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Russian APT Hackers Use Crutch Backdoor Malware

Russian APT Hackers Use Crutch Backdoor Malware to Store Stolen Data in Dropbox

Researchers at ESET have documented a new backdoor malware called Crutch. They have linked this to a Russian-backed APT called Turla, which has been...
PhantomLance Spyware Android

PhantomLance: Android Malware Stealing User’s Data Via Google Playstore

Researchers at Kaspersky discovered an Android malware campaign targeted towards specific Southeast Asian countries. This campaign's named PhantomLance and possibly powered by an APT...
Ragnarok Online MMORPG

Winnti Malware Found Targeting “Gravity,” Maker of Ragnarok Online MMORPG

State-backed groups are often dictated to target other nations' corporates and government agencies, to steal their secrets and be proactive. While this being their...
San Francisco Airport Hack

Researchers Claim Russian Hackers Behind The SFO Airport’s Hack

After investigations from ESET researchers, the hackers behind the San Francisco International Airport's websites reported last week were determined to be Energetic Bear. This...
Linux Servers Infected

Chinese Hackers Are Exploiting Linux Servers Since 2012

Hackers have long been attacking and exploiting numerous Linux servers for stealing data and intellectual property theft. This was discovered by Blackberry, who claims...

Platinum APT Finds New Backdoor named Titanium. Sneaks Cleverly to Steal Info.

Platinum APT, a stealthy group that actively invades systems in the Asia Pacific region has now found a new backdoor to operate. This new...

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