Humans are greedy by nature. From earlier ages, we have been dealing with gambling. Gambling is not banned in many countries but there are other alternatives such as stock market exchange games and apps. But well, not everybody is filthy rich to risk there money in the stock market. So here we are with some great Stock market simulator apps which UPI can play to kill time without burning a hole in your pocket!

Stock market simulator apps are essentially stock market games but it runs on virtual money. Because there is no money involved, it is a great option to practice trading to get ready for the real world. And well, it’s also a great option to kill time. These stock market simulator games also increase one logical thinking power. And most of them are safe for children above the age of 14 years. You can also use a dummy app for the stock market to get market stats and then move to real trading.

Best Stock Market Simulator Apps
Best Stock Market Simulator Apps (Image by PixaBay)

List of Top 10 Best Stock Market Simulator Apps:-

No matter if you are rich or poor. Everybody can enjoy the experience of trading with these best Stock market simulator apps for android. For those who are looking at stock market apps on Reddit, we listed out here.

1. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading
Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

Stock Trainer is a completely free Stock Market Simulator app and probably the best one on this list. It supports 20 different stock markets across the world. It provides real-time stock data from the market. You get $20,000 in your wallet when you install it for the first time.

The Stock Trainer app keeps getting regular updates from the market. Thus, it gives you a real-time experience of investing in the stock market from your smartphone. Moreover, it has built-in magazines with constant news updates so that you can make more precise predictions about the stock market’s ups and downs.

Download Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

2. Trading Game – Forex and Stock Market Investing

Trading Game - Forex and Stock Market Investing
Trading Game – Forex and Stock Market Investing

The trading game is a forex trading simulator app that offers several pro trading tips and features. However, it feels quite like a game through which you can learn more about forex, trading, and stock market as well. This app helps you master the art of investing, understanding various profit opportunities, and how to trigger the market to make fluctuations.

Download Trading Game – Forex and Stock Market Investing

3. Best Brokers

Best Brokers
Best Brokers

Best Brokers is yet another great platform where you can learn about the stock exchange market. The app provides you with many powerful tools to manage your stock trading. At first, it gives you $25,000 which you can invest to buy more than 50,000 stocks. Besides, stock market trading you can also learn other stuff such as bitcoin, Litecoin, Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and many more.

Download Best Brokers

4. BUX Mobile Trading

BUX Mobile Trading
BUX Mobile Trading

BUX is a very popular mobile trading app. You can create and manage your portfolio seamlessly to analyze the real-time market. You can start trading with a free demo account and later switch on to a real money account and simply start trading from 50 euro. Above all, the transaction fee is as low as just 25p which is really great especially for beginners.

Download Bux Mobile Trading

5. TradeHero


Trade Hero is another very popular app. It has got a simple user interface that helps you understand and analyze the market with more ease. You can practice trading with its virtual mode and later move on with a real money account. You can start with small investments from 50 US dollars and experience a complete commission-free platform.

Download TradeHero

6. StockMarketSim


It is a great Stock Market Simulator app that helps you understand the Stock Market movements. No internet connection and registration are required, you can simply download this app and start enjoying the Stock Market simulation. The best part is that it simulates a huge number of world events which indeed helps you get a better experience of the market fluctuations.

Download StockMarketSim

7. Wall Street Magnet

Wall Street Magnet
Wall Street Magnet

Wall Street Magnet is available for both Android and iOS. It can also be a good choice if are looking for a Stock Market Simulator app. However, it might be a little difficult to create such an app with IBEX 35 data as it contains information from the US Stock Market.

Download Wall Street Magnet

8. Bitcoin Flip

Bitcoin Flip
Bitcoin Flip

Well, the Bitcoin Flip Simulator has already earned good popularity in the market. You can enjoy learning about cryptocurrency in a much better and more fun way with this app. You can buy and sell currencies without investing any real money and also learn different trading strategies.

Download Bitcoin Flip

9. Investing Game

Investing Game
Investing Game

Investing Game app can be a great choice for all beginners. It provides a great explanation for everything in a simple way. Moreover, it provides real-time data of the market. Apart from stock trading this app also helps you things like managing and dealing with the market in better ways.

Download Investing Game

10. Stock Market Simulator

Stock Market Simulator
Stock Market Simulator

This might be the last pick up on this list but again its a very good platform for beginners to learn about ongoing market statistics and different strategies. You can simply install this app and use it for getting proper knowledge and an overview of the Stock Market Trading.

Download Stock Market Simulator


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