciousness. It will consist of different puzzles like numerical puzzles, word games, etc. The tasks will be easy to perform but require some concentration.


2. Alarm Clock For Me

Alarm Clock For MeAlarmy Alarm Clock will be a good option if you like app customizations. The amazing iPhone app lets you customize your alarm clock as per your preference. For instance, you can select your preferred alarm theme, change music, etc.

Moreover, Alarmy Alarm Clock is not just an ordinary alarm clock app but a storehouse of several features. Some of its features include weather updates, a stopwatch, etc. You can also add tasks with your alarm which will be the key to turning it down when it goes off.


3. Loud Alarm Clock

Loud Alarm ClockSometimes people are so immersed in their sleep that they can’t even hear the noise of an alarm clock. For them, a Loud Alarm Clock is an exception. The app uses a high-intensity sound to wake up sleepy heads. There are several sounds that you can use in this app.

For example, you can set the sound of some crying baby, a warning buzzer, etc. However, the sounds can sometimes be scary so use them at your own risk. The app is free to use, but you must spend some money using extended features.


4. Motion Alarm Clock

Motion Alarm Clock uses a special way to wake up its users. Users have to keep their iPhones in motion to turn off the alarm in this app. This ensures that the user is fully awake and will not return to bed again.Motion Alarm Clock

There are some customizable features in the app; if you don’t want the unique way of turning off the alarm, you can always turn it back to a regular alarm clock. In addition, you can change the alarm sound and even add music to your playlist. You can also use it as a bedtime reminder and bedside clock.


5. Galarm 

Galarm - Alarms and RemindersThis alarm clock app for iPhones is well known for offering mixed-bag features to its users. Galarm will not just wake you up in the morning but will be the perfect companion for the day. For instance, you will get a daily planner, organizer, and many other useful options.

A unique feature of Galarm is setting reminders for participants to attend meetings, events, etc. There are both paid and free features in the apps. If you want to use the paid features, you can do so easily as they are not much expensive.


6. Alarm Clock HD 

Alarm Clock HD Nowadays, we all like RGB lighting in our devices; Alarm Clock HD  is an app that provides this type of lighting in alarm clocks. It is a simple alarm clock for iPhone users with a unique UI. Besides lighting, you will also get multiple themes, alarm sounds, etc. in it.

The best part of Alarm Clock HD is that it is also compatible with the latest Apple watches. You can use it for free with ads on its interface. It is not recommended to use the paid version but only if you are too obsessed with the app.


7. Sleep Cycle

Sleep CycleOur next inclusion is a smart sleep monitoring app that will help you to improve your sleep cycle. The app uses the scientific method to monitor your lifestyle and suggest good habits. Besides all these functions, you can also use it as a regular alarm clock.

Unlike other alarm clock apps, Sleep Cycle will wake you up in a gentle way by ringing the alarm at your lightest sleep phase. Besides all these plus points, the app has some negative aspects, such as the user interface being complex and the subscription being expensive.


8. Math Alarm Clock

Math Alarm ClockMath Alarm Clock is for those who are afraid of maths. Math Alarm Clock is a special alarm clock app for iPhone users that requires you to solve math problems to turn them off. So the app will ensure that you are wide awake in the morning.

As soon as the alarm rings, you will get multiple-choice Math questions to shut it off. The benefit of using it is that you can kickstart your brain after waking up. Math Alarm Clock is one of the favorite alarm apps for many users, mainly because it is free to use.



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