These days, we cannot imagine working with the Internet at our fingertips at all times. How we access and experience the internet can depend to a great extent on the browser we use. 

These days, most browsers focus on user security. While every browser promises you a lot, only a few of them can meet your list of requirements. Personalization, web extensions, performance speed, etc., are some features to consider while choosing your new internet mode.

Which browser to go for if you have a Mac? If you are searching for the same, this article is for you. We will list some of the best browsers for Mac that you can install and use. 

Best Best Web Browsers for Mac You Should Try

1. Apple Safari

Apple's Safari Now Has Over a Billion Users WorldwideThe native browser developed by Apple is Safari. This browser adjusts seamlessly to all plugins and apps designed for Mac web search. Users can share Safari Group Tabs with other Mac users as well.

It is based on the Apple Webkit engine, which means you can directly implement commands to your email, web applications, and mobile applications from Safari. 

The only con of this browser is that it is best for static websites and not dynamic ones. The browser will automatically reload the tab after a few seconds (or minutes) due to excessive RAM usage. 

2. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft EdgeTo combat the limitations of Internet Explorer and Bing, Microsoft introduced Edge. Based on Chromium, Microsoft Edge gets almost all the features of Chrome, including the Extensions. You can group your tabs on Microsoft Edge. 

You can turn on the sleeping tabs feature, which will automatically go to sleep when you are not using them to save CPU resources and data. The browser integrates Bing AI, which you can access directly from the Bing AI icon at the top right corner. 

3. Brave

Brave browserAn ad-free, VPN-inclusive browser that keeps your information and preferences as secure as can be, Brave is a free browser that you must try at least once. It has been advertised to be 3x faster than generic browsers.

Brave automatically blocks cross-site trackers, fingerprinting, malware, and even third-party cookies. Based on Chromium, this is one of the most secure that you can use to maintain your privacy online. 

4. Google Chrome

Google ChromeThe most widely used browser in Windows, Chrome performs just as well on Mac. Chrome is an umbrella browser integrating Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and other Google applications simultaneously. 

Chrome brings personalized news articles from reputed sites. Additionally, users can further customize their browser with extensions and add more functionality to it.

5. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla FirefoxThe non-profit Mozilla is the parent to some of the best browsers of the present day. The classic Mozilla Firefox is an open-source platform timed to block every attempt at phishing, malware, and data stealing. 

Firefox automatically blocks sites that do not meet its security criteria and is far more strict in this area than Chrome or Edge. Several other products like Firefox VPN, Firefox Pocket, and Firefox Focus are also a part of this browser. Firefox Monitor gives you real-time alerts on privacy breaches.

6. Opera

Opera BrowserSome browsers are popular simply because of their delightful interface – and Opera is one of them. Opera has a side tab including all bookmarked websites, web apps, extensions, etc., that you can open and manipulate with a single click.

Opera is designed to provide smooth graphics and gaming performance for creators and players. This browser brings personalized results by creating a unique profile that caters to your needs.

7. Tor Browser

Tor BrowserThe browser by Tor Project was designed to block all browser plugins that interfere with the 100% anonymity (which Tor promises) of your IP address. Tor Browser is a liberated platform to access content or media while being untraceable online. 

It is used by creators, bloggers, and developers who want to stay anonymous online. Tor maintains your privacy and can also be used to access the Dark Web. 

8. Vivaldi

Vivaldi BrowserIf RAM is an issue, you can use Vivaldi to decrease RAM consumption. The browser is an extra fast platform with a Speed Dial panel where you can add all your favorite websites for further convenience.

The browser has three ad blockers – pop-up blocker, tracker blocker, and built-in ad blocker. A specific set of command chains exists for Vivaldi specifically. The built-in note-making tab makes it the best for students and professionals.

9. Avast Security Browser

Avast Security BrowserA beginner-friendly browser for those who hate too many features, Avast Security Browser is a power tool for extended use. Instant downloads, free VPN, and ultimate encryption of any data entered on this browser ensure all sides of web security are taken care of.

You can create multiple accounts on Avant. Each will be protected against ISP spying, hacking, and account-tracking attempts. All your browsing history is protected by a password PIN.

10. Arc Browser

Arc BrowserThis browser has been developed especially for Mac. The interface has a virtual tab that makes alternating between accounts much easier. You can save bookmarks and tabs into subcategories to create a design made just for you.

The productivity browser is based on the Chromium engine, similar to Chrome or Edge, which means the algorithm works just as well. Users have to make a mandatory account to use this browser.


While most Mac browsers provide security, quality, and customization, they do it differently. This article lists some of the best browsers for Mac that are worth giving a shot.