Looking for a Chrome OS Flex ISO BIN file 64-bit that you want to download and install on your Windows or Mac PC? Here we share a simple and easy way to run Chrome OS Flex on a PC.

Do you have any old PCs or laptops that can’t run modern operating systems effectively? Are these outdated computers nearly useless for running Windows and MAC? Well, there is a great way to revive those systems using the newly introduced Chrome OS Flex.

If you want to use ChromeOS Flex, then we will help you download and install Chrome OS Flex on a PC and MAC to give your sluggish system a brand new life. It’s also proven that Chrome OS performs better than regular OS on any hardware. So let’s turn your aging system into a workable and useful machine.

Chrome OS Flex System Requirements 

Although Chrome OS Flex doesn’t require high-end specifications, make sure your PC or MAC has efficient specifications to install and run it smoothly.

Processor Intel or AMD x86-64-bit compatible device
Storage Space 16 GB or more
Ports USB Port


Note: ChromeOS Flex supports only the certified model list; check here whether your system is certified or not.

Best Ways to Download ChromeOS Flex

Chrome OS Flex download is super easy and it can be done in two ways. We have shared both methods; you just need to adopt any of these two methods depending on your preference.

Method 1 – Using Chrome Recovery Utility 

  1. Open Chrome browser on your MAC or Windows system, visit Chrome Recovery Utility extension page and click on Add to Chrome. Chrome Recovery Utility will be added.add Chrome Recovery Utility 
  2. Next, click on the Extension icon, and select the newly added Chrome Recovery Utility.click on Chrome Recovery Utility
  3. A new pop-up window of Chrome Recovery Utility will appear you have to click on Get Started.click on get started
  4. Then click on Select a model from a list, choose Google ChromeOS Flex on the select manufacturer, and then choose ChromeOS Flex (Developer-Unstable) > hit the continue button.Select a model from a list
  5. After that, you have to insert your clean USB flash drive, then select your drive from the “select the media that you’d like to use”, and click on Continue.select your drive
  6. Next, simply click on Create Now. This will start to download Chrome OS Flex. Depending on your internet speed, it may take some time. Until finished, don’t do anything.

Method 2 – Chrome OS Flex ISO Download 64-bit

Here is another superb method to download Chrome OS Flex without any hassle; just click on the provided link.

However, when you extract the exact downloaded ZIP file from below, you will get BIN files instead of ISO. While Windows uses ISO files, in Google Chrome OS Flex, it’s BIN files.

File Name  chromeos_15474.70.0_reven_recovery_stable-channel_mp-v2.bin.zip
Version 115
Size 1.1 GB
Download  ChromeOS Flex

Older Versions of ChromeOS Flex ISO

Update Version Download
chromeos_15437.61.0 114 Download Link
chromeos_15393.48.0 113 Download Link
chromeos_15278.64.0 110 Download Link

1. Create Chrome OS Flex Bootable USB

Now we will create a bootable USB drive to install it. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Downloaded ZIP file on your File Explorer, and extract it using a file extractor. You will get the Chrome OS BIN file.
  2. Next, download and install the Rufus tool.
  3. Insert your USB drive.
  4. Once both are ready, open Rufus and select the downloaded Chrome OS BIN file on the Boot selection section. Also, select the inserted drive in the Device section.Create Chrome OS Flex Bootable USB
  5. Then hit the Start button, and within a few minutes, the process of creating a bootable USB drive will complete. Now move down to the installation process.

2. Steps to Install Chrome OS Flex on Windows or MAC

We have everything to start the installation process. Even though we have downloaded Chrome OS Flex on a USB drive in the first method and created a flash drive manually in the second method, the process of installation will be the same.

Before moving down into the installation process, we must let you know the boot key of each manufacturer to get the boot utility manager.

Brand Boot Key
Acer F12
Apple Hold Option (next key)
Asus Esc or F8
Dell F12
Gateway F1
HP Esc or F9
Intel F2
Lenovo F12, F8, F10
Toshiba F2 or F12
Other Esc or F1-12


Now let’s start the installation and set up Chrome OS Flex on your PC or MAC.

  1. First thing first, insert the USB drive into your system, then restart the system. While restarting, press the boot key continuously until you get the boot manager.
  2. The boot utility will appear; you have to select the USB drive and hit the enter button. It will start the installation process.select usb drive and continue
  3. Within a minute, you will get the Chrome OS Flex welcome screen. However, click on Get Started for further process.Chrome OS Flex welcome screen
  4. Here you will get two options to select. We recommend you select Try it first and click on Next. If you choose to Install ChromeOS Flex, it will erase all available data from all drives.select Try it first
  5. Next, connect to the internet and hit the Next button.connect to the internet
  6. Then, click on Agree and continue on the Google Terms of Service window.
  7. Select who will use the system, and click on Next.
  8. In the final step, sign in to your Google account to enjoy Chrome OS Flex.sign in to your Google account
  9. Here we go! Chrome OS is completely ready to use. Now you can do whatever you want within ChromeOS products.Chrome OS is completely ready to use

Final Words

The above article guides you on how to download and install Chrome OS Flex on a Windows PC and MAC. Hopefully, you have successfully downloaded and installed it.

It’s a great way to turn every old system into a Chromebook free of cost. However, if you are struggling to install it smoothly, let us know what’s the problem in the comment box.