A translator can help you translate text into your preferred languages. However, it can sometimes be difficult to type a foreign language into the translator, especially languages that use a foreign script like Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and Bangla. To overcome this issue, you can use apps to translate text from pictures.

These are simple applications that recognize a block of text within a picture and translate them into your preferred language. All you have to do is use a photo translation app, point your phone’s camera towards the text and you will get the translated results. 

But using such apps, the question always comes towards their authenticity, whether these apps provide the correct translation or not. Worry not; here we have listed the best apps to help you translate pictures for Android and iOS. 

Best Apps to Translate Pictures on Android and iOS

Translation has been made easier than ever before by these advanced, efficient apps. Let us take a look:

1. Google Translate

The translation service provided by Google is one of the most advanced ones out there. The Google Translate App is lightweight and easy to use – all you have to do is to switch on the camera and point toward the sign or image you’re trying to read. 

Google Translate app can give you results not only in English but in almost every major language of the world. It has good performance speed and is a suitable app to use while traveling. Make sure you update your Google Translate app to get this latest feature.

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2. Microsoft Translator

This app is known for performing with great discipline and inspecting even blurry pictures accurately for hidden text. Microsoft Translator can translate more than 70 languages, and translation is supported both offline and online. 

The app has phrasebooks for verified translation. Not only this, you can have multi-person conversion translations with up to 100 people together. The app allows you to share your translation over the other apps; you can also save your translation. 

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3. iTranslate Translator

This app does a really good job of translating text, websites, and even conversations. The app supports over 100 languages including English, Hindi, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Hebrew, Spanish, French, etc.

The app has phrasebooks with more than 250 predefined phrases. If you want to use your camera to translate text from signs and objects, then you will have to get the Pro version by subscribing to the app. 

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4. Camera Translator: Translate+

This remarkable app with a gorgeous user interface is popular not only because it provides lightning-fast solutions but also because it is also surprisingly accurate almost all the time. This app can translate into various languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Arabic, etc.

This app allows users to translate live pictures without any download. Also, this app can detect grammatical hints and instructions within complex texts. 

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5. Naver Papago 

This app supports real-time text translation and can easily translate words and phases. As of writing this guide, Naver Papago supports 13 languages, namely Korean, English, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, German, Italian, French, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). 

The app can translate both text and audio in real-time. The app also supports offline translation, so you need not always be connected to the internet to translate text. Naver Papago can also translate handwritten text and content on websites, as well as conversion (when you one-on-one talk with a foreigner). 

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6. Translate On Screen

As the name suggests, Translate On Screen makes it not only possible but also incredibly easy to translate not only images you click but also anything present on your device screen. Most importantly, the application is a translator for games and apps you use.

Translate On Screen works in the background and can easily solve the language mystery behind any text. You can translate text easily into your native language using the camera option.

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7. Scan & Translate + Text Grabber

If you need a camera translator and scanner translator that works offline anywhere, there cannot be a better possible app to answer your needs than this app. Another big win for Scan & Translate is the simple and sophisticated user interface which offers amazing value for money. You can also listen to the text on this app. 

The only con of this app is that you will have to get a subscription to use the app. Though the app has a free version, that has some limitations. You will be limited to a few translations daily with the free version. 

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8. Translate Photo & Camera Scan

This application can easily translate text from any photo, restaurant menu, magazine article, or book. In terms of available language variations, this app has a standard collection of 100 languages from around the world. 

The clear and comprehensive user interface makes communicating through this translating app almost effortless. The app has advanced OCR to convert your scanned images into text. Not only this, but this app has a text-to-speech feature that pronounces the text translated by the app. n

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9. Photo Translator – Text and Web

This is another great app to let you translate text from photos. Not only can you translate text in photos but also in speech and web pages. This translator app can translate text from almost all languages to your native one. 

All the features of this app are free, so you won’t have to pay anything to redeem the full functionality of this app. The app also allows you to bookmark your translations, and you can save your favorite translations to view them any time you want to. 

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10. TranslateZ – Text, Photo & Voice Translator

The Camera AR Translation using advanced machine translation technology has made TranslateZ a required presence on the devices of most people who need translation on a professional level. It provides instant photo translation and even a relatively accurate, translated transcript of any video that includes the snap of a foreign text.

The developers keep this app constantly updated to meet the modern need for instant answers. The best thing about this app is that you can use it offline as well. 

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Translating text can be easy if you have an app that can do the translation by just pointing your camera toward the text. Of course, it will save you the hassle of typing the text into the translator app to get the results. If you are looking for an app that can translate pictures, then you can refer to the article above. We have listed the best apps that can translate pictures on Android and iPhone.