We all know about chess, which is a top-rated game worldwide. It is a two-player game. But if we got the best chess apps for Android and iOS, it would be more fun. Playing chess has real advantages, which as enhancing thinking capacity and learning about strategy.

Playing it offline on the chessboard may be difficult as you can’t play offline with the board anywhere. To solve this issue, we searched these best chess apps, which will take your chess to the next level without any issues. The game is played worldwide by millions of players. Many countries also organize tournaments for chess.

Playing it on the phone will make it more comfortable, as you can play anywhere and at any time with anyone. These best chess apps will help enhance your gaming experience. Playing offline requires a proper schedule as you must arrange the pieces, but these apps will simplify it.

You don’t need to arrange the pieces through these apps, as the apps will automatically do so. We searched for various apps and listed below some with different modules and interfaces. So, let’s discuss and check which will be best for you.

Best Chess Apps For Android & iOS (Online, Offline and Multiplayer)

1. Chess – Play & Learn

Chess - Play & Learn

It is the best free chess app that helps you increase and improve your chess playing capacity. You can play chess with millions of online players, which will help you improve your chess rating. You will also get the tactics puzzle and 100+ interactive lessons to learn chess and enhance your brain’s capacity.

Interactive lessons will give you tips and tricks to complete the chess and win from the opponents quickly. You can also play with the computer and can arrange the strength according to you.

Download Chess Android | iOS

2. Learn Chess: From Beginner to Club Player

Learn Chess: Beginner to Club

As the name suggests, learning chess will help you become a club player from the beginning player. The app consists of a special teaching guide that will help from zero levels by introducing the rules and laws of chess.

The app will act like a coach who will first guide you, and then it will take your test. If you get stuck anywhere in the test, it will help you by giving hints and explaining your mistakes.

Download Learn Chess Android

3. Chess Clock

Chess Clock

This app is different as it will give you a unique feature, which is a timer. You can select the timer, and then both players will get the specific time for their turns. If they don’t move the pieces within the time, then their chances will get lost.

The game runs in both landscape and portrait modes, which will help you play more reliably. This app’s best feature is its themes, which you can customize.

Download Chess Clock Android | iOS

4. Really Bad Chess

Really Bad Chess

This is a decent chess app for both Android and iOS. The rules and laws in this app are a bit different as you get the advanced level of chess in this app. Moreover, you will get random pieces in the app to play with the opponent. Hence, the app will help you to improve your skills in playing chess.

Download Really Bad Chess Android | iOS

5. Lichess


The app supports various variants, which are available both online and offline for chess players. The best part of this app is getting your game stats and understanding your strategy to play well. The app supports more than 50 languages, which will help interact with the user. You can play chess both in online and offline modes.

Download Lichess Android | iOS

6. Real Chess

Real Chess

If you need an app that provides you with a virtual environment for playing, this is the best. This app’s best feature is its advanced 3D graphics, which take your gaming to the next level.

The apps also provide several hints for beginners. You can chat with your opponents while playing chess, which helps you communicate with other users.

Download Real Chess Android

7. Play Magnus

Play Magnus

Are you an advanced chess player and need an advanced app to play chess? Then this app is for you. The AI of this app has a challenging level that is not easy to face. So it’s like playing chess with the champion to test your skills.

Download Play Magnus Android | iOS

8. iChess – Chess Puzzles

iChess – Chess puzzles

iChess, your new favorite iOS app for mastering chess! Packed with puzzles for all skill levels, iChess is your personal chess coach on the go. Learn from detailed solutions, improve with in-depth lessons, and challenge yourself with various puzzles.

Whether a beginner or a seasoned player, iChess is your ticket to becoming a chess whiz. So why wait? Dive into the world of chess with iChess today

Download iChess – Chess Puzzles iOS

9. Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)

Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)

Chess Tactics Pro is another app for solving puzzles. If you love solving chess puzzles, then you must give it a try. Make sure you have at least one such app to kill your time when you’re at a bus station or sitting at a saloon. The app has several difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced.

It also has an installed ELO system, according to which puzzles are chosen for you individually. Of course, your progress is taken into consideration, as well. There’s no way you’ll run out of puzzles because new ones appear daily. So crack all the puzzles and become a chess master.

Download Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles) Android | iOS

10. Chess For Kids

Chess for Kids - Play & Learn

Chess For Kids, as the name suggests, is designed for all kids. It has a very interactive UI with cartoonist images to grab children’s attention. In addition, it covers everything essential to learn and play the game correctly. Kids can either play with the built-in AI or challenge each other.

Moreover, it offers several tutorials for a better understanding of kids and sharpens their minds. However, the best part is it’s completely ad-free, so, as a parent, you don’t have to worry about your children getting clicked into unwanted sites or ads.

Download Chess For Kids Android | iOS


What are the best chess apps?

This can vary depending on your needs. Some popular ones include Chess.com, Lichess, Chess24, and iChess. These apps offer a mix of playing against AI or real players, tutorials, puzzles, and more.

Can I play against AI on these apps?

Yes, most chess apps allow you to play against AI. This can be a great way to practice at your own pace.

Are these apps free?

Many chess apps are free to download and offer a lot of content at no cost. However, some features may be limited to premium users.

Can I use these apps offline?

While most features require an internet connection, some apps do offer offline modes. For example, you can often play against AI or work on puzzles offline.

Are these apps suitable for beginners?

Yes, most chess apps cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. They often include tutorials and lessons tailored to different skill levels.

Do these apps offer multiplayer options?

Absolutely! Most chess apps allow you to play against other players around the world. Some even have ranking systems to match you with players of similar skill levels.

Can I learn chess from these apps?

Yes, many chess apps offer tutorials, lessons, and puzzles to help you improve your skills. Some also analyze your games to help you learn from your mistakes.