Genshin Impact is one of the best cross-platform games that took the gaming world by surprise. The game is packed with a lot of features like open-world gameplay, stunning visuals and also RPG.

On mobile devices like Android and iOS, Genshin Impact is quite popular alongside other games. While Genshin Impact might be topping the charts on Google Play Store and other app stores. There are similar games like it out there, and here’s the best place to discover them.

In this article, we’ve curated the best games like Genshin Impact on Android and iPhone. Whether you’re looking for single-player, multiplayer gameplay, or stunning graphics, the list of games below will offer you similar or better experiences than Genshin Impact.

Best Games Like Genshin Impact on Android & iOS

If you’re pumped and ready to explore classic adventure games like Genshin Impact, read through the list of games below.

1. One Piece Passionate Route

games like genshin impact

Everyone loves to play RPG and one of the best games in that category is One Piece Passionate Route. You’re looking at a game based on the popular One Piece Anime, it features engaging gameplay.

When it comes to the gameplay, One Piece Passionate Route offers something different from Genshin Impact. In terms of graphics, game modes and environment, this is one of the best games like Genshin Impact.

Lastly, One Piece Passionate Route keeps it available to the iOS ecosystem for now. Therefore, only iPhone users can download it at the moment. Regardless of which platform it is on, it does make a great alternative to Genshin Impact.

Download: iOS



ANOTHER EDEN Global is an adventure game that features time travel. If you’d compare a game with more narrative gameplay than Genshin Impact, ANOTHER EDEN Global is a top choice.

Also, the gameplay features traveling across different places, battling enemies and forming alliances. The graphics in ANOTHER EDEN Global might not look close to Genshin Impact but it brings fun and entertainment.

In addition, this game features a plethora of characters to recruit and develop. What makes it fun is the time travel mechanics which bring more engagement to the storyline and available quests.

Download: Android & iOS

3. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3

One of the best games like Genshin Impact is Honkai Impact 3rd, it is one of the best RPGs at the moment. In Honkai Impact 3rd, you’ll lead a team of elite warriors known as valkyries and combat Honkai menace.

Furthermore, players can access different sets of skills, weapons and tactics. Besides, there are tons of characters with unique abilities. A similar feature between this game and Genshin Impact is the high-quality graphics.

Honkai Impact 3rd also features game modes like story mode, event missions, co-op Raids, and competitive arena.

Download: Android & iOS

4. Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind also brings a similar gameplay experience as seen on Genshin Impact. But with similar differences, players can enjoy a real-time MMORPG experience on this game.

One reason why you’ll love Tales of Wind is the gameplay, the task ahead involves embarking on a quest. Further into the quest, you’ll come across ferocious beats, but the goal is to restore balance to the land.

Additionally, Tales of Windows has smooth graphics alongside intuitive controls. Playing Tales of Wind brings fun despite not receiving a normal game update since 2022.

Download: Android & iOS

5. Epic Conquest

Epic Conquest

When looking for free offline RPGs and also an addictive alternative to Genshin Impact. One of the best few games to consider is Epic Conquest. It doesn’t matter which device you want to play on, it contains all the smooth gameplay experience.

Similar to Genshin Impact, Epic Conquest features different characters with unique abilities. With the intense and strategic gameplay, Epic Conquest might just keep your thoughts away from other games.

Epic Conquest’s main story mode is where all the fun are being presented. If you need a game with a similar experience to Genshin Impact, Epic Conquest is one of the best options out there.

Download: Android

6. Sdorica


Another game that’ll give a mesmerising experience as seen on Genshin Impact is Sdorica. In Sdorica, players need to collect characters, assemble teams, and engage in strategic battles against a host of challenges.

With over 120 playable characters in Sdorica, players have different options to select from. Furthermore, there are normal characters and SP characters, each one comes with different abilities.

An epic storyline filled with side quests and loads of progression makes Sdorica one of the best Genshin Impact alternatives.

Download: Android & iOS

7. SAO Integral Factor

SAO Integral Factor

SAO Integral Factor takes MMORPG to a whole new level and also fosters real competition with Genshin Impact. In SAO Integral Factor, you’ll be the main protagonist in a sword art online game.

One of the cool features is the graphics, unique characters and real-time co-op battles. With a different plot to Genshin Impact, the SAO Integral Factor gameplay is more of forming parties and taking down enemies.

In addition, this game features different characters that are customizable. With game modes like dungeon crawls, PvP duels and a main story mode, you’ll have plenty of reasons to like SAO Integral Factor.

Download: Android & iOS

8. RPG Toram Online

Toram Online

In addition to similar titles like Genshin Impact, RGP Toram Online is a game that features real-time online battles. If you’re looking for open-world gameplay and loads of character customization, this game is yours to play.

RPG Toram Online is about forging your path in a beautifully crafted universe. With access to different characters and complete open-world gameplay, this is the perfect alternative to Genshin Impact.

Whether you want to build your own character or clan or join from the available ones in the game. RGP Toran Online features everything you’ll need from an online RPG with smooth controls.

Download: Android & iOS


In conclusion, Genshin Impact is an excellent RPG filled with characters, graphics and open-world exploration. But there are other games better than it or even offer similar experiences.

If you want to explore more options, then the games we’ve listed above might just be what you need. From open-world gameplay to characters and customization, the Genshin Impact alternatives feature them all.