An evening of fun and drinking can be even more exciting by using amazing drinking games. Drinking games are usually made for a group of two or more friends, colleagues, and even strangers. Drinking games are of many kinds, including dancing, spilling secrets, and doing exciting tricks. 

Nowadays, no one likes carrying additional boards, cards, or tools for a memorable night of drinking. After all, our phones are enough for almost everything in life. This is why most popular drinking games have now been remade into popular, attractive apps of the same name and rules.

Do you want some lightweight drinking game apps that you can include in your next party or wolf night out and instantly become everyone’s favorite? Here is our countdown of the best drinking game apps on Android and iPhone that are popular among regular, occasional, and social drinkers. 

Best Drinking Game Apps for Android and iPhone

Drinking game apps can make your evening with your friends fun. Here are some of the best drinking game apps for Android and iPhone-

1. Heads Up!

This online house party game is the number one choice for virtual parties and get-togethers, and it became super popular during the covid-19. On Houseparty, this game is an amazingly social and exciting game that anyone can play. Heads Up! brings all players closer and can easily be played on video chat.

Heads Up! gives three decks to every user for free, and they can purchase many more if they want to. The decks include topics like “Just Kidding,” “Romantic,” and even 18+ content.

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2. Never Have I Ever

This has to be one of the most popular drinking games ever. This game can be fun among friends and colleagues of the same age as they get to know each other’s secrets and grow closer. In this game, each participant says a sentence about something they have or haven’t done, starting with “Never have I ever…”

Participants who have done the said activity in the past have to respond with “I have,” and those who haven’t have to respond with “I have never.” The former group needs to take a virtual drink on the app for the game to continue.

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3. Drink Roulette

Roulettes are always fun, and what can be better than playing with the most fun conditions in the drunkest state? This game has a colorful, bright user interface giving players a complete casino feel. This game comes with multiple models, all firing different categories. 

Drink Roulette has money or no-money variations that are safer for responsible players. You are surely going to enjoy playing this app with your friends. 

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4. Seven Drinking Game

An energetic party game, Seven is just as simple and sophisticated as the name leads users to believe. Endless players can take turns playing Seven and modify some rules for fun. The game features 400+ cards and three different game modes.

Seven Drinking Game is preferred by players because of its attractive graphics and detailed illustrations. Players can create their cards and remove the ones they don’t want.

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5. Most Likely To

This is one of the wildest drinking games suitable for pre-party, mid-party, or post-party chilling. This is also one of the best drinking games among couples who want to explore each other’s intimacy preferences. In this game, players select a category and then read a statement included within it. Every participant picks up a finger if they are likely to do it.

A series of such statements are read. Ultimately, the one with the most fingers up is the winner. Depending on the group, the winner or loser must drink a selected amount of alcohol. 

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6. Dirty Potato

This game has been derived from the more classic variant Hot Potato but has been recreated for the younger population craving a lot more fun! In this game, participants must name items in a group of threes, tell a story as fast as possible, explain a plot, etc. 

There are also several surprise questions. Dirty Potato is best played when all the participants are dead drunk and produce funny answers. This is one of the best drinking game apps for Android and iPhone. 

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7. Circle of Death

Another party game with amazing ratings and a nostalgic feel! The Circle of Death is a drinking game designed for players who like to mix and match classic games and create something new.

Circle of Death includes several games users can aisle through for the best experience. These include  Categories, Rhymes, Waterfall, King’s Cup, etc. Using this app, you can also make a custom online card game with your own rules.

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8. Drink and Tell

The app that combines all famous drinking games in one place is the ultimate drumming game app – Drink and Tell. The app opens up to several categories: love, intimacy, personality, outrageous, life and death, would you rather, etc. 

This app is super easy to navigate, and players will face no issues continuing even when everyone is dead drunk. The app also includes classics like Truth or Drink (a version of Truth and Dare) and Two Truths and A Lie.

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9. Chopine

If you and your tribe prefer something simple while drinking, you can opt for Chopine. This app needs to be downloaded on the players’ phones so they can access the app using their accounts. There is an easy, medium, and difficult mode for this game.

Chopine is a game full of challenges that one or more group members must perform together. The more difficult a level you choose, the more you have to drink. Some versions of the games also involve the bartender.

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10. Drink it

This app involves several nerdy, daring, and social games and challenges. There is something for every drinking culture and age group. Most games on this app are, however, paid.

It presents users with word guessing games, action games like the Floor is Lava tasks and fun and intimate days. You can try this drinking game app with your friends while partying with them. 

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These drinking games are fun to play with your friends, and you can make them more fun by adding or subtracting personalized rules to these games. We have listed some of the best drinking game apps for Android and iPhone.