Times have gone where we need to visit the actual stock market or dial our broker to know about companies. The advent of technology has empowered almost everyone with the internet to look up worldwide for financial news quickly. But, with hundreds of news websites and apps available providing the same, how would one choose the best one?

So here we researched the best and reliable financial news apps that let you track companies, serve with the latest news about markets, and even give tips on how to perform in the stock market realm. Thus, read on and try them to know how good our suggestions are;

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List of Best Financial News Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

1. Bloomberg


Bloomberg is one of the most acceptable sources of financial news because of its extensive network. The company’s app will let you integrate and track your Portfolio, check the market statistics, and even watch the news. In addition, it has the Bloomberg TV embedded within to stream content. Also, it has an instant messenger to let traders share tips regarding trading.

Try it here: Android | iOS

2. TradingView


TradingView is highly recommended for technical traders, who rely extensively on charts to make predictions. TradingView gives you hundreds of trading tools to learn more about stock movements with its advanced graphs and charts.

Also, it will update traders with news around the companies they’re interested in and can sync accounts on the web and app.

Try it here: Android | iOS



CNBC is smart enough to send news and price alerts regarding the companies you set on your Watchlist. In addition, you can track global companies and their news collected from a wide range of ground reporters. Also, CNBC manages its financial news channel equally, integrated into the app to let users live stream. Also, the best thing here is the classification of your Portfolio based on sectors.

Try it here: Android | iOS

4. Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

Like others, the Wall Street Journal maintains an extensive network of ground reporters to procure the latest market news and update them in the app. In addition, it provides financial news and political news between countries to show you how such variations can affect the stock market.

Try it here: Android | iOS

5. MarketWatch


Prepared by Dow Jones, MarketWatch has a simple interface with articles from around the globe. It categorized the app into three sections, viz, Articles (news), Markets, Watchlist. Users can also look up the desired company through a universal search at the top.

Try it here: Android | iOS

6. Fox Business

Fox Business

Since the Fox network maintains both the news channel and the app, it has integrated the former in the latter. As a result, users can look up to some exclusive market analysis videos by interviewing notable persons. In addition, it has a simple interface, dark mode, and adjustable fonts to make it easier to consume the content.

Try it here: Android | iOS

7. Mint Business

Mint Business

While it has no live streams nor portfolio tracking, it’s one of the reliable sources for financial news. Though it’s focused on Indian markets much, it serves news of global companies and an exciting way like the story mode type.

With dark mode and explore options, it’s easy to look up desired companies. The best feature here is the “My Reads” section, where users can check their reading history and bookmark favorite articles to read later.

Try it here: Android | iOS

8. Barron’s


Besides serving real-time market data, Barron’s app is applauded for serving the relevant news to users. When installed (customizable later), it lets you pick interesting topics (customizable later) and sends you articles based on them.

Also, you can search, put some in Watchlist, and there’s a Magazine section for curated news.

Try it here: Android | iOS

9. Financial Times

Financial Times

Dividing the app as Feed, Saved Articles, Manage Topics, and Portfolio, The Financial Times would let users save articles for later reading and even share some (articles from paid subscription) to others using their gift credits. It’s a simple, lightweight app with market data being updated almost instantly.

Try it here: Android | iOS

10. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha

Besides having the general sections for Portfolio and news articles, it maintains a Trending area to serve the hot topics regarding the market and companies. Also, users can follow other specific news topics and people to hear first from them.

Seeking Alpha divides the push notifications into general and breaking news to let users act accordingly.

Try it here: Android | iOS


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