Nowadays, everyone wants to get updates on the latest news so they can socialize. But you will find lots of ads in most news apps. But we hand-picked the best news apps for iPhone and iPad users. So you can read the latest news in a few taps.

News apps have changed the face of news reading. It gives us the freedom to read any publication that we want at a time. We don’t need to visit an independent media website to keep ourselves up to date. We have sorted out the Best iPhone News Apps to feed you the latest and updated news.

Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad

You will find tons of news applications when you search for news applications. Many of them are OKAY to use, and other has lots of clutter which can hamper our news reading. Consider any application from the list of best free news apps for iPhone; you won’t regret it.

1. Flipboard

FlipboardConsidering this application in our list has many reasons. And its intuitive design and easy-to-understand user interface are one of the key elements. It gathered thousands of pieces of news from maintained stream media and shows us in an organized way.

Flipboard gives us the freedom to create a magazine based on passion and interest. Even you can share all your interests with others. Additionally, Flipboard provides beautiful graphical content related to a particular news topic to make it more understandable.

2. Apple News

Apple NewsWithout Apple News apps, the list will be incomplete. Apple news featured almost every popular media publication inside the app. Hence, the presentation of news from Apple News is beautiful, just like other Apple products.

You can follow news channels so that you don’t need to find the channel every time you open the app. Additionally, you can customize the news feeds by following the publisher and categories. You can also read local news.

You can subscribe to Apple News+ for exclusive magazines and newspapers.

3. Google News

Google News is one of the best all-in-one news applications for iPhone and Android. It serves global news and local news. Sometimes, you will get regional newspaper-based news.Google News

You can follow a particular news media, publisher, and topic using Google News. Besides interest-based news, you can also follow a particular celebrity and influencer. However, Google News is always an ideal choice for news.

4. Smartnews

SmartnewsYet another popular news application for iPhones and iPads. If you are passionate about knowing yourself, then Smartnews is the best. It has a dedicated slot for local news.

Apart from local news, Smartnews also provides global news. Offline news reading is one key highlight of the application. Another one is you don’t pay for news reading.

5. Feedly

Feedly is another considerable news application for iOS in 2022. You can consume all popular publications inside the app. You can get trade publications’ news, influential bloggers, YouTube channels, and RSS feeds.Feedly

Interestingly, Feedly has AI-based assistance called Leo. Leo is always there to provide the best news according to your priorities. In addition, Leo takes care of your preferred topics and events.

6. AP News

AP NewsThe associate press presented the AP News for Apple users. AP News provides local, national, and international news in your palm. It covers a wide range of popular and unpopular news inside the application.

Besides news, AP News has a dedicated video section. Like other applications, AP News also gives topics to select. And it started providing news around the topic. Hence, you can customize any font of news for comfortable reading.

7. Reddit

RedditAlthough you will get news from Reddit. But Reddit is not based only on the news; it is more than a news content provider. You can consider Reddit as a social media where people discuss any topic in-depth.

Still, I am including Reddit because you can get every trending news on all popular topics. All you have to do is follow all your favorite topics. Although, it has a separate trending news topic, where people talk about trending news.

8. NewsBreak

NewsBreak is another great source to read news on iPhones and iPads. You can read local and global news on the application. But NewsBreak has a specific feature for local news. Whenever you open the application, depending on your location, it provides news around you.NewsBreak

Using NewsBreak, you can personalize your news feeds. Moreover, the application has the ability to show current weather and weather forecast. As a bonus, you can also view a map section inside the application. Overall, it is a tremendous application for news readers.

9. Bloomberg

BloombergDo you want daily doses of financial news on your iPhone? Then Bloomberg is available for you. Bloomberg covers all financial topics worldwide, including business news, stock markets, cryptocurrency, and many more.

Bloomberg is designed for financial topics so you can monitor your portfolio. Along with that, you can also watch Bloomberg’s live television program from the application. Other services, such as podcasts, audio shows, and interviews, are available inside the application.

Final Words

Whether you’re a business person, a common man, or a student, news reading is essential. With this list of the best news apps for iPhone, you can freely roam different news sources in a single place.


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