Communication is an essential skill required everywhere. No form of communication depicts professional-grade knowledge, leadership skills, and advanced practical abilities as precisely as public speaking does. Public speaking is the ability to communicate, influence and empower a large group of people by communicating your thoughts accurately and efficiently. 

Most people fail at public speaking because either they are unaware of the correct tricks or are just too afraid of judgment. Fortunately, now you can match your learning of public speaking with the fast-paced nature of the world and learn how to speak in public online, from anywhere and everywhere. In this article, we have brought some of the best public speaking apps for your Android and iPhone.

Best Public Speaking Apps for Android and iPhone

There are various public speaking apps to help you learn the art of public speaking and talk to a group of people confidently. Given below is the list of the best public speaking apps for Android and iPhone –

1. Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats

This interactive audio app is dedicated to all things related to metronomes. Designed for both musicians and speakers, this audio app can analyze your voice in terms of pitch, intonation, and timbre and give you a detailed report of each recording.

Metronome Beats is designed to capture a steady tempo while also keeping track of your speech quality and loudness. You can mute or emphasize any part of your audio and adjust the tempo for online speaking sessions on this app.

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2. Voice Analyst

Voice AnalystThis app is hands down one of the best apps out there for public speaking or just speech analysis in general. It is so effective that this app is used by speech therapy clinics, academic departments, rehabilitation centers, etc. 

Voice Analyst is a core part of public speaking training for people with vocal fold palsy, muscle tension dysphonia, and even hormonal voice change in those who are transitioning. This application can stream live public speaking sessions, give a detailed analysis of pitch and volume, assess your performance against preset pitch and volume targets, etc.

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3. Speeko

Speeko - Public Speaking CoachThis app advertises itself as an AI speech coach. This app is amazing, given that it is predominantly oriented toward professional public speakers working in corporate settings. This application helps users in presentations, group meetings, interviews, gig practices, and more.

Speeko analyzes your voice in the following categories: pace, eloquence and fillers, intonation, sentiment, vocabulary, and talk time. This analysis is done in real-time and the app provides alerts while the speaker is practicing. It is an amazing app to saves time and enhances communication.

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4. Rev Audio and Voice Recorder 

Rev Audio & Voice RecorderThis app is capable of improving the quality of your voice during life meetings and interviews with a single tap. You can preset the kind of voice output you require on this app and apply it to any recording or live audio. The best part of this app is that it also generates highly accurate transcripts of your voice, also in real-time.

Rev is great for those who need a high level of accuracy in what they say. However, there are multiple features available on this app that can sometimes make it too complicated for beginner use. The app is also great for categorizing and organizing audio.

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5. Orai

Orai for Public SpeakingThis app is specially designed for those who experience stage fear or public speaking fear and want to overcome this hurdle. This application includes different courses to teach students confident communication, concise communication, work presentation, etc. It also comes with fill-in-the-blanks, quizzes, and other testing methods to increase fluency in spoken English.

Orai creates detailed reports on each aspect of your public speaking. One of the best features of this app is that it recognizes not only filler words but also regressive vocabulary and unnecessary phrases!

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6. Promptsmart Pro

PromptSmart ProIt is a unique app because it not only works with audio but analyzes video speech as well! It is a speech recognition software that also acts as a transcriber and teleprompter. Users don’t need prior calibration or an internet connection to use this platform. Like most apps on this list, Promptsmart efficiently syncs with the cloud on your mobile. 

Users can access Promptsmart on multiple devices simultaneously. The best thing is, that the app also includes a built-in mic transfer system.

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It is a creative and competent AI whose name stands for English Language Speech Assistant. ELSA can assist and recognize speech in our writing of different accents from both native and non-native speakers of this language. This app not only recognizes pitch and volume but also the cultural speech patterns of non-native speakers. 

ELSA is not only designed to help your speech but also to introduce tips and tricks that can keep you motivated. It offers directions and feedback in real time when the student is practicing. Also focuses on pronunciation and fluency.

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8. Vocal Image

Vocal Image: AI Voice Coach

It is an all-in-one package for the development of leadership and communication skills for all the professional users out there! This application provides coaching in different forms and styles of public speaking, along with courses on leadership, group communication, sales, persuasive communication, etc.

Vocal Image offers a virtual reality space in which users can experience their public speaking sessions. This app has worked well for those hesitant speakers who find all other options quite useless.

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9. Speakometer

Speakometer - Accent TrainingSpeakers from different parts of the world need to speak American or British English for their professional workspace. No app can be better for developing accent-related skills than the award-winning Speakometer. This AI-inspired app delivers real-time accent correction and also repeats words and sentences for the users to learn.

The application comes with daily tests. The Speakometer detects your pronunciation and accent and rates it on a scale of 1-4. It also clarifies the difference in pronunciation between American and British English.

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10. Activate Your Voice

Activate Your Voice - Speech IThis is another quirky and efficient personal speech coach that public speakers need to try. Activate Your Voice not only focuses on group presentations, panel interviews, etc but also on day-to-day communication. The main goal of this app is to develop the fluency of the speaker by eliminating filler words. The app also focuses on pace, vocabulary, and clarity.

This app is great because it is highly customizable. Users can listen to the correct pronunciation, intonation, and tone and then repeat it on the app. All these features make it one of the best public speaking apps for Android and iPhone.

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The best public speaking apps are a perfect balance of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. While there is a standard format for learning public speaking, most public speaking apps differ in how they approach the subject. Above are some of the best public speaking apps that you can get your hands on.