Today, the world is articulating the ability and strength of an individual than their personalities. With great skill comes great opportunities. One such skill in the literary world is the skill of typing. Everyone knows to type, but can you type faster than the others? Productivity is essential in the conglomerate sector.

To be productive, you need to be a quick learner. If your goal is to find a gag in such jobs, you need to sharpen those fingers and speed up your muscles, for we’re providing you with the best sites that could boost your typing skills.

A typing test is a simple, basic procedure that will examine your words per minute ratio and advise you on what to grow your expertise on. Such is the case with these top sites that can enhance your skill in an apt way as per industry standards.

Best Typing Test Websites in 2023

We pick different types of typing test websites around the internet so you can try variations and boost your typing speed in different ways. Let’s dive into the list of the best typing speed test websites.


With, you have the opportunity to gain access to faster results as you type. With its minimalistic approach towards the way it announces your products, you can have an easy-to-go way of improving your knowledge of your mistakes.

You can see the number of errors and correct character types, along with the words per minute ratio and an analysis of your speed. 

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2. MonkeyType

MonkeyType is a skill enhancement site that improves your typing skills. This was the first website to introduce the concept of a typing test that allows you to overwrite giving text and then type the text separately. This proved to be valuable to the community.

With MonkeyType being an open-source project, it supports over 40 languages that examine your typing and time-based skills for overall development. The site is also very flexible on the user choice by allowing you to choose your time frame from 15 seconds to 120 seconds.

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3. KeyBr

This is a modernistic site that encourages the user to master typing on a physical and virtual keyboard. This site provides a random line of text, thus boosting your learning of individual letters rather than words as a whole.

The results are clean and minimalistic, showing you the words per minute for each round and an error score with the time taken. It is flexible with the layout of the keyboard, and you can change it to your preference.

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4. Ratatype

Ratatype is a free typing speed test and an online typing tutor. You can take the typing speed test in English, Spanish, or French and type a brief piece of text. You can show off your typing certificate from Rataype. Any user, in any language can take the courses for free.

It includes a primary, easy-to-use interface that allows users to finish studies independently or compete against peers. Ratatype supports various keyboard layouts, including QWERTY, AZERTY, and Dvorak, in addition to other languages. Each typing course includes up to 20 lessons and up to 25 exercises.

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5. TypingClub

TypingClub is a free web-based typing program for individuals and schools. There is also a paid educational version available. To use TypingClub, you don’t need to register an account, but you can establish a profile to maintain your progress as you go through the lessons.

You can practice each reading until you achieve a five-star rating. While TypingClub does not provide a one-click typing speed test, tests have been distributed throughout the classes. You can also begin by taking TypingClub’s tests.

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6. Typesy

Typesy is a typing software that can be downloaded and provides programs for individuals, education, homeschooling, and corporations and teams. It employs a well-thought-out curriculum that is appropriate for adult learners.

Typesy provides users with customizable courses and the ability to track their progress, allowing them to tailor the program to their specific needs. Additionally, more than 16 typing games are available to help users improve their typing precision and agility. As you progress through the lessons, you’ll be able to measure your typing speed.

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7. 10FastFingers

The most popular typing test website is It’s been around for a long and is the preferred method of taking a speed test by many typists. And there’s a reason behind that. Even for new users, the website is user-friendly and does not feel overwhelming.

You must type random phrases for a minute throughout the typing test. You cannot change the test duration, but you can choose one of over 50 languages to type in.

When the test is done, the results will be displayed, including wpm, keystrokes, accuracy, and the quantity of correct and incorrect words. You may also use the website to share your results with friends on Facebook or challenge them through other social media sites.

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8. ARTypist

ARTypist offers one of the most challenging typing speed tests available, but it’s also one of the most accurate for increasing your WPM. The test material is taken from a random Wikipedia page, so many names, dates, and punctuation slowed me down significantly. Every time you take a test, the text on this page will change.

The clock starts ticking when you begin typing and stops when you finish the text. During the test, your time, speed, and accuracy are displayed. Errors are indicated in red, but you are not obligated to fix them. You can observe your final stats, including your WPM when you finish the typing speed test.

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9. LiveChat

LiveChat provides a fairly nice-looking WPM test that takes you through a single line of text, so you don’t waste any typing time. Unfortunately, you only have one option: a 60-second test. You can keep refreshing the page to take more tests because the text changes every time you reload it.

You get random words instead of actual phrases, making it a little more complex than tests with words flowing together. You can modify the text if you make a mistake, but only if you’re still on the word you misspelled; you can’t go back and amend prior terms.

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You can choose from 40 distinct blocks of text in the free typing test at, which range in difficulty from easy to difficult and last between 1 and 5 minutes. This means that even the most inexperienced typist may acquire a precise WPM reading based on their present skill level.

A simple test on the home row keys is an example of a simple test, whereas more challenging typing tests require you to type German and French words. During the test, only the time remaining and WPM are displayed; mistakes are underlined in red. You can see your score on the scoreboard once you’ve done it.

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11. Nitro Type

If you love racing games, then Nitro Type surely deserves your attention. It’s a typing test website with a car racing game. The more you write faster on the keyboard with accuracy your car will gather more speed to beat the opponent.

No wonder it’s a fun-productive typing test website. In the beginning, you will get simple and easy sentences. As you start playing, more hard typing challenges will come your way. However, you can see your typing speed, accuracy, and WPM after the racing.

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12. Typing Academy

Typing Academy is one of the advanced typing test websites for English and German. You can start as a guest or a user. However, you can select your suitable keyboard accordingly. When everything will set, you’re good to go with the test.

One of the best things about the website is it shows all relevant data, such as typing speed, accuracy, error rate, and WPM in real-time. Also, you can learn from their resource to type faster. Moreover, the website has options for unlimited typing tests, practice, and statistics.

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