Stay connected with the world is very important in today’s scenario, and the news is the best way of it. Google news comes with every android phone, but sometimes it just pissed off. So here we researched and found Google News Alternatives. Sometimes google news worked well, but you can get quite more functions in other news apps. The major drawback is of this app is it is controlled by bot. As a bot commands it, many news can classify in wrong categories and so on.

So using the outdated technology can worst too and can create many issues — you even cant sort news in google news. So here let’s see the alternatives of google news. In these alternatives apps, you will get the various features that will get you updated every sec. You get the multiple adds on-screen because of google news so let get it exchanges with the best apps for news. Therefore, let’s proceed to the best apps for news.

List of Best 12 Google Alternatives For Android And iOS:-

1) Microsoft News

Microsoft News
Microsoft News

As the name suggests, the app is owned by Microsoft. We don’t have to discuss Microsoft as probably everyone knows about it. Now, this can be the best google news alternative. The app serves the best and trusted news served by the best reporters all around the world. You can also read the article related to the specific news you will read.

Download Microsoft News Android | iOS

2) Reddit News

Reddit News
Reddit News

You may hear the name of Reddit as it is trending all over the internet. Along with news, you can connect worldwide through this app. Reddit gives you best news at one place. Not just news but Reddit also a most significant social media site. You will get the various categories here and can read the news of any specific category.

Download Reddit Android | iOS

3) Inside

Now if you want any particular category news direct on your email, then this app is for you. The Apps send the related category news to your email. You will get the various categories and subcategories from where you can select what news you want in your mailbox. You can even select more than one category, and every category news will deliver to your mail.

Click For Inside

4) Nuzzle


Now, this can be the best app to replace google news. The app is selected as the best app in the year 2016 by New York magazine. If you got no time to check the app for news than you can subscribe to the newsletter. The subscribing newsletter will help you to get the news on your email, and if you are a busy professional, then you can use this feature.

Download Nuzzle Android | iOS

5) AP News (Associated Press News)

AP News
AP News

The app will get the latest news from the trusted sources. AP News covers various countries and categories for important news. The app adds free and provides a simple interface to use, which help to read the news quickly.  You can create a personalized feed but selecting the various categories.

Download AP News Android | iOS

6) SmartNews


SmartNews is free and hassles free app to read the various news on multiple types. The app is downloaded by more than 50 million readers across countries. You can access the news quickly by just checking out the news headline.

Download SmartNews Android | iOS

7) News Republic

News Republic
News Republic

The News Republic is controlled by artificial intelligence. It does not only deliver the news but also the various articles, news, and viral headlines across the world. It provides news and multiple kinds of stuff through authorized sources. It covers different categories like business, internet, comic, international of which news you can read.  Even you will get the video news, which is the best part of this app.

Download News Republic Android | iOS

8) Inshorts


If you want to read the summary of the news instead of reading full and wasting time than this app is best for you. You can personalize your feed of which related topic news and videos you will get on your feed. The app can learn your preferences and can show you news according to that.

Download Inshorts Android | iOS

9) Flipboard

Flipboard is another famous news app where you can read the news in short bits all around the world. You can even create a custom feed depending on your taste and choices. It has fun animation, large images, and a clean and simple UI. In case you want your children or students to get a habit of reading news, then this app will work great for that!

Download Flipboard Android | iOS

10) Inoreader

Inoreader is an emerging news app that serves news a lit bit differently. You get a newsreader that you can customize according to your taste and preferences. On top of that, you get 28 pre-made topics who don’t wanna do the hard work. The app tracks hat you read and gives you suggestions based on that. It’s a good alternative for those who don’t want to do as much work setting their feed up. It’s completely free to use.

Download Inoreader Android | iOS

11) Pocket

Pocket is a very unique news reading app where it doesn’t offer content! instead it will save content which goes by your feeds during the dat from twitter or facebook. So in case you have some news which you cant read right now, you can stuff that bits into the Pocket app and come later to read it up. It supports offline, has a decent reading experience and many discovery features as well. Worth a try in case you want to try something new.

Download Pocket Android | iOS

12) Android Authority

If you’re a tech geek and want to see just tech news then this is the best place. You won’t find much tech news in other newsreader but Android Authority is made just for tech and new advancements in mobiles, smartphones, etc. It’s great for YouTubers or anybody in general who makes or loves to read about the latest tech and gadgets. It has a nice material design and completely free to use.

Android Authority Download Android 


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