No wonder people still want to download music offline in the era of online streaming. Millions of curated playlists are available online to soothe our ears and fill our hearts. But some pieces of music touch our souls. And we wish to listen to that music again and again.

Although downloading music offline is an aging process, it is a noteworthy process for someone without a stable network connection. Moreover, travelers could benefit from having music in their storage. If you want to download music, we have listed the best music download apps for Android and iPhone for your convenience.

Best Music Download Apps for Android and iPhone

Since music is a rewarding industry, several music apps are available for downloading. Thus, we have shortlisted the best free music download apps, where you can save music with just a few clicks.

1. Amazon Music

amazon music

First and foremost, Amazon is one of the greatest brands we have ever had. Amazon Prime Music is an excellent music app from great Amazon. Using the app, you can listen to unlimited music worldwide.

Luckily, their premium music service is associated with an Amazon Prime membership. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you are ready to use Amazon Prime Music without paying an extra buck. Most importantly, you can download music offline.

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2. LiveOne


LiveOne, previously known as LiveXLive, is one of the popular music platforms. We already know all LiveOne song collections and their outstanding performance throughout the years.

It has a wide range of music collections from all over the world. You can listen to music online and even save the song for offline use. Moreover, the app is available for free. If you want a seamless, ad-free experience, then you can check out the premium version.

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3. Apple Music

apple music

Google and Amazon have already joined the club. Where should Apple go? Can popular Apple Music move from Apple’s ecosystem? Hell yeah – you can use it on Android as well.

Before getting into Apple Music, you must pay its service charge to listen to music and download songs offline. All you have to do is to go to settings > music > turn on automatic downloads. That’s it, you have done to download the favorite.

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4. Spotify


Spotify is one of the best and most popular music apps available for free. You can also purchase it to avoid its ads and download songs offline. Spotify has the most extensive music library in the world, and the app is constantly updating its content.

From regional to global music, any language from anywhere Spotify always tries to cover in their app. Moreover, you can create your own favorite playlist and share it with others.

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5. SoundCloud


You’re living under a rock if you have not heard about the sound until now. With over 175 million users worldwide, it is one of the industry’s most prominent music apps. However, SoundCloud focused on upcoming and rising artists.

Notably, the app has 30 million downloads. But there is a limitation on the free plan. If you purchase the premium subscription, then you have all the songs in your palm with an internet connection.

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6. YouTube Music

youtube music

YouTube Music is another sublime product of Google’s parent company. However, we don’t need any detailed introduction to the music collection of YouTube Music, formerly known as Google Play Music. The endless music library is waving at you.

Like Spotify, YouTube Music has two plans – one is free with frequent ads, and another is an ads-free and downloadable option.

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7. Deezer


Who doesn’t know about the Popular Deezer? I guess almost everyone knows who is keen on music. However, the app has a 100 million music library and more than 30000 radio stations for tuning in all day.

Deezer doesn’t allow downloading music with the free membership. However, if you join its 16 million user-based paid plan, you will have a dedicated section to download music offline.

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8. Pandora


Pandora is another of our list’s best music download apps for android and iOS. Using the app, you will also have an enormous music collection and the latest release. Even you have more than 1400 podcasts to listen to.

Pandora has a feature to download music offline for further use. For your convenience, the app allows you to create a customized playlist and even bookmark your favorite song.

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Final Words

That’s all – these handfuls of apps are the best music download apps for Android and iOS. Which one are you picking from the list to download music offline? Let me know in the comment section.


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