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YouTube Remains an Independent News Source in Russia, Says CEO

RIAA Aims to Takedown Two Popular YouTube Ripping Sites

RIAA, the anti-piracy organization that's invading pirates of all kinds is now targeting two YouTube ripping sites - mp3download(.)to and 320ytmp3(.)com. These two sites let...

GitHub Restored YouTube-dl Code, Decides to Fight Against RIAA in Such Cases

The DMCA takedown notice sent by RIAA to the GitHub last month over YouTube-dl has backfired. GitHub has now offered support to YouTube-dl, and...
RIAA Slams Music Service Wi.to

RIAA Slams Music Service Wi.to But They Didn’t ask to Remove Pirated Music

RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) which is in an everlasting pursuit of fighting against infringements of US artists works, has a new target...

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