Have you ever wondered that how you know if someone blocked you on the iMessage on iPhone?

iMessage is nothing but a default messaging application available for ios. However, most of the iOS users who are using iPhones don’t know about this application yet still use other 3rd party apps for messaging. This is the default messaging application which is much better than the others. As you all know, it uses the internet connection to send messages across, and this is exclusively available from Apple users.

So, in iMessage, you can use the platform to send messages between those who you know are Apple users, and the whole ecosystem is amazing. Anyway, let’s talk about the main topic due to which we are here. So, if you don’t know how to find out who blocked you on iMessage, follow the methods we have discussed below in this guide.

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Best Ways To Know if Someone Blocked You On iMessage

There are various tricks that you can use to find out this thing, but here we have mentioned some of the best strategies that give you an exact idea if someone blocked you on iMessage. So, if you are ready, then let’s jump into it and check them out:

1. Check iMessage Delivery Status

No matter which iOS device you are using, like iPhone, iPad, or Mac, iMessage always shows the daily receive and read receipt notification right above the message. So, if someone has blocked you, such notification will not appear under the message you sent. However, this becomes the very first hint that the other user blocked you on iMessage.

Check iMessage Delivery StatusBut, again, this may happen when the receiver has turned on do not disturb mode on their iOS device and the message is not delivered. So, when they turn off the do not disturb mode, it will get delivered, and the status of iMessage will be updated. Suppose, in case the status isn’t updated on your end even after some time, then it is confirmed that you might be on the block list.

2. Check iMessage Bubble Color

You may be familiar with the fact that Apple distinguishes the iMessage and Message app like the normal SMS with bubble colors. The blue bubble for iMessage and green for SMS. Therefore, we use this trick to know whether the person blocked you or not. So, you can simply send a message on iMessage; if that person has blocked you, then the iMessage will be sent as a normal text message as per Apple’s rule instead of using your internet.

Check iMessage Bubble ColorSo, if you suddenly spot a green text bubble in your chat history along with a send as a text message under the message instead of blue, then it’s a clear hint that the person has blocked you. However, there are also possibilities that your network connection may not be working properly, and then your device tried to send it as a text message

3. Call The Person Who Blocked You

Now, you need to make a call to the person you think has blocked you using iMessage. However, when you place a call, the phone rings just once, and after that diverts to a voicemail or gets cut off. This means the person has blocked you. In addition, if you make a face time call and the call gets disconnected immediately, then this also indicates that you were blocked.

Call The Person Who Blocked YouBut, yeah! There is also a possibility that this issue occurs due to poor network connection, or sometimes the person has activated the do not disturb mode on their phone. But, not to worry about this, you can simply try this after some time. But, if even though this thing repeats, then, unfortunately, you were blocked by that person.

4. Turn Off Caller ID and Call The Blocker

Now, we are in here with our last method that will help you know this thing. So, therefore, if you still don’t believe that the person blocked you, you can try to call the blocker by hiding your calling number. So, to make this unidentified call, you need just to add *64 before the number of that person and make a call. 

Alternatively, you can also disable this option from the Settings app. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. First of all, you require to open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. After that, go to the Phone option and tap on the Show My Caller ID. 
  3. Then, simply toggle the button located in front of the Show My Caller ID to the OFF.Show My Caller ID

That’s it. Now, whenever you make any call, the call appears to have an anonymous call in that person’s phone. 

From Author’s Desk

So, that’s all we have for you on how to to find out or know if someone blocked you on iMessage. We hope this guide has helped you. However, at the same time, in case you have any doubts regarding this topic, let us know in the comment section. 


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