RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) which is in an everlasting pursuit of fighting against infringements of US artists works, has a new target in its hitlist: Wi.to.

Wi.to is a music-only sharing a platform with no heavy UI and looks bare dead. But, it’s fairly popular for sharing audio content. It’s now accused by RIAA for being a platform for sharing their copyrighted materials without permission.

RIAA Slams Music Service Wi.to
RIAA Slams Music Service Wi.to

Using DMCA as a weapon, RIAA sent a subpoena to Cloudflare (under which Wi.to is hosted), asking physical address, IP address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, payment information, account updates and other histories of the customers operating under three Wi.to sites.

Surprised and stands still

After all these allegations, Wi.to decides to keep its calm and stay put. Sergey, the operator of wi.to is surprised by RIAA’s act of DMCA notification, but not calling for taking down those infringed materials. He further defended saying that “We’re not criminals, Wi.to is a service that makes it easy to publish music files DJs have created themselves. It’s true that the service is sometimes abused. But that’s something the users do. Also, services like Soundcloud or Dropbox are abused as well.”

Other Allegations

Last month, RIAA, just like every year, submitted a report containing hundreds of sites, apps and services that are responsible for hosting and spreading such copyrighted materials. While torrent sites are mentioned as general, it specifically mentioned Telegram and Cloudflare as major services supporting these activities.

RIAA accused Cloudflare of pirates hiding their hosting locations. To which Cloudflare reiterated saying it isn’t in the business of what RIAA claims. It defended itself saying that those referenced sites are not hosted in its system and its extra layer of security is misunderstood as a shield for hiding.

Telegram, which is yet another place where user-created channels distribute copyrighted materials for free. RIAA has sent over 18,000 notices to Telegram reporting such infringements, yet, seen no reasonable actions.

Source: TorrentFreak


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