The Music industry is considered the most versatile and ever-changing landscape. Various artists and audiences are contributing to their efforts towards the music industry. But since technology is rapidly changing day by day, users are preferring music streaming services. Spotify is such a service where users can enjoy music. However, it is not available in every country. So today we are going to talk about the best Spotify alternatives.

With Music Streaming Services, subscribers have paid access to music from the service providers’ library. The quality of access depends upon the plan chosen by the subscriber. Apart from that, consumers can also rent and don’t own any songs that they subscribe to. And as soon as the period gets over, the subscriber will lose all access to the music.

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List of Best Spotify Alternatives You Can Use in 2022

Today in this very particular article, we are going to talk about various Spotify alternatives android, and iOS versions. You can use these alternatives for free and anywhere in the world. Most of them also have the same features as Spotify. It is a great platform to explore music.

It’s a free and user-friendly service that lets you listen and discover new music. It’s available on smartphones, tablets, computers, PS, TVs, cars, etc. By using this service, you can build your own song collection and organize them into playlists.  So, here are the selected Spotify Alternatives that you can try.

1. iTunes Music Store

iTunes Music Store

iTunes music is one of the best alternatives to Spotify. It has more than 43M songs and is among the largest music providers in the world. You can listen to songs,  purchase songs and albums, download and play them on various devices.

You can even update to the iTunes Match to store all of your music in iCloud. The service includes the process of finding songs from the library and matching them. So in the end, if you have an Apple device and are looking for some great alternatives to Spotify, then Apple music can help you up.

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2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Another well-known service is Google’s Play Music. It is one of the best free Spotify alternatives you can use today. It somewhere lies in between the music store and music subscription service. Then, you can access your collection from any device. Undoubtedly, music storage is free, but streaming requires a service charge of US$ 10/month.

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3. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

This is an unpopular but free Spotify alternative. It was previously known by the name of Amazon Mp3, is among the oldest music store to offer DRM. Furthermore, Amazon music offers an online music locker.

With that, you can access, upload, and even can download digital music in the cloud through its own player. At present, there are over 30M songs in the Amazon Music library. It can be a great alternative to Spotify. Also, it also supports Alexa.

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4. Pandora


When it comes to Streaming services, Pandora is among the best and rated service providers in the business. Pandora is also one of the oldest but best alternatives to Spotify. It was started in the year 2000, and since then it is known as the best Spotify alternative and automated music service. Currently, it has spread its business with 80M active users.

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5. Deezer


Deezer is a French-based Spotify alternative that gives you a perfect interface. It allows you to listen to songs, create, and rate custom playlists according to your own choice.

Moreover, you can also create a list based on the songs you have listened to recently. Deezer is presently having more than 40M tracks in its library, over 30K radio channels, and 16M active users.

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6. Apple Music

Apple Music

You can say that Apple Music is the company’s answer to the fast-growing subscription-based music service. It uses the music collection as an iTunes store, and that is why the subscriber will get access to one of the largest music libraries. Apple Music is a great Spotify alternative for iPhone devices.

It allows the user to search, navigate, and perform other actions using the Siri voice command. In addition, it features live radio, broadcasted worldwide 24/7 in LA, New York, and in London.

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When one talks about music services, one must admit that Gaana has been at the top of the list. Gaana offers Indian as well as international music content. It is one of the best Spotify alternatives in India.

This service offers 21 languages including English, Hindi, and other regional languages. Gaana allows you to make your playlist public and you can see others’ playlists.

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8. JioSaavn Music

Another big music streaming service is saavn. It focuses on Indian music lovers. It’s also the distributor of Indian music in over 200 nations. Just like the other services, saavn also offers unlimited music access. In addition, it also provides social network access to follow others’ music tastes too. While, users can also share songs, albums, and playlists with friends.

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9. Slacker

Slacker is a radio service for iOS, Android, and Roku. It allows you to create new playlists depending on your music taste and genre. You can choose artists, tacks, albums, etc and a self cooks your playlist.

Slacker learns your music taste with time and can show you good music recommendations. The free version has ads between songs with a skip limit of 6 per hour per station. Upgrading to the Plus version for $4 per month has perks like offline listening and unlimited skips.

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10. YouTube Music

I bet you didn’t know that Youtube also has a separate music app. Well with the Youtube music app, you can listen to music and it also works in the background! Youtube Music is a separate entity from Youtube.

It only runs music and shows you new tracks based on your music taste. You’ll find additional stuff like parodies and cover songs. It’s probably the only service with more songs on offer than Spotify.

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11. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is such a good alternative to Spotify that you will immediately fall in love with it. It has more than 130 million songs, podcasts, remixes, and covers. It allows you to share music of your own if your fond of making songs or music.

Share your music, listen to brand-new artists before they get popular, give them your feedback, and be a part of a large community of musicaholics. SoundCloud is a good alternative to Spotify if you’re looking for new music and raps.

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12. Stereomood

Stereomood is a completely free alternative to Spotify! It can curate your songs playlists based on your current mood. So if you’re feeling energetic or a little off, you will have a list of songs according to that.

With a simple click, you can choose between 50 different moods. Songs here are categorized based on how they’d make a person feel instead of their genre. So its a bit unique from any other Spotify alternative.

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13. Tidal

Tidal is especially for all the audiophiles for whom quality matters over everything else. It is the only platform that allows you to stream uncompressed FLAC files with CD quality. So, if you have some awesome pairs of speakers well then you are good to enjoy the best quality audios with Tidal.

Moreover, it has also released a new audio format called “Master Quality Authenticated” where you can listen to the sounds exactly the way they were recorded in the Studios.

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14. is a popular music streaming app out there. It includes the “Scrobbler” feature that basically helps keep track of the audios you listen to and creates music recommendations accordingly.

This feature adds up to the uniqueness of the application. You can simply stream free music with unlimited skips and it can also be integrated with external services like iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.

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Underground Music Apps (Best Apps Like Spotify)

At last, we can say these are the best apps like Spotify to stream online music in 2022. You can find many Spotify alternatives when searching online, but we sort out the good apps and have similar functionalities here. No matter which regions you are from, most apps are famous worldwide.


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