Shutterstock is a great service where you can search for 161 million royalty-free images. However, sometimes these are not enough, so people look for other free shutter stock alternatives.

Shutterstock is pretty expensive if your budget is tight, but great news for you since there are other alternatives to Shutterstock. These are equally good and are entirely free to use.

Today we will share some great websites where you can find royalty-free images. Some of them even contain videos and music, as well. But before you decide to use them in your projects, make sure to give proper credit to all the images.

Best Free Shutterstock Alternatives for Stock Photos

Although these sites do not have as much stock as Shutterstock to complete your project, here is the list of the best free Shutterstock alternatives that will let you download free images and videos for your projects.

1. Foter


Foter is one of the famous Free stock photo hosting sites. Although it is double, the size image quality is not as good as Shutterstock. With 335 million photos, 220 million is available for commercialization.

As it is free of cost, you must give the photographer’s image credit when commercialized. This is the biggest site for royalty-free stock images. It can be beneficial in the completion of your project.

Visit Foter

2. Unsplash


If you want to download a high-resolution image, Unsplash is the best option. It is a community website with more than 40,000 users. Unsplash has a standardized interface where you can easily find relevant images.

It is an excellent alternative to Shutterstock. You only have to do artist credit. It comes with a royalty-free license so that anyone can use it commercially.

Visit Unsplash

3. Pexels


It is a relatively small site as compared to others. You will mainly get outside photos like landscapes, crowds, etc., on Pexels. All the photos can be used for personal as well as commercial purposes. This is one of the best sites if you want free and professional photos.

Visit Pexels

4. Pixabay


Pixabay is one of the largest stock image sites and has a stock of more than 1 million images. All the photos come with Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licensing, so you can use them for commercial purposes without any fee. Image quality is also outstanding. It is one of the best royalty-free stock image sites.

Visit Pixabay

5. Splitshire


If you are looking for some unique pictures, Splitshire is one of the best sites. This site is an example of ten years of hard work as the website owners can only take and upload pictures.

There are multiple categories, like abstract, technology, etc., on this site. The best categories are places and buildings to find quality images.

Visit Splitshire

6. FreeImages


This is another site to download a free stock image. You have to log in, and then you can download as many pictures as you want. With its licensing feature, you can use photographs for any commercial purpose.

You also do not need to give credit to the photographer. This is the best option if you’re looking for a hassle-free alternative to Shutterstock.

Visit FreeImages

7. Gratisography


With a beautiful interface, Gratisography hosts high-resolution and professional photos. Images are fairly categorized into different categories. This website looks good with an elegant color design and professionally taken pictures.

Like other sites, you can use the images for personal and commercial use. You also don’t have to give credit to the photographer. So, find the image and complete your task with Gratisography.

Visit Gratisography

8. The Stocks

The Stocks

The Stock is a site that shows images from different free stock image sites available for free. As it consists of many sites, it is quite hard to load. This site also doesn’t have well-placed categories.

We have listed this site in the top best Shutterstock alternatives only because it also provides free videos, audio, etc.

Visit The stocks

9. Burst


You might have heard about Shopify, a platform allowing you to develop e-commerce sites. Burst was Shopify’s idea so that people could use free stock images while building their websites.

The best part is Shopify didn’t restrict it to customers’ use only. They made it free for anybody who wishes to use it. Paid professionals capture the images in Burst, thus providing high-quality images.

However, the collection is not much compared to the others, but it’s still growing positively.

Visit Site

10. IOS Republic

IOS Republic

The IOS Republic can help you find some amazing gems if you are looking for stock images. Although you might feel the lack in quantity, that does not come near the quality of the content it hosts.

It has a diverse category of vibrant images ranging from architecture, nature, technology, and more. The images hold great quality with new frequent updates. Therefore, you can try this out if you are looking for some amazing images for your work.

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What is better than Shutterstock?

Adobe Stock and Getty Images are popular alternatives to Shutterstock for high-quality stock photos and images.

Which is better, Adobe Stock or Shutterstock?

The preference between Adobe Stock and Shutterstock is subjective and depends on individual needs. Both platforms offer extensive image libraries and have their own unique features.

From Editor’s Desk

So these were some best alternatives to Shutterstock. They are accommodating when you are on a tight budget and want some great royalty-free images. Which one of them do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below.