Many of you must be a huge fan of playing word games, and we are sure that wordle is not an unfamiliar name for those fans. The fantastic word puzzle has impressed many players since its introduction. However, wordle has some limitations that sometimes make it quite annoying to play.

One of the main reasons is it’s one quiz per day mode that only lets you solve a single puzzle in 24 hours. So you have to wait for a long time to get another quiz. But what if I told you that in these 24 hours, you could play similar word puzzles to kill your time or feast your brain.

You can do this by using wordle alternatives. There are plenty of such sites on the internet that you can visit to solve word puzzles. Some of the best among them are listed below.

List of Best Wordle Alternatives

  • Heardle
  • Worldle
  • Quordle
  • Semantle
  • Crosswordle
  • Hello Worldl
  • Waffle
  • Squirdle

1. Heardle

It is a unique word game ideal for music lovers and one of the best alternatives to wordle. In Heardle, you have to guess the correct song by listening to the short music clips. The site lets you listen to the song’s first few seconds to give hints.

If you recognize the song, enter the name; otherwise, press skip. On pressing skip, the site will give you more hints in the form of music clips from the same track. There are several genres of music available on this platform.


2. Worldle

This is a globe-themed word game where you must guess the name of the correct country, state, or city. At first, it will show you an outline of the map, which you must guess. You have to type in the answer if guessed correctly.

You can also enter your blind guess and check your answer about how close you were to the actual destination. The best part of Worldle is that you learn about countries and their locations which you may have not even heard of.


3. Quordle

Quordle is perfect in the list of Wordle alternatives as it is almost similar to it. The site lets you solve four puzzles simultaneously, each with a different solution set. Unlike Wordle, you will get eight guesses in Quordle, 

There are several different modes in Quordle. For example, you can play daily quizzes or practice mode. The daily quiz gives you an advanced-level puzzle to solve in a day, while in practice, you can solve as many quizzes as you can.


4. Semantle

If you want to enhance your vocabulary in English by playing word quizzes, then Semantle will be a good choice. Unlike Wordle in Semantle, you must search for hidden words from a heap of random alphabets. Semantle will give you marks based on your performance that ranges from negative to 100.

There are no guessing limits so you don’t have to worry about incorrect answers. You will also find the interaction that shows you e relative words. The give-up option allows you to end the game immediately without getting stuck.


5. Crosswordle

This is another amazing  Wordle alternative that you can use. Crosswordle is a combination of a word game and Sudoku, where you have to guess words from options given by the computer. A row or column will already be solved to let you guess the opening and closing letters.

The easy-to-use interface makes Crosswordle fun to play and, in the meantime, relaxes you from stress. At first, the puzzle is easy to solve but keeps increasing its difficulty as you level up.


6. Hello Worldl

This is one of the oldest word games you can find online. You can visit Hello Worldl and solve quizzes daily. There are unlimited guessings in it, so your game doesn’t stop on ensuring incorrectly.

In addition, there is an option to determine the number of letters your word puzzle will have. However, if you think the difficulty level will drop on reducing the letters, you will be mistaken as each word length has its own dictionary.


7. Waffle

If you find Wordle too hard to play, Waffle will help you out. This word puzzle has comparatively easier game mechanics where you will be given all the letters of the word that you have to guess.

Moreover, players get unlimited chances to guess the correct answer. The letters are arranged in a 5-5 grid. You just have to arrange the alphabet correctly. Waffle is ideal for beginners in word games.


8. Squirdle

Our next inclusion is for Pokemon fans who love to play with words. Squirdle is a Pokemon-themed word puzzle where you have to guess the different characters of the popular anime. As clues, Squirdle gives the height, weight, and generations of the characters.

For solving each puzzle in Squirdle, players get eight chances instead of six given by Wordle. This makes your gameplay a bit easy and enjoyable. You will also get a hint for each incorrect guess.



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