Let’s imagine you’re in the middle of something on your PC, it could be you’re running a system update or downloading a large file. Then you left your PC and came back to it just to discover it’s in sleep mode.

Well, it is normal for Windows to go into sleep mode if there is no activity for a certain period. Most people tend to play background music just to keep their PC awake, but there are better ways than that.

This is where mouse mover software for Windows comes to the rescue. They’re handy tools that stimulate mouse movements. In this article, we’ve handpicked the best free mouse mover software for Windows.

Best Free Mouse Mover Software for Windows

The following mouse mover will make sure your Windows PC stays awake even without being operated on. They’re free to download, easy to use and also a lightweight software program.

1. Auto Mouse Mover

Auto Mouse Mover

One of the best ways to prevent your PC from going to sleep is to use Auto Mouse Mover. This software program stimulates mouse movements at specified intervals.

Auto Mouse Mover has a friendly interface that makes it easy to set the frequency and distance of mouse movements. It is one of the best out there, and it works perfectly.

If you’d consider customization, Auto Mouse Mover allows you to control how often and how far the mouse cursor moves. Lastly, its lightweight nature makes it recommended software.


2. Move Mouse

Move Mouse

With advanced automation settings, Move Mouse makes sure your PC doesn’t go to sleep mode when idle. This software enables you to automate a variety of tasks by simulating mouse movements and clicks.

One of Move Mouse’s cool features is that it can also automate repetitive tasks. In addition, It can let you move your mouse to specific positions and even run custom scripts.

When looking for one of the best free mouse mover software for Windows, Move Mouse is a top choice.


3. XuMouse

XuMouse for Windows

XuMouse offers a straightforward approach to keeping your computer awake when not in use. This tool is designed to stimulate mouse movements at regular intervals.

Besides, its minimalistic interface offers a wick and hassle-free way to prevent sleep or idle mode during periods of inactivity.

One of the reasons why you’ll like XuMouse is that it works without complications. Furthermore, XuMouse is a portable application, it doesn’t require installation before it works.


4. Mini Mouse Macro

Mini Mouse Macro

Another tool that’ll help keep your PC awake when not in use is the Mini Mouse Macro. It is an automation tool that offers mouse mover functions alongside some features.

With Mini Mouse Macro, you can automate mouse movements at any time. This automation tool can also record and play back mouse and keyboard actions.

In addition, users can create custom scripts to automate repetitive actions, such as moving the mouse cursor or clicking at specific intervals.


5. Mouse Recorder Pro 2

Mouse Recorder Pro 2

If you’re looking for one of the best free mouse mover software for Windows, you should consider downloading Mouse Recorder Pro 2 on your PC. It is a versatile tool that works.

From being able to move your mouse to recording mouse and keyboard actions, Mouse Recorder Pro does all.

Unlike other alternatives, Mouse Recorder Pro 2 lets you customize the playback speed and loop actions as needed. It also prevents the screen saver from displaying while using it and won’t put your PC in sleep mode.


6. Mouse Jiggler

Mouse Jiggler

Another portable mouse mover tool you’ll love to use on Windows is Mouse Jiggler. The basic function of this software is to prevent your PC from entering sleep or idle mode.

What has made Mouse Jiggler quite popular is its simplicity and efficiency. Mouse Jiggler doesn’t require any scripts or advanced settings.

Whether you want to prevent your screensaver from activating during a presentation or keep your downloads uninterrupted, Mouse Jiggler got you covered.


7. Sleep Preventer

Sleep Preventer

Sleep Preventer is one of the best free mouse mover software you should use on your Windows. If you want to keep your PC running even when left alone for hours, this tool works.

This tool’s job is quite simple: to ensure your computer stays awake. Once installed, it will prevent screensavers and sleep mode without any scripts or long commands.

Also, the interface of Sleep Preventer is very friendly, which makes it an easy-to-use mouse mover software.


8. TinyTask


TinyTask is a lightweight automation tool that simplifies mouse movements. What makes it different is that it doesn’t require any form of script. Once installed, you only need to hit the pause or play button.

If you want to automate mouse movements with TinyTask, you just need to set the playback speed. Furthermore, TinyTask can be used as a portable application, taking away the need for installation.

When looking for lightweight mouse mover software, TinyTask is one of the recommended tools you can download.


9. Auto Clicker Typer

Auto Clicker Typer

This type of mouse mover works seamlessly for repetitive clicks and button strikes on the mouse and keyboard. If you want to keep your computer awake for hours, Auto Clicker Tper works well.

You can create custom scripts to control mouse movement at specified intervals. This ensures that your PC will stay awake during system updates or when downloading.

Auto Clicker Typer also features a friendly interface, which makes it easier to run scripts at any time.


10. MouseController


Rounding up the list, MouseController is another excellent mouse mover that’ll keep your PC awake with basic mouse movements.

MouseController doesn’t require scripts. You just need to run a few options, and you’re good to go.

In addition, MouseController keeps it simple. You can set the frequency and distance of mouse movements to match your preferences.



In conclusion, these are the best free mouse mover software for Windows. If you want to keep your PC awake during important activities even when you’re not on sit, you should use these tools. Besides, they’re lightweight software, and installing them won’t harm your PC.