There is nothing better than coming back home after a tiresome day at school or work and falling asleep. But, if you are the one who has significant problems drifting off, this article may give you a helping hand.

How often do you read the list of the best offline music apps that may be used to relax and fall asleep? And how often do you get up and keep working late, as you suffer from insomnia? Forget about these challenges, and enjoy an opportunity to get the shut-eye using your phone.

Best Apps to Help You Go to SleepAre you impressed? Then, learn the list of the most helpful and efficient applications that will give you a precious opportunity to fall asleep and take maximum advantage of the peaceful rest. Pleasing sound, relaxing stories, soothing noises, and more usual snoring will guarantee a top-quality sleep. While the market is filled up with the most different sleep apps, check out the following list if you want to opt for the best.

List of Best Sleeping Apps That Can Help You Go to Sleep

1. Calm

If you are laying in the bed and still thinking, “Who can I pay to do my homework?”, then Calm the best app for you. It provides users with an excellent opportunity to distress and enjoys sleep.

The application can be used for free, but you will be able to use only a restricted number of sleep stories. A $70-subscription will provide you with a range of new opportunities and features. Believe it, or not, the money you pay is 100% worth it.

2. Pillow

A quality sleep tracker is offered only for iOS users and is available in free and premium versions. Pillow will define when you fall asleep, track the changes of your body positions, and record your snoring so that you can see the detailed information about your sleep in the morning. Additionally, the Apple Watch users can enjoy a chance to sync the app and use it even more easily.

3. Pzizz

The main feature of Pzizz is the use of psychoacoustics in order to eliminate the symptoms of insomnia. With the help of soothing music, pleasant voiceovers, and relaxing effects, the user falls asleep fast and stays asleep the whole night. No Internet connection is required for the application to work and for the person to access thousands of soundtracks.

4. Headspace

If you have dealt with your college assignments using the assistance of specialists, doing all the chores and routine tasks, it is the right time to relax and get inevitable sleep. The purpose of the app is to allow its users to relax, listening to “sleep casts.” Whether you like to listen to the stories of just the sounds of the wind blowing, you will find it all in the Headspace app.

5. Noisli

The revolutionary application gives the users a unique chance to create their own soundscapes. Avoid distractions, relax, and enjoy sweet dreams. The app is simple-to-use, helpful, and customizable. Consequently, this is the top choice for users who are not sure about what they need. Check out the diversity of the sounds and opt for the one that suits your preferences today.

6. Slumber

Unlike similar apps, Slumber offers a combination of experiences, like meditation, soundscapes, and even relaxing stories, which will help you fall asleep. You can always change the settings in accordance with your current desires.

Add some background noise, adjust the volume, and track how much time you will stay asleep today. There are free and premium versions available, so you can choose the one that will help you achieve the desired effect without a serious impact on your budget.

7. Moshi

Stress and anxiety are widely spread problems that affect both adults and children. Moshi is an excellent application that can be used by the owners of both Android and iOS devices. The illustrated storybook will help your child fall asleep much faster.

The overwhelming majority of stories last for around 20 minutes, which is a perfect opportunity to engage children and help them relax. Another great advantage of the Moshi app is its offline availability, as it is an excellent chance to keep your kids busy in the plane or far away from home.

8. White Noise

Are you looking for apps that will help you clear your mind, forget about everyday problems and enjoy the rest? White Noise is the application you may consider as an impressive alternative. A customizable application provides users with access to excellent sounds and calming noises that may help to avoid distractions and focus on sleep.

9. Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is the application for those who enjoy a combination of medications and music. A highly customizable application helps users to enjoy pleasant sleep sounds that are already included in the library or create their own combination.

10. Reflectly

Ease your mind and remember things easily with Reflectly. Note all the activities that happened during the day, mention your thoughts and ideas to clear your mind, and enjoy deep sleep.


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